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Dec 06, 2014 Yahoo Angers Photographers By Selling Their Work

QUOTE: some of the photographers made their photos available under Creative Commons under the impression that they'd be used in articles or by other sources rather than Yahoo itself turning them into a source of revenue, much less one that leaves out the content creators.

Jun 07, 2014 Book wars: A monopolist vs. the cartel

QUOTE: The publishers are more than a little disingenuous in conflating their own interests with those of authors, readers and booksellers. And Amazon might want to consider that its admirable campaign to lower book prices may have reached a point of diminishing return, with the risk that further cuts really will have an adverse effect on consumer choice and the quality of what is published. Rather than using readers and writers as hostages in their ongoing battle over discounts, commissions and co-op fees, both sides might better use their ingenuity to come up with a simpler and more rational structure for the industry’s economics that is better able to adapt to changing technology and market realities.

Washington Post
May 24, 2014 Amazon's Tactics Confirm Its Critics' Worst Suspicions

QUOTE: This week, as part of a contract dispute with the publisher Hachette, we're seeing Amazon behaving at its worst. The company's willingness to nakedly flex its anticompetitive muscle gives new cause for concern to anyone who cares about books...

New York Times
Jan 03, 2013 Write Gambling Software, Go to Prison

QUOTE: In a criminal case sure to make programmers nervous, a software maker who licenses a program used by online casinos and bookmakers overseas is being charged with promoting gambling in New York because authorities say his software was used by others for illegal betting in that state....Stuart, who has been charged along with his wife and brother-in-law with one felony count for promoting gambling in New York through their software firm, says that his company sells the software only to entities outside the U.S...

Jan 20, 2012 iBooks Author: You Work For Apple Now

QUOTE: Up until now, Apple has kept creative tools divorced from the means of distribution. You can choose how to sell the things you made with iWork, iWeb, Xcode, TextEdit, or any app the company has ever written, free or not. Apple has always made a distinction between enabling the creative process and selling the product of that process. Apple's iBooks Author erases that distinction.

PC Magazine
Jul 12, 2011 Rush to Defend Tax Rule on Inventory and Profits

QUOTE: the LIFO proposal — supported by the president’s deficit-reduction commission — would simplify the tax code and establish a standard method of calculating the cost of items that a company first glance the LIFO proposal looked like “an easy source of revenue.” But, he said, “it taxes illusory income, phantom profits that result from inflation.”

New York Times
Jun 10, 2011 U.S. Senators Want to Shut Down Bitcoins, Currency of Internet Drug Trade

QUOTE: The tone of the senators' letter comes off as though they themselves don't know what entity they want to destroy or how to go about it. Bitcoins, by nature and general practice, are harmless; they're merely an Internet-based alternative to traditional federal banks. Silk Road is what the U.S. government is really after.

PC World
May 13, 2011 Google Is Said to Have Broken Internal Rules on Drug Ads

QUOTE: Google allowed rogue online pharmacies to advertise on its site in violation of its own advertising policies, according to one of the companies subpoenaed in the federal investigation of Google’s drug ad sales.

New York Times
Apr 03, 2011 Wholesale Robbery in Liquor Sales

QUOTE: The law would protect not small stores and liquor producers, but the wholesale liquor lobby... This proposal would allow discrimination against out-of-state producers and retailers if lawmakers can prove that such laws advance “a legitimate local purpose that cannot be adequately served by reasonable nondiscriminatory alternatives.”

New York Times
Mar 12, 2011 ‘Complaint Resolved’? Well, Not Exactly

QUOTE: The Austin area’s Better Business Bureau charges consumers $70 a mediation... At minimum, the bureau ought to disclose some of these facts in its online report about PC Drivers Headquarters, right?... The lack of disclosure about the fee only adds to the sense that the bureau is more interested in protecting dues-paying members than in helping consumers, does it not?

New York Times
Feb 16, 2011 Rhapsody: Apple has gone too far

QUOTE: Rhapsody's issue: Apple wants 30% of all sales generated through its platform. And now, publishers can no longer provide links in their apps to let customers buy content outside of the app.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 21, 2010 F.C.C. Approves Net Rules and Braces for Fight (Media Decoder)

QUOTE: The new rules [approved by the FCC-- Ed.] are, at best, net semi-neutrality. They ban any outright blocking and any “unreasonable discrimination” of Web sites or applications by fixed-line broadband providers, but they afford more wiggle room to wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon.

New York Times
Apr 09, 2010 Wiseguys face the music for trying to play it smart in online ticketing

QUOTE: Federal investigators charge that a ring of hackers working for Wiseguy Tickets Inc. cracked security measures at Ticketmaster and other major vendors. They gained control of 1.5 million tickets to popular and coveted concerts and sporting events nationwide between 2002 and 2009. Operating mainly out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Wiseguys earned $25 million, as prosecutors tally it, selling premium seats at inflated prices to brokers who resold them at even higher markups to the public.

Washington Post
Oct 03, 2009 Will Books Be Napsterized? (Digital Domain)

QUOTE: With the new devices [electronic readers] in hand, will book buyers avert their eyes from the free copies only a few clicks away that have been uploaded without the copyright holder’s permission?

New York Times
Sep 06, 2009 Movie Studios See a Threat in Growth of Redbox

QUOTE: Furious about a potential cannibalization of DVD sales and a broader price devaluation of their product, three studios (20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal) are refusing to sell DVDs to Redbox [a video rental vending machine company] until at least 28 days after they arrive in stores.

New York Times
Aug 28, 2009 Court tosses "arbitrary" FCC cable market share cap

QUOTE: The United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has just thrown out the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) rule limiting each cable provider to no more than 30 percent of the overall video marketplace.

Ars Technica
Aug 28, 2009 FCC launches far-reaching investigation of cellular industry: The FCC has launched an investigation of the wireless industry that takes the agency into new, and for some, uncomfortable terrain.

QUOTE: the three Notices of Inquiry that the agency [Federal communications Commission] announced at its Open Commission meeting notably and perhaps even radically expand the array of questions that it usually asks of the wireless service sector.

Ars Technica
Aug 05, 2009 Senate hears royalty debate pitting Big Content vs Big Radio

QUOTE: Radio stations pay only songwriters for the music they play, while recording artists get nothing (except publicity). When music is delivered via webcasting, cable networks, and satellite radio, however, station owners need to pay both songwriters and recording artists.

Ars Technica
May 22, 2009 Chrysler Dealers Make Case Against Closings

QUOTE: The calls from Chrysler officials were coming nearly every day...And the message was simple: Take more cars. Many of those fighting the hardest are dealers who recently spent huge amounts of money to stay in the company’s good graces, who sacrificed their own profits to help keep the company intact...only to learn that they were the ones who would not.

New York Times
Dec 09, 2008 Car Dealers Brace for Closings, or for a Fight, as Detroit Seeks Help

QUOTE: It is possible fights could erupt between some dealers and the auto companies. Virtually every state has stringent laws that make it difficult for manufacturers to alter dealer contracts, even when they abandon brands, as General Motors is talking about doing. These laws have been a big impediment to auto companies in the past as they sought to cut their dealer networks.

New York Times
Nov 18, 2008 As children starve, world struggles for solution

QUOTE: Some mothers choose what their children will eat. Others choose which children will eat and which will die...Haitians are so desperate for food that many mothers wait to name their newborns because so many infants die of malnourishment. Other Haitian mothers keep their children alive by parceling out food to them, but some make an excruciating choice when their food rationing fails...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 16, 2008 Publishers Sue Georgia State on Digital Reading Matter

QUOTE: The lawsuit, which may be the first of its kind, raises questions about digital rights, which are confronting many media companies, but also about core issues like the future of the business model for academic publishers.

New York Times
Mar 31, 2008 Amazon changes rules for print-on-demand publishers: Online retailer requires POD publishers to use its BookSurge printing service

QUOTE: Inc. has told publishers who print books on demand that their titles will no longer be sold directly through Amazon if they don't use the company's printing company, BookSurge.

Dec 02, 2007 Film on Mexico’s Disputed ’06 Election Stirs Emotions

QUOTE: The new film, “Fraud, Mexico 2006,” lays out in detail the arguments of leftists who say the combination of a smear campaign and fraud at polling places swung the election to President Calderón. Mr. Mandoki got financial backing for the movie from Federico Arreola, a journalist, entrepreneur and close campaign adviser to Mr. López Obrador.

New York Times
Oct 14, 2007 Stripped-down student protesters rush Macy's aisles: Suppliers exploit Guatemala labor, demonstrators say

QUOTE: But a department store clerk is quick to pick up a phone when he or she sees a half-naked college student dash by complaining that the store's clothes "smell like blood." Sunday evening, store managers declined to comment on the demonstration, and it wasn't clear which -- if any -- of the store's wares were manufactured in the two Guatemalan factories.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Oct 09, 2007 Distribution of Nets Splits Malaria Fighters

QUOTE: Villages like Maendeleo are at the center of a debate that has split malaria fighters: how to distribute mosquito nets.

New York Times
Jun 29, 2007 High Court Overturns Century-Old Antitrust Rule: Manufacturers Gain Say on Retail Prices

QUOTE: The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday overturned a nearly century-old ruling that prohibited manufacturers from dictating the minimum prices retailers must charge for their goods, saying such agreements could spark competition rather than stifle it.

Washington Post
Jan 17, 2007 Web Sites Challenge the Textbook Goliaths: The biggest,, has scored $2.2 million in funding. The idea: sell cheaper books to students, bypass the textbook monopolies—and make money

QUOTE: How often does someone have the authority to order consumers to purchase a product with a limited number of vendors? University professors have just that power...

Aug 21, 2006 Screwed for Sure

QUOTE: The rumor mill is still buzzing about Microsoft's new Zune digital music player....the revelation that Microsoft's own Zune player will not support their stores despite this longstanding partnership...must feel like a serious betrayal of trust..

Jun 28, 2006 Univision Jilts Televisa for Rival Bid

QUOTE: ...private equity firms won an auction for Univision Communications, the largest Spanish-language media company in the United States, with a $12.3 billion bid, prompting the rival suitor, Grupo Televisa, to contend it had been deliberately shunned in favor of a lesser bid.

New York Times
May 09, 2006 Clarion-Ledger to Independents: Drop Dead!: Want to know how far The Clarion-Ledger/Gannett Corp. is willing to go to control the competition? Keep reading.

QUOTE: In order to get the rack, the retailer signs a one-year contract giving The Clarion-Ledger/Gannett Co. the exclusive right to control the display of free-distribution publications...we’re evicted unless we pay for the “right” to place ourselves in their rack—to distribute in places where we used to distribute simply with the permission of the manager or owner.

Jackson Free Press
Mar 22, 2006 Illegal Logging May Supply U.S. Floors: Firms Fail to Ensure Origin of a Threatened, Luxurious Wood, Group Alleges

QUOTE: A variety of hardwood threatened in Southeast Asia is showing up in flooring in the United States, where manufacturers, distributors and retailers are failing to ensure the wood's legal origin...

Washington Post
Sep 06, 2005 California says 'no' to junk-food sales in schools: A statewide ban against certain vending machine snacks in public schools would be the first of its kind.

QUOTE: California is poised to ban sales of soda and fast foods on public school campuses....beveragemakers, as well as some civil libertarians say the moves are well-motivated but interject themselves inappropriately between younger children and their parents.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 27, 2005 Apple, Digital Music's Angel, Earns Record Industry's Scorn

QUOTE: Apple started its iTunes service in Japan without songs from the two major companies... leaving artists like Avril Lavigne, Beyoncé and Rob Thomas out of the catalog because the companies refused to license their music to iTunes... That gap in the Japanese music market... is considered a harbinger of what may await American consumers...

New York Times
Mar 25, 2005 Companies in Radio Tag Business Broaden Legal Dispute

ABSTRACT: Intermec Technologies, a subsidiary of Unova, said it had filed claims that Symbol Technologies was infringing on six major Intermec patents covering technologies used in wireless communications products that Symbol sells.

New York Times
Jan 20, 2005 Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

QUOTE: ...blogs function like peer-review journals do in the academic world, but there's a key difference. The distribution of articles in academic journals is largely controlled by a publishing cartel that charges exorbitant amounts for subscriptions, which are subsidized by the institutions and universities that can afford them. Think of it as the socialist model for informational exchange.

Jun 29, 2004 How Baseball Does Business: Angelos, Selig Last Men Standing in D.C.'s Way

QUOTE: ...Selig plans to decide if the Expos will be moved to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia or one of five other areas. The decision will be the culmination of a process shrouded in secrecy and entirely consistent with Selig's highly personal management of Major League Baseball -- a style sanctioned by the sport's unique antitrust exemption.

Washington Post
May 25, 2004 Fund Firm Cuts Fees, And No One Had to Ask

QUOTE: In a world awash in stories about abusive mutual funds, a fund company is doing the right thing by its shareholders by cutting some fees. Voluntarily.

Washington Post
Nov 06, 2003 Stores Follow Wal-Mart's Lead in Labor: Competitors Struggle to Match Savings From Non-Union Workforce

QUOTE: Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer and the nation's biggest private employer, has become so powerful that its practices reverberate throughout the U.S. economy.

Washington Post
Oct 22, 2003 Lax System Allows Criminals To Invade the Supply Chain

QUOTE: At a time when more Americans are relying on medication, their chances of receiving a drug that is fake, diluted or mislabeled have never been so great.

Washington Post
Sep 29, 2003 CD Price Cuts Could Mean New Artists Will Suffer

QUOTE: Initially delighted by the promise of lower CD prices...will hurt independent music stores and developing artists. The plan squeezes stores' profit margins on each CD and ends promotional subsidies to retailers to push new albums...

New York Times
May 08, 2003 Slotting fees and oligopolies

QUOTE: supermarkets and other retail outlets have been charging slotting fees for all new products. These payments are also known as new product introduction fees or product placement fees....over the years they have involved into a major profit center.

Oligopoly Watch
May 02, 2003 Amazon Patent Bid Targets Used Goods

QUOTE: The patent application.... would cover a system that allows people to preorder a used item from an unspecified seller when that item isn't yet offered by anyone else on the site.
Apr 17, 2003 Customers Tire of Excuses for Rebates That Never Arrive

QUOTE: Bargain-hunting customers attracted by promises of low prices "after mail-in rebate" take the trouble to cut out bar codes, photocopy sales receipts, fill out forms and mail all of it to the manufacturer or to a fulfillment house. Then they wait, sometimes futilely, for the rebate check.

New York Times
Mar 14, 2003 When the chips are down: Printer vendors' attempts to capitalize on the cartridge market threaten their relationship with enterprise customers

QUOTE: ...problems they’ve had due to the chips in the ink supply cartridges for HP’s business-oriented printer models...

Jan 26, 2003 Probe: Former Kmart CEO 'grossly derelict'

QUOTE: Based on interviews with Kmart employees and more than 1.5 million pages of documents, the internal probe accuses the team of former CEO Charles Conaway of being "grossly derelict."

Jan 17, 2003 Canada blocks free Net TV

QUOTE: Canadian regulators ruled Friday that it is illegal to put broadcast TV signals onto the Internet without permission, dashing the hopes of entrepreneurs hoping to create new Net TV businesses.

Dec 11, 2002 Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution

QUOTE: ...Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy....Piracy is progressive taxation....Customers want to do the right thing, if they can....Shoplifting is a bigger threat than piracy.... File sharing networks don't threaten book, music, or film publishing. They threaten existing publishers...."Free" is eventually replaced by a higher-quality paid service....There's more than one way to do it.
Oct 02, 2002 Yahoo marketing angers store owners

QUOTE: Some Yahoo store owners are upset by a new marketing program the company has launched that attaches an advertisement to their checkout pages.

Sep 30, 2002 Letter Is Crucial in Lawsuit on Liability of Gun Makers

QUOTE: "They make no effort to identify problem dealers, because they want to remain blind so they can deny they know what has happened to their guns,"...

New York Times

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