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Jul 03, 2016 Fair Play in a Fact-Challenged Political Landscape (Mediator)

QUOTE: Mr. Lewandowski’s hiring represents a signal moment in political journalism’s evolving embrace of political operatives: A major mainstream news organization is using a commentator who is legally prohibited from sharing the unvarnished truth on the subject — Mr. Trump — he was hired to talk about.

New York Times
May 06, 2014 Hungary and the End of Politics How Victor Orbán launched a constitutional coup and created a one-party state.

QUOTE: What is clear is that with his re-election, Orbán has consolidated a well-orchestrated constitutional coup that has rattled the European Union’s complacency about being a club of well-behaved democracies. Since 2010, Fidesz has rewritten the Constitution without engaging any opposition parties and has granted overwhelming and unchecked power to its party leader, who in turn wasted little time in wresting control of every state institution from opposition hands, entrenching his political allies everywhere, bringing the judiciary to heel and radically centralizing political authority. The Fidesz constitutional “reform” has spawned a Frankenstate, a form of government created by stitching together perfectly normal rules from the laws of various EU members into a monstrous new whole.

Sep 30, 2013 Snowden says his “sole intention” was to prompt national security debate: Whistleblower advocate reads statement on Snowden's behalf before EU committee.

QUOTE: “I thank the European Parliament and the LIBE [Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs] Committee for taking up the challenge of mass surveillance,” said Jesselyn Radack, who read the statement for Snowden.

Ars Technica
Jul 08, 2013 Spaniards Fight to Get Savings Back

QUOTE: ...300,000 Spaniards who, in the midst of a brutal recession, have seen their life savings virtually wiped out in what critics call a deceptive and possibly fraudulent sales campaign by banks that were threatened by the implosion of Spain’s property market....were easily misled when bank officials hit on the idea of raising capital and cleaning debts off their books by getting people with savings accounts to invest in their banks instead.

New York Times
Feb 20, 2013 Trial Offers Rare Look at Work of Hezbollah in Europe

QUOTE: less than two weeks after he was taken into custody, a bomb blew up alongside a bus at the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria, killing five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian driver — an attack similar to the one he seemed to be planning, experts say, and one that the Bulgarian authorities later tied to Hezbollah.....significance for the European Union, which has thus far resisted following Washington’s lead in declaring the group a terrorist organization.

New York Times
Jan 03, 2013 Was The FTC Too Easy On Google? Too Hard? FTC will not take action on search practices

QUOTE: the FTC finally made an announcement regarding its investigation of Google for alleged anticompetitive conduct. The investigation is now closed. The Commission will not be pursing antitrust litigation, and Google escaped without fines, and will make some minor voluntary changes regarding its search business.... Google has agreed to change some of the business practices to resolve the FTC’s concerns including those related to patents and what the FTC alls its “misuse of patent protection to prevent competition.”

Jan 23, 2012 Europe Weighs Tough Law on Online Privacy

QUOTE: Europe is considering a sweeping new law that would force Internet companies like and Facebook to obtain explicit consent from consumers about the use of their personal data, delete that data forever at the consumer’s request and face fines for failing to comply.

New York Times
Dec 21, 2011 Foes of Hungary’s Government Fear ‘Demolition of Democracy’

QUOTE: Democracy here is dying not with a single giant blow but with many small cuts, critics say, through the legal processes of Parliament that add up to a slow-motion coup. And in its drift toward authoritarian government, aided by popular disaffection with political gridlock and a public focused mainly on economic hardship, Hungary stands as a potentially troubling bellwether for other, struggling Eastern European countries with weak traditions of democratic government.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2011 Greece and Italy Seek a Solution From Technocrats

QUOTE: The question now, in both Italy and Greece, is whether the technocrats can succeed where elected leaders failed — whether pressure from the European Union backed by the whip of the financial markets will be enough to dislodge the entrenched cultures of political patronage that experts largely blame for the slow growth and financial crises that plague both countries.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2011 Europe Agrees to Basics of Plan to Resolve Euro Crisis

QUOTE: European leaders, in a significant step toward resolving the euro zone financial crisis, early Thursday morning obtained an agreement from banks to take a 50 percent loss on the face value of their Greek debt.

New York Times
Jul 23, 2011 Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe

QUOTE: The success of populist parties appealing to a sense of lost national identity has brought criticism of minorities, immigrants and in particular Muslims out of the beer halls and Internet chat rooms and into mainstream politics. While the parties themselves generally do not condone violence, some experts say a climate of hatred in the political discourse has encouraged violent individuals.

New York Times
Jun 22, 2011 Some Greeks Fear Government Is Selling Nation

QUOTE: “But at these extremely low levels, especially for those companies quoted on the stock exchange, we have to be very wary,” he added. “If we go by today’s values, as a result of the recession and the crisis the country finds itself in, it will be really selling the crown jewels at a pittance of their cost.” Mr. Papandreou’s government has not managed to make a convincing case for the sell-off to many Greeks, where the idea of a fire sale has taken hold, setting off a wave of national indignation.

New York Times
May 31, 2011 ‘Frozen Conflict’ Between Azerbaijan and Armenia Begins to Boil

QUOTE: Since the early 1990s, Azerbaijan has been trying to regain control of Nagorno-Karabakh, a predominantly ethnic Armenian enclave within its borders, and secure the return of ethnic Azeris who were forced from their homes by war. A cease-fire has held since 1994...

New York Times
May 25, 2011 Chasing Riches From Africa to Europe and Finding Only Squalor

QUOTE: Experts say thousands more — many of whom have been moving around North Africa trying to get to Europe for years, including Somalis, Eritreans, Senegalese and Nigerians — are likely to follow, sure that a better life awaits them. But for Mr. Jallow and for many others who arrived before them, often after days at sea without food or water, Europe has offered hardships they never imagined.

New York Times
May 23, 2011 In Europe, Rifts Widen Over Greece

QUOTE: Fissures among Europe’s currency partners are becoming even deeper and more widespread than was previously evident, raising new doubts about whether the group can resolve the regional debt crisis that has simmered for more than a year.

New York Times
Mar 20, 2011 In Britain, Curbing Lawsuits Over Libel

QUOTE: “The government’s draft defamation bill is a big step forward toward ending the practice of libel tourism, which has led our courts to silence free speech around the world,” said John Kampfner, chief executive of Index on Censorship. “But without action to reduce the cost of a libel trial, reform will protect the free speech of some, but costs will silence others.”

New York Times
Oct 27, 2010 Satisfied with Google's promise to restrain Street View, FTC drops privacy-breach probe

QUOTE: The federal government has ended an inquiry into a privacy breach involving Google's Street View service, satisfied with the company's pledge to stop gathering e-mail, passwords and other information from residential WiFi networks as it rolls through neighborhoods.

Washington Post
May 21, 2010 Stocks plummet as Germany gets tough on financial speculators

QUOTE: A German crackdown on financial speculators threw global markets into a tailspin Thursday, sparking the largest losses on Wall Street in a year, infuriating other European powers as they try to stabilize the ailing euro and raising questions about the ability of world leaders to coordinate their efforts at financial reform.

Washington Post
May 19, 2010 An Old Chip Cartel Case Is Brought to a Swift End

QUOTE: The European Union fined a group of computer chip makers 331.3 million euros ($409 million) on Wednesday for price fixing in the first use of a new procedure that allows settlement of cartel cases in Europe.

New York Times
May 15, 2010 Google Data Admission Angers European Officials

QUOTE: European privacy regulators and advocates reacted angrily Saturday to the disclosure by Google, the world’s largest search engine, that it had systematically collected private data since 2006 while compiling its Street View photo archive.

New York Times
May 09, 2010 Lebanon claims latest title in 'Hummus War'

QUOTE: Yet, in spite of their shared appreciation, the origin of [hummus] is a source of heated debate with the Lebanese claiming ownership and Israelis denying that they have exclusive rights to the name.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 30, 2010 The Bitter Pills in the Plan to Rescue Greece

QUOTE: Racing to secure financial aid and avoid a debt default, the Greek government has agreed to austerity measures totaling 24 billion euros (about $32 billion) that will include cutting some workers’ pay and some public sector jobs as well as opening up parts of the economy, Greek officials said Friday.

New York Times
Apr 22, 2010 Is Google the new Rome? Cloud computing may be leading to a federation-like worldview on data management, but national laws will be a major obstacle

QUOTE: Google's Rome-like worldview extends to how it will treat the location of customer data. Google is not offering U.S. businesses any specific assurance that their data will be stored in a U.S.-based data center.

Apr 01, 2010 Serbia’s Honest Apology

QUOTE: The resolution, therefore, is a political landmark. And even if it fails to mention “genocide,” it makes it still harder to insist that the massacre never happened or that the number of victims has been grossly inflated. Yet the Serbian government finds itself caught in a position of being damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

New York Times
Sep 26, 2009 Smuggling Europe’s Waste to Poorer Countries

QUOTE: Because of Europe’s new environmental laws, it is four times as expensive to incinerate trash in the Netherlands as to put it — illegally — on a boat to China.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2009 W.T.O. Says Aid to Airbus for A380 Was Illegal

QUOTE: A preliminary report by the World Trade Organization has found that Airbus received illegal subsidies for the $13 billion A380 superjumbo jet and several other airplanes, hurting Boeing in the battle for sales...

New York Times
Sep 04, 2009 Ethics scrutiny needed for Chinese–European projects: Panel calls for joint advisory body to monitor research.

QUOTE: Biomedical research collaborations between Europe and China need greater ethical oversight to combat unregulated stem-cell therapies and prevent the exploitation of clinical-trial participants.

Aug 31, 2009 Europe’s Ban on Old-Style Bulbs Begins

QUOTE: Restrictions on the sale of incandescent bulbs begin going into effect across most of Europe on Tuesday in the continent’s latest effort to get people to save energy and combat global warming. But even advocates concede the change is proving problematic.

New York Times
Aug 27, 2009 Italian Regulators Investigating Google

QUOTE: Italian competition authorities said Thursday that they were investigating Google, following complaints from publishers that the company was abusing its dominant position on the Internet to deny them a fair share of online advertising revenue.

New York Times
Aug 07, 2009 EC criticized for conduct during Intel investigation

QUOTE: Did the European Commission overlook some evidence during its antitrust investigation of Intel that might have influenced the outcome of the decision, which went against the chipmaker?

Ars Technica
Jul 16, 2009 A stacked deck: Online gambling in Europe

QUOTE: he European Union’s supposed single market, which the commission polices, is fractured over the issue [on-line gambling].

Jul 16, 2009 European Subsidies Stray From the Farm

QUOTE: it [computer analysis] also showed that hundreds of millions of euros [for farm subsidies] are being paid to individuals and companies with little or no connection to traditional farming.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2009 Europe Is Studying Delays in Access to Generic Drugs

QUOTE: Europe’s antitrust regulator took aim at drug companies in France, Israel, India and the United States on Wednesday after a lengthy inquiry into practices that it claimed kept low-cost medicines from reaching consumers quickly.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2009 European Publishers Call on E.U. to Protect Copyright

QUOTE: Leading European newspaper and magazine publishers on Thursday called on the European Commission to strengthen copyright protection... The publishers said widespread use of their work by online news aggregators and other Web sites was undermining their efforts to develop an online business models...

New York Times
Jun 23, 2009 U.S. Slams China on Exports

QUOTE: The U.S. and the European Union on June 23 formally accused China of illegally hampering exports of raw materials in order to benefit its own manufacturers....U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said he has asked the World Trade Organization to step in and resolve the issue after two years of unsuccessful U.S. attempts to persuade China to "lift these unfair trade restrictions" on nine raw materials used in the making of steel, aluminum, and chemicals."

May 31, 2009 Media Cache: The Scoop That Changed Parliament, and News

QUOTE: “When papers pay for documentary information it is very different to paying for an interview, where money can encourage overstatement and even falsehood,” wrote Roy Greenslade, a media commentator...”

New York Times
May 17, 2009 After a Sensational Crime, a Trial Marked by Quiet

QUOTE: ...[the] French are essentially unable to follow the courtroom drama [of a high profile murder case] because of a law that bans the public and the media from trials that involve minors.

New York Times
Dec 09, 2008 Microsoft Offers to Reduce Search Data in Europe

QUOTE: In the debate about data retention, the Internet companies have said that records of past searches help them enhance the performance of their search engines. Privacy advocates say the companies are also using the data to compile behavioral profiles on users, which are then used to target advertising, the main source of revenue.

New York Times
Nov 28, 2008 Legal Hurdles in West Slow Pursuit of Pirates

QUOTE: bureaucratic and legal hurdles facing international institutions and national governments have so far defeated most efforts to deal with the nimble crews of pirates in speedboats....But some legal experts in Germany said that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and an existing United Nations mandate to combat Somali piracy already provided all the legal cover necessary for muscular action against the pirates.

New York Times
Jul 08, 2008 Europe Debates Perfection It Demands of Its Produce

QUOTE: Had enough? So has the European Commission's agriculture commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel of Denmark. She proposes scrapping all but 10 of the regulations, arguing that they are needlessly cumbersome and bureaucratic, and that they lead to people throwing away perfectly edible fruits and vegetables for cosmetic reasons at a time when the world is suffering food shortages and rapid price increases. She hopes representatives from the 27-nation bloc will vote to streamline the regulations at a meeting this month.

Washington Post
Jun 19, 2008 E.U. Moves to Standardize Immigrant Policy: Illegal Residents Could Be Jailed for as Long as 18 Months Pending Deportation

QUOTE: The European Parliament approved new rules Wednesday designed to standardize the dramatic differences in member countries' treatment of illegal immigrants, whose presence is one of the most heated political issues in Europe today.

Washington Post
May 29, 2008 Ex-EADS Chief Detained in Inquiry

QUOTE: In the insider trading case, regulators and judicial officials are investigating the possibility that as many as 17 executives of Airbus and EADS knew as early as June 2005 that development costs and production delays at Airbus would lead to a decline in profit.

New York Times
Nov 28, 2007 China Rejects Europe’s Call for Currency to Rise Faster

QUOTE: The European Union, China’s biggest trading partner, accuses Beijing of holding the yuan at an artificially low level to assist Chinese exporters, contributing to the trade imbalance. China’s surplus is forecast to widen 30 percent this year, to 170 billion euros, ($252 billion).

New York Times
Nov 14, 2007 Mentally Ill in Serbia Are Abused, Report Says

QUOTE: In the report, which is expected to be read closely by European Union officials who are assessing Serbia’s readiness to join the 27-member bloc, researchers concluded that “filthy conditions, contagious diseases, lack of medical care and rehabilitation and a failure to provide oversight renders placement in a Serbian institution life-threatening.”

New York Times
Nov 12, 2007 Panel Decries Terrorism Blacklist Process: U.N., E.U. Methods Violate Basic Human Rights Principles, European Committee Says

QUOTE: The methods used by the United Nations and the European Union for blacklisting terrorism suspects are "totally arbitrary" and "violate the fundamental principles of human rights and rule of law," a European human rights panel said Monday.

Washington Post
Oct 23, 2007 Court Strikes Down ‘Volkswagen Law’

QUOTE: Striking down one of Europe’s most visible symbols of economic protectionism, the European Court of Justice ruled today that a German law shielding Volkswagen from a hostile takeover illegally restricts the free flow of capital within Europe.

New York Times
Oct 05, 2007 New Union, Old Prejudices: The plan was to rid Italy’s streets of squeegee people and panhandlers. What went wrong—and what it says about the country’s attitude toward the nomads known as Roma.

QUOTE: In recent weeks Italy has declared itself under siege by the people they call zingari and sinti, pejorative local terms for Roma, who also sometimes call themselves gypsies. Headlines from the leading newspaper, Corriere della Sera, scream about “The Invasion of Nomads,” Rome’s daily Il Messegero begs “Help!” and La Repubblica complains on its front page, “There Are Too Many! Rom Emergency.”

Sep 18, 2007 Microsoft Ruling May Bode Ill for Other Companies

QUOTE: Software and legal experts said the European ruling might signal problems for companies like Apple, Intel and Qualcomm, whose market dominance in online music downloads, computer chips and mobile phone technology is also being scrutinized by the European Commission.

New York Times
Aug 10, 2007 Gaddafi's Son: Bulgarians Were Tortured: Statement Confirms in Part Allegations Made by Six Released Medical Workers

QUOTE: Six Bulgarian medical workers imprisoned on charges of infecting children with the HIV virus were tortured by electric shock during their captivity, the son of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi told al-Jazeera television.

Washington Post
Aug 01, 2007 The Politics of Blackmail

QUOTE: The cosmopolitan son of Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi is surprisingly frank about the Middle East and his former pariah state’s nukes-for-prisoners deal with France.


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