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Mar 01, 2013 The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

QUOTE: The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945. The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum...

New York Times
Apr 08, 2011 Why humanitarian wars can go so wrong

QUOTE: The big democracies usually stand idly by during the worst atrocities, including the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda… Western democratic leaders have powerful political incentives to do humanitarianism on the cheap… These governments were more worried about the safety of their own soldiers than about protecting Bosnian civilians.

Washington Post
Apr 15, 2010 The Living and the Dead

QUOTE: a clear demarcation line separates regions able to look forward, even over history’s wounds, and those unable to escape the clutches of the dead. Yehuda Amichai, the fine Israeli poet, once observed of Jerusalem that it is “the only city in the world where the right to vote is granted even to the dead.” The Middle East holds pride of place when it comes to morbid retrospection.

New York Times
Apr 01, 2010 Serbia’s Honest Apology

QUOTE: The resolution, therefore, is a political landmark. And even if it fails to mention “genocide,” it makes it still harder to insist that the massacre never happened or that the number of victims has been grossly inflated. Yet the Serbian government finds itself caught in a position of being damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

New York Times
Nov 14, 2007 Mentally Ill in Serbia Are Abused, Report Says

QUOTE: In the report, which is expected to be read closely by European Union officials who are assessing Serbia’s readiness to join the 27-member bloc, researchers concluded that “filthy conditions, contagious diseases, lack of medical care and rehabilitation and a failure to provide oversight renders placement in a Serbian institution life-threatening.”

New York Times
May 11, 2007 Serbia's new human-rights role questioned: Serbia takes the lead of a European rights council Friday, even as ultranationalism deepens.

QUOTE: The ironies of Serbia taking a symbolic leadership role in the council are compounded by mounting worry in Washington and Europe about a rightward shift in Serbian politics following the election this week of a pro-Russian ultranationalist as parliament speaker.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 30, 2007 Why genocide is difficult to prosecute: Protesters in 35 nations and more than 280 US cities rallied Sunday for protecting those being killed in the Darfur war.

QUOTE: The word genocide raises deep legal and moral conundrums in a globalizing world, experts say: The term has gained popular usage in a media age to describe mass atrocities, as in Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia. Yet prosecutors and world courts are ever more cautious about leveling the charge, even when it may apply – since it raises a requirement to intervene.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 26, 2007 Kosovo Wins Support For Split From Serbia: U.S., European Allies Agree to Secession With Ongoing International Supervision

QUOTE: Nearly eight years after NATO warplanes intervened in a bitter ethnic conflict between Serbs and rebellious Kosovo Albanians in the former Yugoslavia, the United States and its European allies have agreed to support Kosovo's permanent secession from Serbia under continuing international supervision, according to senior U.S. and European officials. The decision is likely to lead, possibly as early as this summer, to the formal creation of a new Connecticut-size country in southeastern Europe with membership in the United Nations and, eventually, its own army

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2006 In Croatia, another wary struggle with Holocaust: Museum attempts to confront toll of Jasenovac camp

QUOTE: As histories of the Holocaust go, that of the concentration camp at Jasenovac probably ranks among the most the 61 years since the camp was closed, successive governments have written and rewritten history. Communist and nationalist rulers, Serbs and Croats, each pursuing their own ideological goals, have apportioned blame differently and alternately exaggerated or downplayed the number of those killed.

Boston Globe
May 04, 2006 With Mladic Still at Large, E.U. Halts Serb Membership Talks

QUOTE: The European Union suspended membership talks with Serbia after a deadline passed Wednesday for the arrest of war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic.

Washington Post
Mar 12, 2006 Crusader for Serb Honor Was Defiant Until the End: As a Leader and a Defendant, Milosevic Exuded Pride and Rage

QUOTE: Milosevic played the defiant master of his own fate and defender of Serb honor. He insisted on managing his defense at the U.N. international war crimes tribunal and reveled in ridiculing prosecution witnesses even as his ruddy face belied the high blood pressure that may have contributed to his death Saturday at age 64.

Washington Post
Feb 17, 2004 Serbs Break Parliamentary Deadlock, but Face West's Disapproval

QUOTE: Mr. Kostunica's two main allies in government also recently signed an agreement that would in theory prevent the government from handing key suspects over to the [UN War Crimes Tribunal--Ed.].

New York Times
Feb 05, 2004 Sarajevo massacre remembered

QUOTE: A mortar shell landed in the crowded market place just after noon, scything down the mainly civilian shoppers and traders between the tightly packed stalls...A report by United Nations peacekeepers at the time was inconclusive, although there have been persistent rumours that a secret UN report later pointed the finger of blame at the government.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 01, 2003 U.S. May Cut Aid Over Court Immunity

QUOTE: The Bush administration, intent on exempting U.S. citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court, is drawing fresh accusations of diplomatic heavy-handedness...

Washington Post
Jun 20, 2002 Enter the Globocourt

QUOTE: ...if dictators see reporters as potential witnesses in prosecutions, tyrants in trouble will be likely to kill those witnesses.

New York Times
Nov 24, 2001 A Full Charge of Genocide for Milosevic

QUOTE: "The indictment of one man cannot return all the dead people or fix the ruins, but it can lift the burden of collective responsibility and send a message to others that they won't get away with the crimes"...

New York Times
Sep 13, 2001 Terror in New York and Washington: Reaping What is Sown

ABSTRACT: ...we need to face the unwelcome truth that refreshing doses of freedom is not what many poor and desperate people, especially in the Third World, have been experiencing at this country's hands.

Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Internet Resources Directory
Jul 31, 2001 Serbia Finds Where Bodies Are Buried, and Investigates

QUOTE: ...deputy head of the police organized crime unit in Belgrade, is amazed to find that he now leads an ever-expanding investigation into war crimes.

New York Times
Jul 01, 2001 Serbs Break Silence On Atrocities: Many Ordered to Assist Burial of Kosovo Victims


Washington Post
May 22, 2001 Before the Next Balkan Bloodbath

QUOTE: But if [the West] learns from its mistakes and develops a comprehensive strategy for dealing with ethnic tensions in the [Balkans], further bloodshed can be avoided.

Washington Post
Feb 23, 2001 3 Bosnian Serbs are Convicted in Wartime Rapes

QUOTE: In its first trial dealing exclusively with sexual violence, the United Nations war crimes tribunal today found three former Bosnian Serb soldiers guilty of raping and torturing Muslim women and girls. It also convicted two of the three men of enslaving their captives, the first time that an international tribunal has prosecuted and condemned sexual slavery.

New York Times
Jan 20, 2001 Kostunica Faces Test Over Extradition of Serbs for War Crimes

QUOTE: Carla Del Ponte, a former Swiss judicial investigator, said she will hand Kostunica a partial list of the tribunal's secret indictments for crimes committed during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. At the top of the list is a Serb who she said lives openly in Yugoslavia.

Washington Post