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May 18, 2006 Does Higher Per-Pupil Spending Guarantee Success? The Numbers Say No

QUOTE: As county governments in Northern Virginia continue finalizing their number always stands out: their school divisions' cost per can be difficult or unfair to compare districts whose sizes differ by magnitudes.

Washington Post
May 17, 2006 Promoting Special Education in Catholic School

QUOTE: Unlike the public school system, Catholic schools are not required by law to provide special education services...Patricia A. Weitzel-O'Neill... "Some schools have been able to serve those children. We'd like to do this in more of our schools, but in order to do that we need resources."

Washington Post
May 13, 2006 Mandel Broke U-Md. System Ethics Rules, Review Finds

QUOTE: Former Maryland governor Marvin Mandel has violated the Maryland university system's ethics policy by profiting from work as a lobbyist while serving as a regent...

Washington Post
May 04, 2006 Professors want their classes 'unwired'

QUOTE: A growing number of professors now want computers - not just the Internet - out of class... Supporters of computers in the classroom emphasize useful ways that computers can be used in class, such as a program that lets professors ask questions of students and receive responses electronically to see how well they understand a lecture.

Christian Science Monitor
May 02, 2006 College's Ex-President Pleads Guilty to Fraud

QUOTE: The former president of Morris Brown College, a historic black school in Atlanta, pleaded guilty yesterday to embezzling millions of dollars in federal funds from the government and students, the climax of a financial debacle that caused the school to lose its accreditation.

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2006 Students weigh in on closing the gap

QUOTE: At some schools...students say they hadn't been counseled about the SAT before 12th grade. In other parts of the county, it's routine to start prepping much earlier. That delay "cheats the student out of an opportunity they could have had for college,"

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 03, 2006 Area Families Pinched as Private Tuitions Top $26,000

QUOTE: Tuition at some of the region's elite private schools will exceed $26,000 this fall, sparking new worries about how to attract middle- and low-income students and recruit more minorities...families that used to be donors in addition to paying tuition are now seeking financial aid for their children.

Washington Post
Mar 24, 2006 College Board Acknowledges More SAT Scoring Errors

QUOTE: an additional 27,000 SAT tests from the October exam had not been rescanned for errors.The announcement was the third admission in two weeks by the testing organization of potential errors and underreported scores.

Washington Post
Feb 19, 2006 Student scolded over plagiarism accusation

QUOTE: An official at Argosy University-Chicago has been accused of plagiarizing her doctoral research project... But instead of punishing the official, the school moved to dismiss the student who accused her, in part because the student pushed the allegations.

Chicago Sun-Times
Feb 04, 2006 Failing Students Spell Profit for Some Schools: One couple built a lucrative business using state funding to provide dropouts with classes that could -- but often don't -- lead to diplomas.

QUOTE: In the Halls' two charter school operations — the nonprofit Options for Youth and the for-profit Opportunities for Learning — students work independently, completing assignments at home and typically meeting with a teacher just two hours a week. The state's dropout crisis has given rise to many schools like theirs, publicly funded programs offering alternate routes to graduation.

Los Angeles Times
Feb 02, 2006 Easing the burden of school fees in Africa

QUOTE: Although South African law says that no student should be denied an education and that impoverished students should be exempt from paying fees, children's advocates say that schools often do not understand or follow these regulations.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 13, 2005 Class Focus: It's Not Just Poor Students Who Need Attention

QUOTE: So much of the focus in public schools today is on bringing along underperforming low-income and minority kids...If that's where virtually all of a school's energy is going, then can a school...with many poor kids...who are far behind their middle-class counterparts academically, meet these students' needs without selling middle-class kids short?

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2005 Visit over?: Tulane beckons, students balk

QUOTE: In late August, UVA welcomed them with open arms: more than 150 university students, many of them freshman, displaced from their Gulf Coast schools by Hurricane Katrina. Now, after a semester as "visiting students," taking classes and making friends, some of those students want to remain at UVA. But the welcome mat, it seems, is no longer out.

Oct 28, 2005 Evolution Debate in Kansas Spurs Battle Over School Materials: Teaching of Theory's Doubts Spurs National Academy of Sciences, Teachers Association to Bar Use of Curriculum Guidelines

QUOTE: the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association announced...they will not allow Kansas to use key science education materials developed by the two organizations. The refusal came after the groups...concluded that they overemphasize uncertainties about the theory of evolution...

Washington Post
Oct 19, 2005 College costs continue to go up

QUOTE: this annual escalation of college costs is just not sustainable, and it's resulting in students' having to take on ever-increasing debt loads...two-thirds of students attending four-year colleges today have taken on student loan debt.
Oct 14, 2005 When students get rowdy, should colleges step in?: University of Rhode Island is latest to extend disciplinary reach over student behavior.

QUOTE: ... the debate is intensifying now that schools have been held liable for alcohol-related accidents off campus and have faced more demands from communities that they clamp down on raucous behavior - from late-night parties to rioting after sports events.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 09, 2005 AU Scandal Atypical in Post-Enron Era, College Presidents Say

QUOTE: Despite Ladner's explanation that much of the spending was business-related, school administrators scoffed at the notion that a president has to spend tens of thousands of dollars to raise money.

Washington Post
Oct 06, 2005 Justices Hear Special-Ed Case: Supreme Court Appears to Concur With Montgomery Schools

QUOTE: ...questions and comments from the justices during the one-hour hearing strongly implied that most of the court agrees with the school system -- which maintains that the burden of proof should be on those trying to show that officials' plans are flawed.

Washington Post
Sep 27, 2005 Pa. Case Is Newest Round in Evolution Debate:'Intelligent Design' Teaching Challenged

QUOTE: Eleven parents from Dover, in central Pennsylvania, are seeking to block their school board from requiring that high school biology teachers read a four-paragraph statement to students that casts doubt on Darwin's theory of evolution.

Washington Post
Aug 11, 2005 Getting an online degree

QUOTE: industry watchers warn that consumers looking for credible credits on the Internet need to be cautious.
Aug 11, 2005 Cutting the cost of college incidentals

QUOTE: The semester-after-semester tuition bills are just a beginning...But there are make sure that you aren't spending more than you have to...
Aug 11, 2005 9 things you should know about work-study

QUOTE: Weighing the work-study option? It's a great way to get money for school without any repayment worries. But if your schedule's tight, it's also one more obligation.
Jun 15, 2005 Teacher Gifts Run the Gamut -- But No More Mugs, Please

QUOTE: The school year is winding down and kids aren't the only ones finishing big projects and taking major tests. Parents face their own tricky final exam question: What is the proper end-of-the-year gesture for their child's teacher?

Washington Post
Jun 14, 2005 Where Some Give Credit, Others Say It's Not Due

QUOTE: While tests demanded by the No Child Left Behind law measure each school's and each student's progress on the same scale, it is the report cards that students and parents care about most. And report cards are still based, as they have been for generations, on conflicting rules and personal assumptions made by individual teachers.

Washington Post
Jun 06, 2005 Conservatives see liberal bias in class - and mobilize: Complaints that teachers push liberal ideology are trickling down from college campuses to the K-12 level

QUOTE: Students in primary and secondary schools tend to feel "intimidated," due to the "imbalance of power" in the classroom,... [Students] are not really going to want to rock the boat even if they disagree with what the teacher is saying."

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 05, 2005 A's for Everyone!: In an era of rampant grade inflation, some college students find it shocking to discover there are 26 letters in the alphabet

QUOTE: "The students were relentless. During the spring semester, they showed up at my office to insist I reread their papers and boost their grades. They asked to retake tests they hadn't done well on. They bombarded me with e-mails questioning grades."

May 29, 2005 No Merit in These Scholarships

QUOTE: Over the last few decades, an increasing number have been offering significant aid based only on merit, without regard to a family's resources. In pursuit of class averages that will support a strong national ranking, these schools are essentially buying better students.

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2004 High Achievers Leaving Schools Behind: Transfers in Fairfax and Elsewhere Were Meant for Struggling Students

QUOTE: The legislation is intended to give struggling students the chance to move from high-poverty, low-performing schools, but Fairfax school officials have found that the students who take the transfers generally aren't the ones who need extra help.

Washington Post
Nov 09, 2004 Drinking Deaths Draw Attention to Old Campus Problem

QUOTE: Experts say that these deaths represent just a fraction of the problem of binge drinking on college campuses...less studied or publicized were the many college students who did survive near-lethal intoxication after being rushed to emergency rooms by friends.

New York Times
Sep 05, 2004 Good Schools or Bad? Conflicting Ratings Leave Parents Baffled

QUOTE: School ratings issued under the terms of the president's No Child Left Behind law have clashed with school report card systems administered by some states, leaving parents unsure which level of government to believe...

New York Times
Aug 29, 2004 U.S. Cutting Back on Details in Data About Charter Schools

QUOTE: The Department of Education is sharply cutting back on the information it collects about charter schools...Education researchers who focus on charter schools...said the change would limit what they could learn about charter schools at a pivotal moment in their growth.

New York Times
Aug 29, 2004 Officials Unraveling Woes of Texas Schools

QUOTE: When they talk about mismanagement and poor leadership, why is it that it always happens in predominantly minority school districts?

New York Times
Aug 23, 2004 Dealing With Depression: Mental health has become a big topic at schools. Suicides and litigation have forced the issue. What students and parents must know

QUOTE: ...more than 40 percent of students reported feeling "so depressed it was difficult to function" at least once during the year. Thirty percent identified themselves as suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression...there's also concern that colleges aren't dealing with the problem adequately.

Aug 11, 2004 10 Things Your Child's Tutoring Service Won't Tell You

QUOTE: While schools must now meet federally mandated standards, these criteria don't apply to supplemental education companies. "You could end up with an excellent tutor who put up a flier at the grocery store, or a crummy tutor from a national organization..."

Smart Money
Jul 17, 2004 New York City Will Limit Chance to Leave Failing Schools

QUOTE: New York City, which last year allowed every child who wished to transfer out of a failing school to do so, will drastically reduce the number of students allowed to move this year...Some critics said early on that New York City risked harming its better schools in allowing so many students in them.

New York Times
Jan 14, 2004 10 Things College Financial Aid Offices Won't Tell You

QUOTE: At first glance, the amount of financial aid available to students seems like a gold mine...Problem is, you'll need a treasure map to find your share. The bewildering aid-application process stumps thousands of families each year, leaving many to pay more tuition than they have to.

Smart Money
Nov 15, 2003 Girls' Buss Causes Fuss at School and in Media

QUOTE: Now a Howard County high school has seen senior Katherine Pecore and junior Stephanie Haaser lock lips on top of a lunch table. The result? Two-day suspensions, a school protest and 15 minutes of fame.

Washington Post
Aug 12, 2003 10 Things Your Private School Won't Tell You

QUOTE: But just because private schools are becoming more popular, don't assume they've become more selective.

Smart Money
May 19, 2003 Diversity Or Division On Campus? Minority Graduation Galas Highlight a Timely Issue

ABSTRACT: According to some officials at the University of Pennsylvania, racially and ethnically themed graduation ceremonies help foster cultural connections and instill confidence in minority students. Critics, however, see these separate ceremonies as a manifestation of self-segregation.

May 19, 2003 Sit In for School Equality

ABSTRACT: American public schools are largely separate and unequal segregating students on the basis of race and resources.

Apr 26, 2003 Writing in Schools Is Found Both Dismal and Neglected

QUOTE: The commission's report asserts that writing is among the most important skills students can learn, that it is the mechanism through which they learn to connect the dots in their knowledge — and that it is now woefully ignored in most American schools.

Mar 06, 2003 ACLU-Backed Case Challenges U-Md.'s 'Free Speech Zones': Limit on Discourse Called Too Broad

QUOTE: A local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is suing the University of Maryland for allegedly violating students' right to free expression by restricting public speaking and leafleting to two specific locations on campus.

Jan 30, 2003 Ah, Love, Let Us Be True, or at Least Be Accurate

QUOTE: accounts reported that Regents exams had sanitized many famous writers, including cutting out references to Jews and Gentiles...officials promised to end the practice. But the August exam changed the words of several writers...

Oct 10, 2002 MIT tries free Web education

QUOTE: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has decided to publish online all its course materials--a $107,840 value.

May 21, 2002 ACLU Endorses Repeal of Unfair Financial Aid Denials;

QUOTE: "Rather than allowing them to better themselves through education, this misguided legislation tragically strips away their future potential."

May 01, 2002 Federal Agencies Release First Annual Report to Congress On College Scholarship Fraud

QUOTE: ...a substantial amount of fraud occurs in offering college education assistance...

Jul 08, 2001 Teachers Mull Paper-swapping

QUOTE: ...the Supreme Court has agreed to decide if swapping papers to correct them violates students' privacy rights.

Washington Post
Apr 01, 2000 Ten Things the College-Prep Industry Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Every year thousands of parents shell out big bucks to private college counselors...the counselor at your teenager's high school would probably give you the same advice -- free of charge.

Smart Money
May 01, 1999 Ouch! Students Getting Stung

QUOTE: their efforts to pay the bills, many...are falling prey to scholarship and financial aid scams.

Jan 01, 1999 Ten Things Private Schools Won't Tell You

QUOTE: parents, disillusioned with public schools, are sending their kids to private schools in record numbers...f you're thinking of sending your kid to a private school because she'll have a better chance of getting into Princeton, think again...

Smart Money

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