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Nov 20, 2007 A Health System’s ‘Miracles’ Come With Hidden Costs

QUOTE: Cuban doctors abroad receive much better pay than in Cuba, along with other benefits from the state, like the right to buy a car and get a relatively luxurious house when they return. As a result, many of the finest physicians have taken posts abroad. The doctors and nurses left in Cuba are stretched thin and overworked, resulting in a decline in the quality of care for Cubans...

New York Times
Nov 04, 2005 Does That F-16 Come With a Warranty? What happens if the U.S. government sells you a lemon.

QUOTE: Venezuela has now threatened to violate this provision on the grounds that the United States refused to work out a deal for more spare parts. Meanwhile, U.S. military officials say they're not selling spare parts because Chavez won't let them inspect his F-16s.

Sep 26, 2004 TATTOOED WARRIORS: The Next Generation; Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law

QUOTE:...many human rights advocates and community leaders worry that the aggressive measures governments are taking against gangs have not solved the problem as much as they have spread it.

New York Times
Feb 29, 2004 From U.S. Wrecks to Central American Riches

QUOTE: A flourishing trade is transforming cars sold as junk in the United States into cherished gems on the streets of Central America. Tens of thousands of damaged cars written off for a few hundred dollars in the north find a new life here to the south...

Washington Post