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Apr 08, 2008 Moscow Killings Blamed on Racism: Non-Slavs Targeted, Rights Groups Say

QUOTE: The killing of [a Moscow man], which remains under investigation, is part of a wave of racially motivated murders in Moscow that has put the city's migrant communities on edge, particularly people from Central Asia, according to human rights groups. Easily singled out because of their non-Slavic appearance, Central Asian workers have borne the brunt of the attacks by skinheads and neo-Nazis.

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2007 Local Property Dispute Grows Into International Issue for Kazakhstan

QUOTE: One of the fundamental principles of the [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] religious freedom. The standoff with the Hare Krishna movement threatens the image of a harmonious, multidenominational country...

Washington Post
May 06, 2006 Cheney Switches From Scowls to Smiles

QUOTE: A day after scolding Russia for retreating on democracy, Vice President Cheney flew to oil-rich Kazakhstan yesterday and lavished praise on the autocratic leader of a former Soviet republic where opposition parties have been banned, newspapers shut down and advocacy groups intimidated.

Washington Post
Feb 22, 2006 Kazakh Security Agents Held In Killing of Opposition Figure

QUOTE: Five members of an elite unit within Kazakhstan's national security service, the KNB, have been arrested in connection with the killing of a leading opposition figure last week.

Washington Post
Nov 18, 2005 Revival of Cossacks Casts Muslim Group Out of Russia to U.S.

QUOTE: Thousands of Muslims from a small ethnic group known as the Meskhetian Turks are fleeing this Black Sea region for the United States. The exodus is caused by what human rights groups call a campaign of persecution sanctioned by local authorities and spearheaded by the Cossacks, a Russian militia that fought for the czars and is being revived.

Washington Post
Jul 01, 2001 'Jihadistan'


QUOTE: Religious fanaticism.... when it merges with economic and cultural despair....the world's first "virtual nation," perhaps best called "Jihadistan." They recognize no borders save those of the Umma, the Islamic world...

Washington Law & Politics