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Jun 11, 2010 To Save Africa, Reject Its Nations

QUOTE: Buttressed by the legality and impunity that international sovereignty conferred upon their actions, too many of Africa’s politicians and officials twisted the normal activities of a state beyond recognition, transforming mundane tasks like policing, lawmaking and taxation into weapons of extortion.

New York Times
May 28, 2010 The Politicking Behind an Offer to a Specter Foe

QUOTE: the White House on Friday released a memorandum providing its first account of what happened with Mr. Sestak, arguing in effect that such political deal-making happens all the time in both parties...But Republicans escalated their calls for a criminal investigation and dismissed the everybody-does-it defense.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2008 Agendas vanish from Obama's transition Web site

QUOTE: If a president-elect circulates a press release promising to do something, and then changes his mind, there's a paper trail. Not so when files are added to a Web site and then quietly removed over a weekend.

Nov 06, 2007 Deadly Fires Expose Disorder in Putin’s Russia

QUOTE: Respect for law, safety and public health, and the Russian government’s ability to govern, still lag far behind the Kremlin’s restored sense of self, as evidenced by the scale at which Russia’s population suffers from fires.

New York Times
Aug 29, 2004 Officials Unraveling Woes of Texas Schools

QUOTE: When they talk about mismanagement and poor leadership, why is it that it always happens in predominantly minority school districts?

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 War is Heck

QUOTE: Before Sept. 11 the administration said we could have it all — deep tax cuts, better schools, a surplus — without paying any price. Now the tax cuts can be accelerated, and we can battle international evil too....Much as Mr. Thompson defied scientific reality to portray the first skirmish with anthrax as an isolated incident, so the military seems inclined to sugar-coat the war against Al Qaeda...

New York Times
Oct 21, 2001 The Roots: Afghan and Pakistani Tribe Lives By Its Own Set of Rules

ABSTRACT: Short profile of the independent, militaristic culture of the Pashtun tribe, the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan and northwest frontier area of Pakistan.

New York Times
Sep 13, 2001 World War III

QUOTE: something so absurdly futile and American about the curbside ban that I couldn't help but wonder: Does my country really understand that this is World War III? And if this attack was the Pearl Harbor of World War III, it means there is a long, long war ahead.

New York Times