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Jan 09, 2007 Minimum-Wage Bill Stirs Controversy in Pacific Islands: Democrats Aim Raise for Northern Marianas but Not Samoa

QUOTE: Democrats have long tried to pull the Northern Marianas under the umbrella of U.S. labor laws, accusing the island government and its industry leaders of coddling sweatshops and turning a blind eye to forced abortions and indentured servitude....But Republican leadership aides accused the Democrats of using a double standard by imposing the higher minimum wage on a government with a Republican representative to the United States while continuing to exempt a territory with a Democratic delegate. American Samoa and the tuna industry...

Washington Post
Feb 06, 2001 Beatings and Other Abuses Cited at Samoan Apparel Plant that Supplied U.S. Retailers

QUOTE: Workers at a factory in American Samoa that made apparel for the J. C. Penney Company and other retailers were often beaten and were provided food so inadequate that some were "walking skeletons," a Labor Department investigation has found.

New York Times