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Jul 17, 2009 New Zealand moves forward with child porn filtering system

QUOTE: The blacklist currently contains 7,000 salacious websites that the [New Zealand] government claims serve up child porn, but there's no way to verify this claim because the list remains under tight lock and key.

Ars Technica
May 01, 2007 Global Psyche: Aussie Check Mate: In Australia, the proudest man in the patch gets mowed down. Why success and power are frowned upon.

QUOTE: Ask any Australian or New Zealander about "tall poppies" and the answer will have nothing to do with flowers...the backlash is known as tall poppy syndrome—the tendency to want to "cut down" the ostentatious or merely successful.

Psychology Today
Jun 29, 2005 Many new drugs have strong dose of media hype

QUOTE: The FDA has the task of making sure that drug companies do not make misleading claims in their ads, whether in medical journals or in mass-market Parade. But the regulatory agency, with part of its budget dependent on drug-company funding, has little firepower.

Seattle Times
May 06, 2003 New wing for women to open at men's prison

QUOTE: Waikeria Prison can take 877 male inmates and the decision to convert one of the men's units for women has brought criticism from the Howard League for Penal Reform, which believes it is not suitable.

Sep 03, 2001 Australia Begins Transferring Asylum Seekers

QUOTE: Australia's refusal to accept the asylum seekers after the cargo ship Tampa rescued them Aug. 27 sparked widespread censure...

New York Times