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Nov 07, 2012 Bahrain strips Shiite activists of citizenship amid unrest

QUOTE: Bahrain has revoked the citizenship of 31 Shiite activists, the latest clampdown on the opposition amid continued unrest in the Persian Gulf kingdom.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 13, 2011 Bahrain doctors go on trial, alleging torture to extract confessions

QUOTE: Prosecutors alleged Monday that automatic weapons and ammunition were discovered in the hospital, that the defendants "hijacked" the hospital building and controlled it...Activists and human rights groups allege that the medical workers are being prosecuted for treating protesters.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 22, 2011 Medical Workers Reported Missing in Bahrain

QUOTE: “[Bahraini] Doctors are disappearing as part of a systematic attack on medical staff,” and that “many physicians are missing following interrogations by unknown security forces at Salmaniya Medical Complex...”

New York Times
Apr 15, 2011 As Bahrain stifles protest movement, U.S.’s muted objections draw criticism

QUOTE: "The kingdom has largely silenced the opposition, jailing hundreds of activists in a crackdown that has left the Obama administration vulnerable to charges that it is upholding democratic values in the Middle East selectively…”

Washington Post
Mar 18, 2011 Bahrain Tears Down Monument as Protesters Seethe

QUOTE: Bahrain tore down the protest movement’s defining monument on Friday, the pearl at the center of Pearl Square. (This) was part of a chain of events that in a matter of days turned the country from a symbol of hopeful pro-democratic protest into one of repression.

New York Times
Nov 23, 2001 Democracy's Uneasy Steps in the Islamic World

QUOTE: At a time when democracy is new and its institutions untested, and with many Arab societies divided among tribes or sects, or between modernists and traditionalists, there are concerns that majorities might become tyrannical.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 Longer Visa Waits for Arabs; Stir Over U.S. Eavesdropping

QUOTE: groups and organizations representing American Muslims said the new requirements amounted to profiling by religion or nationality, a shift to methods they called antithetical to American values....Robert E. Hirshon, the president of the American Bar Association, said that the new eavesdropping regulation clearly violated the Constitution's guarantees...

New York Times
Jul 01, 2001 'Jihadistan'


QUOTE: Religious fanaticism.... when it merges with economic and cultural despair....the world's first "virtual nation," perhaps best called "Jihadistan." They recognize no borders save those of the Umma, the Islamic world...

Washington Law & Politics