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Sep 26, 2013 Qatar World Cup construction 'will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead': Exclusive: International Trade Union Confederation claims about 12 labourers will die each week unless action is taken

QUOTE: Qatar's construction frenzy ahead of the 2022 World Cup is on course to cost the lives of at least 4,000 migrant workers before a ball is kicked, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has claimed....The annual death toll among those working on building sites could rise to 600 a year – almost a dozen a week – unless the Doha government makes urgent reforms, it says.

Guardian Unlimited
Nov 28, 2010 Leaked Cables Offer Raw Look at U.S. Diplomacy

QUOTE: A cache of a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables, most of them from the past three years, provides an unprecedented look at back-room bargaining by embassies around the world, brutally candid views of foreign leaders and frank assessments of nuclear and terrorist threats.

New York Times
Jan 09, 2006 The Bush Bombshell: Did the president propose to take out Al Jazeera?

QUOTE: Bush mooted the idea of taking out the headquarters of Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar....puts Blair in a good light, in that he dissuaded the president from any such course of action and was assisted in this by Colin Powell, who was then secretary of state.

Nov 23, 2001 Democracy's Uneasy Steps in the Islamic World

QUOTE: At a time when democracy is new and its institutions untested, and with many Arab societies divided among tribes or sects, or between modernists and traditionalists, there are concerns that majorities might become tyrannical.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 Longer Visa Waits for Arabs; Stir Over U.S. Eavesdropping

QUOTE: groups and organizations representing American Muslims said the new requirements amounted to profiling by religion or nationality, a shift to methods they called antithetical to American values....Robert E. Hirshon, the president of the American Bar Association, said that the new eavesdropping regulation clearly violated the Constitution's guarantees...

New York Times
Nov 06, 2001 Fighting Bin Ladenism

QUOTE: After saying that the U.S. was deliberately making humanitarian food drops in areas of Afghanistan full of land mines....This was an editorial written by Egypt's leading editor, personally appointed by President Hosni Mubarak....redirecting their public's anger onto America through their press.

New York Times