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Jul 21, 2015 The Myth of the Ethical Shopper We're still trying to eliminate sweatshops and child labor by buying right. But that's not how the world works in 2015.

QUOTE: ...for a while there, it worked. The major apparel companies adopted codes of conduct, first banning just the most egregious stuff—workers under 16, forced overtime—then expanding to health and safety, environmental protection and social investment....I spoke with more than 30 company reps, factory auditors and researchers and read dozens of studies describing what has happened in those sweatshops since they became a cultural fixation three decades ago. All these sources led me to the same conclusion: Boycotts have failed. Our clothes are being made in ways that advocacy campaigns can’t affect and in places they can’t reach. So how are we going to stop sweatshops now?

Huffington Post
Sep 09, 2011 Desperate Guatemalans Embrace an ‘Iron Fist’

QUOTE: all across these highlands once ravaged by a 36-year civil war, the region’s bloodiest anti-Communist conflict, Guatemalans are demanding the unthinkable — a strong military, back in their communities. That is how desperate this country has become as gangs and Mexican drug cartels run fever-wild, capturing territory and corrupting institutions so that Guatemala will remain a safe haven for cocaine, guns, money laundering and new recruits.

New York Times
Aug 27, 2009 A national shame: Malnutrition in Guatemala

QUOTE: according to Unicef almost half of Guatemala’s children are chronically malnourished—the sixth-worst performance in the world.

Jul 20, 2009 In Guatemala, Chasing Away the Ghost of Alvarado

QUOTE: the nation has begun to confront the benighted lawlessness that plagues not only Guatemala but most of the rest of Central America too.

Time Magazine
Oct 14, 2007 Stripped-down student protesters rush Macy's aisles: Suppliers exploit Guatemala labor, demonstrators say

QUOTE: But a department store clerk is quick to pick up a phone when he or she sees a half-naked college student dash by complaining that the store's clothes "smell like blood." Sunday evening, store managers declined to comment on the demonstration, and it wasn't clear which -- if any -- of the store's wares were manufactured in the two Guatemalan factories.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Oct 04, 2007 Guatemala seeks to slow exodus of babies to U.S.

QUOTE: Adoption has been a hotly contested issue in Guatemala for years. While adoptive parents in the United States undergo rigorous screening, adoptions in Guatemala are processed under a notary system that allows lawyers and judges to place children for adoption. Both Guatemalan and U.S. officials fear the system leads to practices such as paying birth mothers for children, or, some instances, using coercion.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 31, 2007 Crime, immigration issues dominate Guatemala debate

QUOTE: The "extremely concerning" level of violence led Amnesty International to release an open letter to candidates this week asking that they "ensure the electoral campaign is conducted in a manner consistent with respect for the rule of law and human rights standards." The human rights group also called for an end to "clandestine groups who operate with absolute impunity" 11 years after the country's long-running civil war officially came to a close.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 20, 2007 'They keep on killing and killing': Thousands of women and girls have been murdered in Guatemala - and the toll is still rising. Yet the killers are rarely brought to justice.

QUOTE: 10 times as many men as women are killed each year [in Guatemala]. The murder of women wouldn't be a specific area of concern, then, if activists were not convinced that they are dying in a very different way. They call it femicide, claiming that while male victims are much more likely to die because they get involved in disputes, or join violent groups, women are being targeted in unprovoked attacks.

Guardian Unlimited
Nov 05, 2006 Guatemalan Adoption System Under Scrutiny

QUOTE: In other countries, adoptive parents are sought out for abandoned children. In Guatemala, children are frequently sought out for foreign parents seeking to adopt and given up by their birth mothers to baby brokers who may pay from a few hundred dollars to $2,000 for a baby...

New York Times
Feb 24, 2006 Self-Styled Justice in Guatemala: 'Social Cleansing' Squads, Though Welcomed by Some, Evoke Horrors of Long Civil War

QUOTE: ...the recent surge in armed abductions and murders by self-appointed anti-crime squads throughout Guatemala is leaving a messy trail of blood and tears.

Washington Post
Nov 21, 2005 Mildewed Police Files May Hold Clues to Atrocities in Guatemala

QUOTE: ...human rights investigators are calling it a treasure hidden in plain sight. In Guatemala, a nation still groping for the whole truth about decades of state-sponsored kidnapping and killing, the documents promise a trove of new evidence for the victims, and perhaps the last best hope for some degree of justice.

New York Times
Jul 30, 2005 Unending Graft Is Threatening Latin America

QUOTE: Brazil's scandal is just the latest reminder of the unremitting corruption that has marked Latin American politics since colonial times, when absolute rulers regarded newly conquered realms in the New World as their personal property.

New York Times
Dec 06, 2004 A Harsh Price to Pay in Pursuit of a Dream: For Central American Women, Sexual Coercion Is Hazard on Route to U.S.

QUOTE: "If you come to my office and lie down with me, you can pass." That was the ... price of passage to the United States.

Washington Post
Sep 26, 2004 TATTOOED WARRIORS: The Next Generation; Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law

QUOTE:...many human rights advocates and community leaders worry that the aggressive measures governments are taking against gangs have not solved the problem as much as they have spread it.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2004 Study Finds 25 Nations Hindered by Corruption

QUOTE: A survey of government accountability and openness in 25 countries around the globe has found that each one is challenged by corruption and lacks sufficient protections against electoral abuses, including developed democracies such as the United States, Germany and Japan.

Washington Post
Jan 18, 2003 Banana Workers Get Day in Court

QUOTE: ...the chemical companies shipped DBCP [the pesticide] abroad and the growers used it despite knowing about its harmful effects even before the ban.

New York Times
Oct 12, 2001 Legal Self-Defense in Responses to Terrorism: Interview with Robert F. Turner

QUOTE: Was the U.S. attack on Afghanistan and its Taliban leadership that began October 7, 2001 justified under U.S. and international law? Was it moral?