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Nov 23, 2013 Accord Reached With Iran to Halt Nuclear Program

QUOTE: The United States and five other world powers announced a landmark accord Sunday morning that would temporarily freeze Iran’s nuclear program and lay the foundation for a more sweeping agreement....aim of the accord, which is to last six months, is to give international negotiators time to pursue a more comprehensive pact that would ratchet back much of Iran’s nuclear program and ensure that it could be used only for peaceful purposes.

New York Times
Nov 26, 2012 Saudi Arabia's unsolicited monitoring of women's travels draws activists' outrage

QUOTE: In recent years, much has been made of the fact that Saudi Arabia is the sole remaining country in which women still have not been given the right to drive. But restrictions experienced by Saudi females extend to far more than just getting behind the wheel. In the deeply conservative kingdom, a woman is not allowed to go to school, get a job, or even travel outside the country without first obtaining the permission of her male "guardian," or mahram.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 01, 2012 Saudi women going to Games is a sham

QUOTE: Saudi women in general are denied the right to practice sports. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prevents girls from taking part in sports in government schools.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 21, 2012 £13tn: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite • Study estimates staggering size of offshore economy • Private banks help wealthiest to move cash into havens

QUOTE: "The problem here is that the assets of these countries are held by a small number of wealthy individuals while the debts are shouldered by the ordinary people of these countries through their governments," the report says

Guardian Unlimited
Feb 12, 2012 Malaysia deports Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari

QUOTE: Malaysian authorities have deported a Saudi journalist accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a tweet. Police confirmed to the BBC that Hamza Kashgari was sent back to Saudi Arabia on Sunday despite protests from human rights groups.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Sep 25, 2011 Saudi king: Women will be allowed to vote and run for office

QUOTE: the king said women will be allowed to nominate candidates for the next set of municipal elections. Although he did not use the word "vote," allowing women to take part in the nomination process would amount to voting within Saudi Arabia's system.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 17, 2011 Driving campaign for Saudi women challenges custom

QUOTE: a campaign demanding the right for women to drive and travel freely in Saudi Arabia. Though there are no traffic laws that make it illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, religious edicts are often interpreted as a ban against female drivers.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 23, 2011 Saudis Arrest Woman Leading Right-to-Drive Campaign

QUOTE: The government of Saudi Arabia moved swiftly to extinguish a budding protest movement of women claiming the right to drive, a campaign inspired by uprisings across the Arab world demanding new freedoms but at risk Monday of foundering.

New York Times
Apr 15, 2011 As Bahrain stifles protest movement, U.S.’s muted objections draw criticism

QUOTE: "The kingdom has largely silenced the opposition, jailing hundreds of activists in a crackdown that has left the Obama administration vulnerable to charges that it is upholding democratic values in the Middle East selectively…”

Washington Post
Mar 11, 2011 Saudi protests planned for Friday

QUOTE: These protests come a day after three people were taken to the hospital after Saudi security forces fired on scores of protesters in the city of Qatif, according to two witnesses and an activist...At some point, the witnesses said Saudi security forces shot to disperse the crowd. It was unknown if the forces fired rubber bullets or live ammunition.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 29, 2011 Arab media revolution spreading change

QUOTE: Egyptians have overcome their fear of the police state....There is a direct line between this revolt and the Arab media revolution launched 15 years ago. One might even argue it is the inevitable result.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 14, 2011 Joy as Tunisian President Flees Offers Lesson to Arab Leaders

QUOTE: The protests’ success gripped a region whose residents have increasingly complained of governments that seem incapable of meeting their demands and are bereft of any ideology except perpetuating power. The combustible mix that inspired them — economic woes and revulsion at corruption and repression — seemed to echo in so many other countries in the Middle East...

New York Times
Aug 10, 2009 Rights group criticizes Saudi Arabia's Al Qaeda reeducation program: The vaunted program is supposed to convince militants that Al Qaeda's ideology is un-Islamic. But Human Rights Watch says it violates international law.

QUOTE: Saudi Arabia's much praised rehabilitation program for terror suspects is under fire from the US-based Human Rights Watch because its participants are detained for lengthy periods without charges.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 22, 2009 Rights Group Accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘Gross’ Abuses

QUOTE: The human rights group Amnesty International accused Saudi Arabia on Wednesday of using its campaign against terrorism as a facade for “a sustained assault on human rights...”

New York Times
Dec 23, 2008 Saudi judge refuses to annul marriage of girl, 8

QUOTE: A Saudi judge recently refused to annul a marriage between an 8-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man -- a union apparently arranged by the girl's father to settle his debts...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 08, 2008 Saudi king set to lead rare interfaith talks in Spain: The three-day conference of religious leaders will start July 16 in Madrid.

QUOTE: Not only is Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam, but it also is the wellspring of an austere, exclusivist version of Sunni Islam. Sometimes called Wahhabism, it bans the open practice of other faiths in the kingdom and tends to reject inter-religious dialogue with non-Muslim "infidels." Ever since the kingdom experienced its own terrorist attacks in 2003-04, however, Abdullah and other officials have been stressing a more moderate, tolerant expression of their faith, sometimes over opposition from hard-liners in the religious establishment.

Christian Science Monitor
May 21, 2008 Saudi Critic Jailed After Decrying Justice System

QUOTE: Matrouk al-Faleh, a professor of political science at King Saud University in Riyadh, the capital, was detained Monday after he left for work, said his wife, Jamila al-Ukla. Over the past year, Faleh has accused the Interior Ministry of disregarding laws that ban arrests without charge and guarantee the right to counsel.

Washington Post
Mar 26, 2008 Saudi Arabia: slowly opening dialog about human rights

QUOTE: A Saudi commission cites progress on rights awareness. Still, a Human Rights Watch report Tuesday enumerated ongoing abuses, including arbitrary arrests and lack of legal counsel.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 24, 2008 Saudi Activist Still Held Without Charge a Year After His Arrest

QUOTE: Saud Mokhtar al-Hashemi...was among 10 men arrested last February and accused of illegally collecting funds and sending fighters to Iraq. His lawyer and supporters say the detentions were a government attempt to silence demands for democratic reform in Saudi Arabia.

Washington Post
Jan 10, 2008 Critics of Saudi Academy Say Textbooks Promote Intolerance

QUOTE: Some textbooks used by an Islamic school in Fairfax County contain language intolerant of Jews and other groups as well as passages that could be construed as advocating violence, according to two reviews of the materials.

Washington Post
Jan 01, 2008 Dissident Saudi Blogger Is Arrested: Popular Internet Commentator Had Called for Political Reform

QUOTE: [A Saudi Arabian blogger] who used his blog to criticize corruption and call for political reform, was detained "for violating rules not related to state security," according to the spokesman...

Washington Post
Nov 24, 2007 Saudi government: Rape victim had illegal affair

QUOTE: The 19-year-old woman was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for meeting with the man...The seven attackers, who abducted the pair and raped her, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in jail....She was convicted of violating the kingdom's Islamic law by not having a male guardian with her.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 20, 2007 Saudi: Why we punished rape victim

QUOTE: Under law in Saudi Arabia, women are subject to numerous restrictions, including a strict dress code, a prohibition against driving and a requirement that they get a man's permission to travel or have surgery. Women are also not allowed to testify in court unless it is about a private matter that was not observed by a man, and they are not allowed to vote.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 17, 2007 Saudi court ups punishment for gang-rape victim

QUOTE: A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN. The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair and raped both, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 07, 2007 Gay Muslims Find Freedom, of a Sort, in the U.S.

QUOTE: For gay Muslims, change may come via a nascent body of scholarship in minority Muslim communities where the reassessment of sacred texts used to damn homosexuality is gaining momentum.

New York Times
Oct 10, 2007 When US-made 'censorware' ends up in iron fists: Despite Burma's record of repression, it's probably legal for American companies to sell Internet filters there, export lawyers say. But is it ethical?

QUOTE: Absence of federal regulation has allowed so-called censorware of at least four California companies to end up in the hands of foreign governments shown to block citizens' access to political, religious, and other websites.

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 24, 2007 Saudi Women Petition for Right to Drive: Challenge Poses Risks in Sole Country Where Only Men May Take the Wheel

QUOTE: For the first time since a demonstration in 1990, a group of Saudi women is campaigning for the right to drive in this conservative kingdom, the only country in the world that prohibits female drivers.

Washington Post
Aug 16, 2007 Notes on a Scandal: Allegations of embezzlement, abuse and hate speech roil a Washington mosque.

QUOTE: the Islamic Center has become immersed in a nasty court battle marked by charges of embezzlement, abuse of women and an alleged attempt to spread radical messages of hate.

May 19, 2007 Associates of Jailed Saudi Activist Held: Pair's Backers Call Terror Probe an Effort to Forestall Reform

QUOTE: Two men have been arrested in recent weeks in a widening terrorism investigation that political activists say is a government attempt to silence demands for democratic reform.

Washington Post
May 18, 2007 Internet Increasingly Censored The first comprehensive global survey of Internet filtering shows that online repression is on the rise worldwide.

QUOTE: "Over the course of five years, we've gone from just a few places doing state-based technical filtering, like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, to more than two dozen," says John Palfrey, executive director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

Technology Review
Feb 07, 2007 Detained Saudis Described as Democracy Activists

QUOTE: Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, has a consultative council appointed by the government, and carried out limited municipal elections in 2005. Despite Abdullah's cautious steps toward reform, the kingdom continues to show little tolerance for political opposition. It imposes strict limits on freedom of expression and bans public gatherings and political parties

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2007 Ex-President for Sale

QUOTE: Carter is saying that no objective journalist or politician could actually believe that America’s support for Israel is based on moral and strategic considerations and not on their own financial self-interest....It now turns out that the shoe is precisely on the other foot. Recent disclosures prove that it is Carter who has been bought and paid for by anti-Israel Arab and Islamic money.
Aug 08, 2006 Saudi Arabia Begins to Face Hidden AIDS Problem

QUOTE: Being gay in Saudi Arabia is hard enough. But for a growing number of Saudis like Feisal, middle-aged, gay and H.I.V.-positive, life is a tangle of regret and fear...a mixture of Saudi doctors, social workers and advocates for AIDS patients have pushed the government to tackle the disease more openly and encouraged patients to fight for their rights.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2006 U.S. Says It Fears Detainee Abuse in Repatriation

QUOTE: A long-running effort by the Bush administration to send home many of the terror suspects held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has been stymied in part because of concern among United States officials that the prisoners may not be treated humanely by their own governments...

New York Times
Mar 27, 2005 The Case The Saudis Can't Make

QUOTE: three men -- two academics and a poet -- who've been behind bars in Saudi Arabia for a year....have forced a groundbreaking case onto the Saudi legal system, the power of which lies in its simplicity. They want the implementation of the rule of law in practice and not just in theory.

Washington Post
Feb 12, 2005 U.S. Offers Judge Secret Evidence To Decide Case: Virginia Man Held in Saudi Prison

QUOTE: ...Judge John D. Bates said at the hearing, however, that he had serious reservations about making such a critical decision based on information that would be presented to him privately in chambers. He said that although he was mindful of the government's concerns about national security, he would be reluctant to dismiss the family's claims of unjust imprisonment without a public explanation.

Washington Post
Jan 02, 2005 The War Inside the Arab Newsroom

QUOTE: Beyond Al-Rashed's criticism of Islamic fundamentalists, the main target of his wrath is the Arab media....he thinks his competition is not just misguided but actively dangerous. "The region is being filled with inaccuracies and partial truths...I think people will always make good judgments if they have the right information and the whole information. What we lack right now is the truth and information."

New York Times
Mar 18, 2003 Does the End Justify the Means?

QUOTE: The University of Toronto's Internet Censorship Explorer permits anyone with a Web browser to test the limits of certain national and organizational Internet-blocking schemes.

Dec 04, 2002 Saudis Tout Efforts to Curb Terror, Funding

QUOTE: In a report released today, the Saudis detail a number of steps they have taken since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, to keep better track of charities that the Bush administration, members of Congress and outside analysts believe have been a major source of financing for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Washington Post
Aug 16, 2002 Sept. 11 Families Join to Sue Saudis

QUOTE: Families of 600 people killed in the Sept. 11 attacks filed suit yesterday against Saudi Arabian banks and charities and members of the royal family...

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2002 A Few Saudis Defy a Rigid Islam to Debate Their Own Intolerance

QUOTE: Prompted by the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, a cautious debate is taking place in Saudi Arabia's closed society over intolerance toward non-Muslims and attitudes toward the West that are now viewed by some as inspiring unacceptable violence.

New York Times
May 19, 2002 Fair Penalties Or Torture? U.N. at Odds With Saudis

QUOTE: Saudi Arabian diplomats clashed this week with the United Nations Committee Against Torture over whether flogging and the amputation of limbs are violations of an international treaty.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2002 What Day Is It?

QUOTE: There is only one way to reclaim that future: It is for America to get Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to face up to what each wants to ignore.

New York Times
Mar 20, 2002 Father Knows Worst

QUOTE: A monsoon of sickening stories lately illustrates how twisted societies become when women are either never seen, dismissed as second-class citizens or occluded by testosterone...

New York Times
Jan 19, 2002 Saudi Arabia's Apartheid (Cont'd)

QUOTE: The U.S. fast-food industry's obeisance to "separate but equal" gender segregation in Saudi Arabia is as steadfast as the adherence of white southern restaurant owners to racial segregation before the practice was outlawed.

Washington Post
Jan 07, 2002 The Air Force Flier in the Ointment: Martha McSally's Garb in Saudi Arabia Chafed, So She Pressed a Lawsuit

QUOTE: Officials said they had constructed the [gender-specific] policy to keep from offending conservative Saudi leaders and to protect U.S. troops from terrorist attacks. But to McSally, the directive, with its different instructions for men and women, "abandons our American values that we all raised our right hand to die for."

Washington Post
Dec 08, 2001 From Burqas to Abayas

QUOTE: But in Saudi Arabia, under our own rules, a servicewoman is, as she once said, "treated like a Muslim piece of property."

Washington Post
Nov 23, 2001 Democracy's Uneasy Steps in the Islamic World

QUOTE: At a time when democracy is new and its institutions untested, and with many Arab societies divided among tribes or sects, or between modernists and traditionalists, there are concerns that majorities might become tyrannical.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 Longer Visa Waits for Arabs; Stir Over U.S. Eavesdropping

QUOTE: groups and organizations representing American Muslims said the new requirements amounted to profiling by religion or nationality, a shift to methods they called antithetical to American values....Robert E. Hirshon, the president of the American Bar Association, said that the new eavesdropping regulation clearly violated the Constitution's guarantees...

New York Times
Nov 06, 2001 Fighting Bin Ladenism

QUOTE: After saying that the U.S. was deliberately making humanitarian food drops in areas of Afghanistan full of land mines....This was an editorial written by Egypt's leading editor, personally appointed by President Hosni Mubarak....redirecting their public's anger onto America through their press.

New York Times

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