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Dec 06, 2014 Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

QUOTE: unprecedented, secretive alliance that Mr. Pruitt and other Republican attorneys general have formed with some of the nation’s top energy producers to push back against the Obama regulatory agenda...Attorneys general in at least a dozen states are working with energy companies and other corporate interests, which in turn are providing them with record amounts of money for their political campaigns, including at least $16 million this year. They share a common philosophy about the reach of the federal government, but the companies also have billions of dollars at stake.

New York Times
Jun 29, 2011 Mine Owners Misled Inspectors, Investigators Say

QUOTE: Federal investigators said Wednesday that Massey Energy, the owner of the West Virginia mine where 29 men were killed in an explosion last year, misled government inspectors by keeping accounts of hazardous conditions out of official record books where inspectors would see them.

New York Times
Apr 17, 2011 You Get the Judges You Pay For

QUOTE: An ugly, expensive campaign for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is but the latest example of what is now common in judicial elections: millions of dollars in misleading television ads, subsidized by lobbies that have cases before the bench.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2009 West Virginia sues Comcast over cable box tying

QUOTE: most service providers push their customers into renting the [cable] box from them, which ensures an additional revenue stream that easily surpasses the volume pricing they pay for it.... But efforts to divorce the service from its receiver may have gotten a big boost last week when the state of West Virginia filed a similar suit, alleging it's an illegal tying of services.

Ars Technica
Mar 03, 2009 Should judges step aside when campaign cash is involved? A West Virginia case before the US Supreme Court could clarify when judges must recuse themselves.

QUOTE: At issue is whether a newly elected justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals should have stepped aside in a case involving a coal company executive who spent $3 million to help defeat the former occupant of that justice's seat on the state high court.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 22, 2008 University Investigates Whether Governor’s Daughter Earned Degree

QUOTE:Officials at the college, West Virginia University, have been accused of rewriting records last fall to document that Ms. Bresch had earned an executive master of business administration degree in 1998. An investigation by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette concluded that she had completed only 22 of the required 48 credit hours.

New York Times
Dec 01, 2006 Medicaid Plan Prods Patients Toward Health

QUOTE: "Under a reorganized schedule of aid, the state, hoping for savings over time, plans to reward “responsible” patients with significant extra benefits or — as critics describe it — punish those who do not join weight-loss or antismoking programs, or who miss too many appointments, by denying important services."

New York Times
Aug 23, 2006 Debate grows on out-of-wedlock laws: Some 1.6 million Americans in seven states are breaking old anticohabitation rules.

QUOTE: In North Carolina, a state judge in July ruled unconstitutional a law that states it's illegal for unmarried couples to live together...Yet the debate about whether the laws should continue to exist is a flash point between secularists and traditional Christians over the definition of a family.

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 17, 2006 Agency Sues Mining Company in Wake of Fire

QUOTE: The civil suit, filed in a Federal District Court in West Virginia, describes a "broad refusal" by the company, Massey Energy, to turn over documents concerning management authority, ventilation, previous fires, construction projects and other matters at the Aracoma mine near Melville, W.Va.

New York Times
Jun 12, 2006 States' Changes Reshape Medicaid: New Restrictions Aim to Save Money

QUOTE: The emerging shape of Medicaid represents a victory for governors...who argued for years that states deserved more control over the program so it would place less strain on their budgets. Some patients advocates, however, warn that the vulnerable patients Medicaid was designed to help will be less certain to get the health care they need.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2006 Sago Puts Spotlight On Safety Strategy: U.S. Mine Agency Issues Citations, but Penalties Are Light

QUOTE: Two winters ago, what had been a mediocre safety record at West Virginia's Sago Mine grew dramatically worse....Government regulators never publicly discussed shutting down the mine and never sought criminal sanctions. The biggest single fine was $440...

Washington Post
Jan 04, 2006 Safety Violations Have Piled Up at Coal Mine

QUOTE: ...the mine's safety record came into sharp focus as officials searched for explanations for Monday's underground explosion. That record, as reflected in dozens of federal inspection reports, shows a succession of operators struggling to overcome serious, long-standing safety problems, some of which could be part of the investigation into the cause of the explosion that trapped 13 miners.

Washington Post
Dec 02, 2005 FBI's Sham Candidate Crawled Under W.Va.'s Political Rock

QUOTE: ...Although Thomas E. Esposito was on the ballot as a candidate for the state House of Delegates, he wasn't really running for office. The small-town lawyer and former mayor was just bait. And when the FBI lowered him into the murky waters of southern West Virginia politics last year, it dangled him like a shiny lure.

Washington Post
Sep 20, 2004 Voter Probes Raise Partisan Suspicions: Democrats, Allies See Politics Affecting Justice Department's Anti-Fraud Efforts

QUOTE: [Democrats--Ed.] charge that announcing criminal investigations within weeks of an election -- as was done in New Mexico on Sept. 7 -- is likely to scare legitimate voters away from the polls.

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2004 EPA to Act Against DuPont for an Ingredient in Teflon

QUOTE: The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to take "formal action against DuPont soon" over allegations that the giant chemical company failed to report possible health problems connected with a key ingredient used in making Teflon.

Washington Post
Feb 05, 2003 Promoting Tolerance, Not Paying Heed

QUOTE: As Wendy Radcliff, a state human rights commissioner says, "That might fly in Boston, but West Virginia?" Too politically correct. The logical solution, says Ms. Radcliff, who supports a program for all children, including gays, would have been modifying the West Virginia manual.

New York Times