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Mar 08, 2012 Online, a Distant Conflict Soars to Topic No. 1

QUOTE: in a testament to the explosive power of social media, he managed to do so in a matter of days, baffling diplomats, academics and Ugandans who have worked assiduously on the issue for decades without anything close to the blitz of attention that Mr. Russell and his tight-knit group of activists have generated....many viewers had never heard of Mr. Kony or his murderous band of fighters until seeing the video by Mr. Russell’s group, Invisible Children, pop up in their Facebook feeds.

New York Times
Feb 25, 2011 Rapes are Reported in Eastern Congo

QUOTE: “It is used by belligerent parties against civilians, as a weapon of war.” Mr. Giuliano added, “Most of the rapes are committed by opposition groups, and while we call on all to respect civilians, only an end to the conflict can realistically end their plight.”

New York Times
Dec 21, 2010 African Farmers Displaced as Investors Move In

QUOTE: Across Africa and the developing world, a new global land rush is gobbling up large expanses of arable land. Despite their ageless traditions, stunned villagers are discovering that African governments typically own their land and have been leasing it, often at bargain prices, to private investors and foreign governments for decades to come.

New York Times
Jun 11, 2010 To Save Africa, Reject Its Nations

QUOTE: Buttressed by the legality and impunity that international sovereignty conferred upon their actions, too many of Africa’s politicians and officials twisted the normal activities of a state beyond recognition, transforming mundane tasks like policing, lawmaking and taxation into weapons of extortion.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2010 Ending the Slavery Blame-Game

QUOTE: how to parcel out blame to those directly involved in the capture and sale of human beings for immense economic gain. While we are all familiar with the role played by the United States and the European colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain, there is very little discussion of the role Africans themselves played.

New York Times
Nov 19, 2009 Democracy under threat: Congo's constitution

QUOTE: In the past three years the 38-year-old president [of Congo, Joseph Kabila] has shown increasingly little interest in living up to the democratic promise that impressed the West when he won at the polls in 2006.

Aug 04, 2009 Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims

QUOTE: For years, the thickly forested hills and clear, deep lakes of eastern Congo have been a reservoir of atrocities. Now, it seems, there is another growing problem: men raping men.

New York Times
Nov 15, 2007 African Crucible: Cast as Witches, Then Cast Out

QUOTE: In parts of Angola, Congo and the Congo Republic, a surprising number of children are accused of being witches, and then are beaten, abused or abandoned. Child advocates estimate that thousands of children living in the streets of Kinshasa, Congo’s capital, have been accused of witchcraft and cast out by their families, often as a rationale for not having to feed or care for them.

New York Times
Nov 04, 2007 The Orphans Who Didn’t Need Saving

QUOTE: But the scandal involving the French charity, Zoé’s Ark, is tangled in an even more complicated web, a modern one of apparently good intentions gone awry and of the perceived exploitation of the suffering of vulnerable people, and a profound cultural misunderstanding.

New York Times
Oct 24, 2007 Atrocities in East Congo Attributed to All Parties: Fighters Routinely Terrorize Civilians, Report Says

QUOTE: A variety of armed groups, including the Congolese military, have routinely terrorized civilians across eastern Congo in the past year, with killings, massacres, rapes, abductions, looting and other brutalities perpetrated by all parties in the conflict, according to a report released Tuesday by New York-based Human Rights Watch.

Washington Post
Oct 07, 2007 Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War

QUOTE: Eastern Congo is going through another one of its convulsions of violence, and this time it seems that women are being systematically attacked on a scale never before seen here. According to the United Nations, 27,000 sexual assaults were reported in 2006 in South Kivu Province alone, and that may be just a fraction of the total number across the country.

New York Times
Sep 19, 2007 Ranks of child soldiers swell again in Congo: Fresh fighting in the east has ended a three-year lull in using child fighters

QUOTE: But a recent bout of fighting – a tangled conflict of local ethnic militias, Rwandan rebels, and the Congolese Army – is putting that progress at risk. Untold hundreds and even thousands of young boys and girls are being forced to rejoin the fight, or to fight for the first time in a war that few of them understand.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 06, 2007 For Tutsis of Eastern Congo, Protector, Exploiter or Both?

QUOTE: U.N. officials blame the general [Laurent Nkunda] for forcing an estimated 230,000 people from their homes since January and creating the worst humanitarian disaster Congo has experienced since the peak of its decade of civil war…But Nkunda… says he is fighting for a cause greater than himself…

Washington Post
Jul 23, 2007 Pakistani Forces in Congo Aided Gold Smugglers, the U.N. Finds: Rights Group Alleges Direct Involvement by the Peacekeepers

QUOTE: Pakistani peacekeepers serving under the U.N. flag "aided and abetted" a network of Kenyan businessmen smuggling gold from a mine in eastern Congo, providing them with food, housing, transportation and security...

Washington Post
Feb 07, 2007 U.S. Declines to Join Accord on Secret Detentions: 58 Nations Sign Separate Pact On Child Soldiers

QUOTE: Representatives from 57 countries on Tuesday signed a long-negotiated treaty prohibiting governments from holding people in secret detention. The United States declined to endorse the document, saying its text did not meet U.S. expectations.

Washington Post
Jan 30, 2007 Court Orders Trial for Congolese Warlord Accused of Conscripting Children

QUOTE: The International Criminal Court ruled Monday that Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, charged with recruiting child soldiers as young as 10 and sending them into battle, will be the first defendant to face trial at the newly established court.

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2006 In Congo, superstitions breed homeless children: The number of street children in Congo's capital has swelled to around 20,000. Many have been shunned as 'witches.'

QUOTE: Peace has brought its own challenges, as refugee families flow into the capital, Kinshasa, and find they cannot feed themselves. Out of survival, many are using witchcraft as an excuse to expel their most vulnerable members: children.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 12, 2006 Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo: Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo

QUOTE: Perhaps more so than any of the 400 other ethnic groups in Congo, Pygmies have historically been ostracized or romanticized for their traditions, and cut off from education, health care and any legal means of securing land they have inhabited for centuries in the forests.

Washington Post
Apr 27, 2003 In War-Riddled Congo, Militias Rape with Impunity

QUOTE: As the five-year conflict rages on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women and girls continue be sexually assaulted by members of the many warring militias, the majority of whom are infected with HIV/AIDS.

Women's eNews