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Nov 20, 2008 'Idealist' tried to halt Saddam's Kurdish slaughter

QUOTE: Tens of thousands of Kurds had fled to Turkey. Survivors described blinding, burning clouds of poison gas that dropped people in their tracks....In the end, the House of Representatives killed Galbraith's sanctions bill with backing from the Reagan administration. Politics had trumped principle.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 06, 2008 Female fighters: We won't stand for male dominance

QUOTE: The PKK has an idealistic philosophy, one that combines Kurdish nationalism with certain communist goals, such as equality and communal ownership of property. The fighters here say that their cause has evolved beyond a desire for a Kurdish state -- that they are now fighting to generate dramatic social change. Today, the PKK's ideology revolves around a belief that global crises and injustice are a result of millennia of male-dominated rule.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 17, 2005 Turkish Court Delays Trial of Author: Free Speech Case May Complicate Effort to Join E.U.

QUOTE: Acclaimed Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk appeared briefly in a courtroom Friday to face a charge of insulting the country that he has built an international reputation trying to explain.

Washington Post
Jun 20, 2004 Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq

QUOTE: Thousands of ethnic Kurds are pushing into lands formerly held by Iraqi Arabs, forcing tens of thousands of them to flee to ramshackle refugee camps and transforming the demographic and political map of northern Iraq.

New York Times
Sep 24, 2001 The Ultimate Enemy

QUOTE: ...recognize now the greater danger of germ warfare or nuclear attack from a proven terrorist nation, and couple expected retribution for this month's attack with a strategy of pre-emptive retaliation?

New York Times