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Dec 12, 2013 Suddenly, Illegal at Home

QUOTE: more than 200,000 people affected by a historic ruling by the Dominican Constitutional Court denying citizenship rights to those born to undocumented people. The ruling is ostensibly aimed at controlling undocumented immigration from Haiti, which has increased by about 20 percent since the 2010 earthquake. But because it is retroactive to 1929, this “immigration reform” means that people like Ms. Pierre, who know no other country than the Dominican Republic, will be placed in civic limbo, unable to attend school, to work or even to cash a check.

New York Times
Jan 18, 2011 Former Haitian Dictator to Face Charges

QUOTE: The charges filed on Tuesday seemed to be a modest list for a man who is widely blamed for one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history — and whose government has been accused of kidnapping, torturing and murdering thousands of political opponents. But the case against Mr. Duvalier represents a bold step by a country with a long history of impunity, and one where leaders have rarely faced prosecution.

New York Times
May 22, 2010 Escape Attempt Led to Killings of Unarmed Inmates

QUOTE: Haitian officials here say they did not use lethal force but rather found lifeless bodies when they entered the prison....But an investigation by The New York Times casts doubt on the official version of events...

New York Times
Mar 27, 2010 Quake Accentuated Chasm That Has Defined Haiti

QUOTE: Haiti has long had glaring inequality, with tiny pockets of wealth persisting amid extreme poverty, and Pétionville itself was economically mixed before the earthquake, with poor families living near the gated mansions and villas of the rich. But the disaster has focused new attention on this gap, making for surreal contrasts along the streets above Port-au-Prince’s central districts.

New York Times
Jun 25, 2009 For Haitians deported from the US, an unlikely welcome-home committee: Haitian volunteers, including former criminal deportees, help new arrivals in a land many find hard to negotiate.

QUOTE: According to a report released last fall by the Haitian human rights organization Ecumenical Center for Human Rights, most criminal deportees left Haiti when they were younger than 8 years old and lived in the US for upward of four decades. Some have only distant family ties and speak little to no Creole.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 07, 2007 The World: Living in Exile Isn’t What It Used to Be

QUOTE: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti and Venezuela are all discussing ways of bringing former leaders out of exile to face human rights or corruption charges, and legal experts expect these various efforts to be energized by a ruling by Chile’s Supreme Court ordering that Mr. Fujimori be sent to a jail cell in Peru to await trial.

New York Times
Sep 05, 2006 The Lost Children of Haiti

QUOTE: Today, tens of thousands of Haitian children live lives of modern-day bondage...They frequently end up cruelly overworked, physically or sexually abused, and without access to education.

New York Times
Nov 15, 2005 An E-Cycling Nightmare

QUOTE: Under the guise of bridging the digital divide, affluent nations are using developing countries as toxic waste dumps for their unwanted electronics.

Aug 31, 2005 Dispatches From Haiti

QUOTE: ...just after Aristide was forced from office and violence surged through the capital, he watched the Haitian National Police execute two of the boys who lived on the street with him. Fearing for his own life amid rumors that the police were targeting street kids...

Feb 13, 2004 Balancing act for Haiti opposition

QUOTE: On the issue of violence, a line has been drawn between the opposition coalition and the different rebel groups which have armed themselves and which have taken over parts of [Haiti--Ed.].

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Dec 06, 2003 Haiti's 200 years of wasted hopes

QUOTE: Today in Haiti the cupboard is bare. Half the population is malnourished. It has been said that Haitians lack everything but imagination.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 01, 2001 The Poor Man's Capitalist: Hernando De Soto

QUOTE: Throughout the third world, the formal systems of property rights taken for granted in advanced nations simply don't Soto's barking dogs capture the heart of a profound social problem -- in this case, the persistence of global poverty.

New York Times