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Sep 08, 2016 Why Donald Trump and Pam Bondi Probably Won’t Face a Corruption Investigation: The Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision seems to have put a chill on prosecutors.

QUOTE: Why is a charity giving money to aid a pol with whom the foundation’s head has pending legal business?....Reading through the court’s language in McDonnell, the easier hurdle is “official acts.” The justices were not certain that McDonnell’s various phone calls and luncheons represented official acts...

Nov 19, 2014 A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

QUOTE: UVA's emphasis on honor is so pronounced that since 1998, 183 people have been expelled for honor-code violations such as cheating on exams. And yet paradoxically, not a single student at UVA has ever been expelled for sexual assault. "Think about it," says Susan Russell, whose UVA daughter's sexual-assault report helped trigger a previous federal investigation. "In what world do you get kicked out for cheating, but if you rape someone, you can stay?"

Rolling Stone
Jan 12, 2014 Court Orders Yelp To Identify Anonymous Reviewers

QUOTE: The Court of Appeals of Virginia ruled on Tuesday that Yelp has to reveal the names of seven reviewers who left anonymous, negative reviews of a business, which maintains that the names are critical in pursuing a defamation case against the reviewers over what it claims were false reviews from non-customers....from a Yelp spokesperson: “We are disappointed that the Virginia Court of Appeals has issued a ruling that fails to adequately protect free speech rights on the internet, and which allows businesses to seek personal details about website users — without any evidence of wrongdoing — in efforts to silence online critics,”

Jul 28, 2013 Student’s home-schooling highlights debate over Va. religious exemption law

QUOTE: Powell’s family encapsulates the debate over the long-standing law, with his parents earnestly trying to provide an education that reflects their beliefs and their eldest son objecting that without any structure or official guidance, children are getting shortchanged. Their disagreement, at its core, is about what they think is most essential that children learn — and whether government, or families, should define that.

Washington Post
Nov 29, 2012 Guardianship case in McLean illustrates lack of regulation for those caring for the elderly

QUOTE: raised questions among elder-care advocates and legislators about how a small number of paid guardians — both lawyers and non-lawyer professionals — are treating the aging and how states oversee the process.

Washington Post
Mar 15, 2012 Virginia Tech to review negligence verdict in 2007 shooting rampage

QUOTE: Virginia Tech plans to consider all its options after it reviews a jury verdict that found it was negligent in a 2007 shooting rampage that left 33 people dead, including the gunman....Virginia Tech failed to notify students early enough following the discovery of two shooting victims at West Ambler Johnston dormitory.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 28, 2012 Virginia Senate Passes Ultrasound Bill as Other States Take Notice

QUOTE: Changing course after an unwelcome national uproar, the Virginia Senate adopted a revised bill on Tuesday that still requires doctors to perform an ultrasound on women before they have an abortion, but also says that women cannot be forced to have an invasive vaginal ultrasound....The Senate vote came after a bitter debate in which Democrats pleaded with the body not to adopt a bill that they said remained — even with the changes — demeaning to women and insulting to doctors.

New York Times
Jun 19, 2011 Some of Va.’s ‘Brown v. Board’ college grants go to whites

QUOTE: Half a century after many Virginia public schools shut their doors rather than accept black students, the state is offering college scholarships to compensate those whose education suffered in the era of “massive resistance” to desegregation. Among the recipients: white students.

Washington Post
Dec 13, 2010 Judge Voids Key Element of Obama Health Care Law

QUOTE: The judge, Henry E. Hudson of Federal District Court in Richmond, said the law’s requirement that most Americans obtain insurance exceeded the regulatory authority granted to Congress under the Commerce Clause... “Neither the Supreme Court nor any federal circuit court of appeals has extended Commerce Clause powers to compel an individual to involuntarily enter the stream of commerce by purchasing a commodity in the private market.”

New York Times
Apr 21, 2010 After police raid, JMU editor gets crash course on privacy act

QUOTE: Congress established the federal Privacy Protection Act in 1980 to protect newsrooms after authorities raided Stanford University’s Stanford Daily in 1971....Subpoenas are the established method for authorities to request photographs or other material from newsrooms...

Daily Progress
Feb 28, 2010 Civil rights-era killings yield secrets to FBI probe

QUOTE: Three years after the FBI pledged to investigate more than 100 unsolved civil rights killings, the agency is ready to close all but a handful. Investigators say they have solved most of the mysteries behind the cases, but few will result in indictments, given the passage of decades, the deaths of prime suspects and the challenge of gathering evidence.

Washington Post
Jun 10, 2009 Debate Erupts Over Muslim School in Virginia

QUOTE: ...Islamic Saudi Academy... 20 miles west of Washington... academy officials seek county permission to erect a new classroom building and move hundreds of students from a sister campus on the other end of Fairfax County [VA].... has ignited a noisy debate and exposed anew the school’s uneasy relationship with its neighbors.

New York Times
Dec 29, 2008 Webb Sets His Sights On Prison Reform

QUOTE: This spring, Webb (D-Va.) plans to introduce legislation on a long-standing passion of his: reforming the U.S. prison system. Jails teem with young black men who later struggle to rejoin society, he says. Drug addicts and the mentally ill take up cells that would be better used for violent criminals. And politicians have failed to address this costly problem for fear of being labeled "soft on crime."

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2008 Virginia Tech families win $11 million settlement from state

QUOTE: The 24 victims included in the settlement were among the 32 killed by Seung-Hui Cho's April 16, 2007, shooting rampage. The settlement also compensates 18 people injured. "The commonwealth has endeavored to meet the needs and concerns of the victims, including family members, through both monetary and non-monetary provisions," said Chief Deputy Attorney General William C. Mims.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 18, 2008 Va. Snake Saga Rattles Residents, Ends in Ban

QUOTE: "This isn't about snakes," said Koskinen, a father of three, who lives next door to the Snake House. "This is about protecting our children. That my neighbor has something from Mexico or Africa that could kill my child violates the social compact in a profound way."

Washington Post
Apr 22, 2008 Parents of Special-Ed Students Oppose Changing Consent Rule

QUOTE: A proposed revision of Virginia's special education rules is triggering widespread protests among parents of disabled students, who say it would strip them of power in negotiating their children's education.

Washington Post
Mar 14, 2008 The University of Uncertainty: Va. Children of Illegal Immigrants Lack In-State Status

QUOTE: "Let's take care of our own people," said Brad Botwin, who...testified recently at a hearing on a Maryland bill that would extend in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants who meet certain residency and tax requirements. It's more competitive than ever to get into state colleges, he said, and more expensive. "Why would you give priority to someone who should rightly be arrested and deported?" But students have the right to a public education through 12th grade in this country, advocates argue.

Washington Post
Mar 05, 2008 Caught in an arms race, Virginians pack more guns ("State of the Gun" part 4 of 4)

QUOTE: Members of the group know their choice [to open-carry a weapon] makes people nervous. Individually, they've been kicked out of businesses, barred at public gatherings and handcuffed by police. That's why they take part in Open Carry Dining Out - a national push to exercise the right to bear arms.

Hampton Roads Pilot (Virginia)
Jan 23, 2008 Va. Student's Snow-Day Plea Triggers an Online Storm

QUOTE: ...a phone call to a Fairfax County public school administrator's home last week about a snow day...has taken on a life of its own. Through the ubiquity of Facebook and YouTube, the call has become a rallying cry for students' First Amendment rights, and it shows that the generation gap has become a technological chasm.

Washington Post
Jan 19, 2008 Lawyer Reveals Secret, Toppling Death Sentence

QUOTE: [A Virginia lawyer] reluctantly kept a secret because the authorities on legal ethics told him he had no choice, even though his information could save the life of a man on death row, one whose case had led to a landmark Supreme Court decision.

New York Times
Jan 10, 2008 Critics of Saudi Academy Say Textbooks Promote Intolerance

QUOTE: Some textbooks used by an Islamic school in Fairfax County contain language intolerant of Jews and other groups as well as passages that could be construed as advocating violence, according to two reviews of the materials.

Washington Post
Jan 10, 2008 THE TOUGH CUSTOMER- 240 percent: Why the AG's looking at car loans

QUOTE: how, I wondered, could a loan with a 240 percent interest rate be legal? Well, it turns out that not only is it legal, but the entire car-title lending industry in Virginia is completely title lenders typically structure their deals as open-end credit-- similar, at least in theory, to a credit card-- which removes them from the purview of his or any other state agency.

Jan 07, 2008 As PTA Groups Move Online, So Does Dissension

QUOTE: [School email lists] are increasingly becoming ensnared in contests for control of the medium and the message. Principals are accused of trying to silence their discussion-group critics. Parents have allegedly stolen or hijacked e-mail lists.

Washington Post
Nov 19, 2007 Unquashed: Judge upholds subpoena of reporter

QUOTE: the Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office has subpoenaed a Hook reporter to testify about a public drunkenness case with no confidential sources or heinous crime to be solved, and a judge’s refusal to quash the subpoena has turned a misdemeanor case into a First Amendment challenge.

Nov 02, 2007 Judges Appear Hesitant on Virginia 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban: Supreme Court's Ruling Allowing Restrictions on Procedure May Not Open Door to Implementation of State's Statute

QUOTE: Virginia's attempt to revive its law restricting abortion received a skeptical reception from a panel of federal judges here Thursday in a key test of how the Supreme Court's decision to uphold federal abortion limits will affect restrictions imposed by the states.

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2007 Famous Mayor Under Fire in Virginia

QUOTE: They say that he has gone too far, and that he is trying to run the city single-handedly, firing department heads, upbraiding public officials and starting secret investigations. In his most controversial move, Mr. Wilder last month ordered the offices of the school board moved out of City Hall in the middle of the night. On Sept. 22, accompanied by the police, 150 movers from three companies dismantled the offices on the top six floors of City Hall and moved their contents into vans.

New York Times
Oct 17, 2007 Virginia County Votes to Deny Services to Illegal Immigrants

QUOTE: In Prince William County, supervisors unanimously voted early this morning — after a 12-hour, emotionally charged debate — to move forward with a plan to deny certain county services to illegal immigrants and to direct the police to enforce immigration laws.

New York Times
Oct 11, 2007 Shortage of Beds And Psychiatrists Plagues Much of Va.: Reimbursement Cited as Problem, Too

QUOTE: Virginia lacks experienced psychiatrists to evaluate the mentally ill, there aren't enough beds for those seeking emergency treatment in many areas and hospitals are losing money on mentally ill patients, according to a state government report.

Washington Post
Sep 10, 2007 Va. Studies Directives Giving the Mentally Ill A Say in Their Care

QUOTE: a legal document known as a psychiatric advance directive, which is designed to instruct health-care professionals, family members and friends about how mentally ill patients are to be cared for when they are incapacitated....In some states the instructions can be revoked by someone going through a psychotic crisis, and in some cases doctors can override a patient's wishes. In addition, some say the documents promote inequality and discrimination by highlighting a mental illness apart from broader health issues...

Washington Post
Jul 15, 2007 Fear Seizes Pr. William Immigrants -- Legal and Not

QUOTE: [Although] Support for the measures among the county's non-Hispanic residents appeared to be broad, and county supervisors said their offices have been flooded by calls and e-mails backing the resolution… Others said they were torn. "I can see the benefit to county taxpayers. But these are very hardworking individuals," said Marilyn Koshetar of Woodbridge. "It's a no-win situation."

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2007 Va. Reviews Mental Health Reforms: Agencies Look at System Overhaul After Va. Tech Shootings

QUOTE: Three separate bodies spanning all branches of state government are considering some of the most sweeping changes to the system in more than a generation .... But some lawmakers… said changes to the law could infringe on the civil rights of the mentally ill.

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2007 City Moves to Ban Restaurant Smoking

QUOTE: the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously yesterday to use its zoning powers to ban smoking in restaurants, an unusual tactic opponents said would lead to costly lawsuits.

Washington Post
Jun 14, 2007 Confusion Over Laws Impedes Aid For Mentally Ill: U.S. Panel Reports on Va. Tech; House Passes Gun-Control Bill

QUOTE: Because school administrators, doctors and police officials rarely share information about students and others who have mental illnesses, troubled people don't get the counseling they need, and authorities are often unable to prevent them from buying handguns, the report says.

Washington Post
Jun 03, 2007 Marriage, Loving and The Law: A Supreme Court Ruling Resonates 40 Years Later

QUOTE: Richard was white and Mildred black. Their marriage therefore violated Virginia's Racial Integrity Act. ... the Supreme Court struck down Virginia's ban on interracial marriages. ... but [Loving v. Virginia's] continued relevance might not be obvious.

Washington Post
May 21, 2007 In Suburbs, Locked Into a High-Tech Lure: Fiber-Optic Service Disappoints Many, but Contracts Span Decades

QUOTE: Seven years ago, the neighborhood's homeowners association, set up by the developer Van Metre Homes, inked an exclusive deal with OpenBand, a small Dulles firm, to provide Internet, cable and phone service to all 1,100 homes. Residents say they are now locked into an expensive, decades-long contract for second-rate services.

Washington Post
May 13, 2007 Overflowing Fairfax Homes Split Neighbors: Issue Stirs Debates Over Economics, Race

QUOTE: Long a source of tension in the suburbs, where high prices force many immigrants to pool financial resources and share housing, residential crowding has generated a surge of complaints in Fairfax, a county where one in four residents is foreign-born.

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2007 Colleges walk fine line with troubled students: The tragedy at Virginia Tech has prompted calls for more security and less privacy.

QUOTE: It's an issue colleges have confronted before: the extent to which they should be expected to foresee and take responsibility for their students' actions. The debate arises in the wake of student suicides or assaults that parents may believe could have been prevented. It pits safety against the protections of privacy and disability law – and can leave schools unsure how to act. This week's shootings at Virginia Tech...

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 07, 2007 Loudoun Land Deals Subject of U.S. Probe: County Officials' Ties to Developers Under Investigation

QUOTE: Federal prosecutors have launched a far-reaching investigation into potential public corruption....major land-use decisions in Loudoun have been dominated by a small network of public officials and their allies in the development industry. Developers, landowners and others profited as they coordinated with public officials to influence land-use decisions in the county...

Washington Post
Feb 03, 2007 In Va. House, 'Profound Regret' on Slavery: Delegates Unanimously Pass Resolution of Contrition About State's Role

QUOTE: The House of Delegates unanimously approved a resolution Friday expressing "profound regret" for Virginia's role in the slave trade, a significant act of contrition by a body that used to start the day with a salute that symbolized the state's Confederate heritage. The resolution, one of several that lawmakers are considering as part of the 400th anniversary celebration of the founding of Jamestown, is one of the biggest steps any state has taken in offering remorse for the enslavement of millions of Africans and Caribbean islanders during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Washington Post
Jan 16, 2007 A Ticket On a Taurus Grows Into Much More: Legion of Citations In Va. May Be Void

QUOTE: A three-judge panel in Alexandria went even further than Eberth had imagined, ruling that Prince William had no authority to ticket vehicles with expired inspection stickers parked on private -- or public -- property. The ruling by Judge Robert J. Humphreys said state law prohibits only the operation of a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker, casting doubt on whether police anywhere in Virginia can ticket parked vehicles with expired stickers. Because Prince William's code dates to at least 1965, the ruling suggests that the county has been erroneously citing drivers for more than four decades.

Washington Post
Dec 10, 2006 Dairy Industry Crushed Innovator Who Bested Price-Control System (Harvesting Cash The Milk Lobby Strikes Back)

QUOTE: A maverick dairyman named Hein Hettinga started bottling his own milk and selling it for as much as 20 cents a gallon less than the competition, exercising his right to work outside the rigid system that has controlled U.S. milk production for almost 70 years....Last March, Congress passed a law reshaping the Western milk market and essentially ending Hettinga's experiment -- all without a single congressional hearing.

Washington Post
Dec 07, 2006 Frequent fliers: Albemarle okays religious mail

QUOTE: School have two choices, says Kent Willis, director of the ACLU of Virginia: prohibit any distribution of material by outside nonprofits or allow all materials to be distributed. "The real issue is viewpoint discrimination," he explains. For instance, schools can't allow YMCA basketball league to send home fliers but refuse one for Bible school or the gay-straight alliance.

Nov 06, 2006 Psychologist Shortage Puts Mentally Ill Out on Street

QUOTE: "Severely mentally ill people in Fairfax County whose families are trying to get them emergency help are being released without receiving treatment -- or even a hearing -- because there are not enough independent psychologists to examine them."

Washington Post
Nov 05, 2006 Making Up for Lost Time: Virginia has created a scholarship program to give African American adults from Prince Edward County something they were denied as children: public education

QUOTE: In the fall of 2005, Virginia began issuing academic scholarships to repair even a small portion of the harm done to at least 2,000 African American schoolchildren who suffered a particularly acute form of deprivation during the hard-fought transition to integrated schooling. The fund, known as the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program, is an attempt to atone for the damage that Prince Edward -- with profound complicity from the state itself -- inflicted upon its most vulnerable citizens. The program pays the costs of a GED program or high school diploma for those who found jobs during the closings and may never have returned to school at all; it also pays for community college or an undergraduate or master's degree, up to $7,200 a year.

Washington Post
Oct 28, 2006 Allen Blasts Webb Novels For Sex Scenes: Veteran Says Works Reflect Trauma of War

QUOTE: With 10 days remaining before Election Day, the allegations about sex-laced passages in Webb's writings inject a new question into a campaign that has centered almost exclusively on character issues: Should the author of a fictional work who runs for office be personally held to account for the scenes in his books?

Washington Post
Oct 11, 2006 Muslim Anger Burns Over Lingering Probe of Charities

QUOTE: So far, the March 2002 searches have led to the convictions of two people, including prominent Muslim activist Abdurahman Alamoudi...But no charges have been filed against the principals of the Herndon-based cluster of companies and charities that are at the center of the investigation, and Muslims say the raids were no more than a fishing expedition.

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2006 For Allen and Webb, Implicit Biases Would Be Better Confronted

QUOTE: When people are deprived of conscious self-control in the studies, large numbers of Americans show automatic biases that can be picked up by brain imaging or by the startle reflex, as measured by blinking. Brain imaging studies show that when volunteers see photographs drawn from college yearbooks, black faces often trigger a larger response in the amygdala, which is involved in the regulation of fear.

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2006 Mother Tries to Unadopt, Citing Boy's Troubled Past: Mother Says Caseworkers Failed to Disclose Child's Stormy History

QUOTE: taking the highly unusual step of trying to unadopt him....[The adoptive mother--Ed.] said she did not know he had lived in five foster homes since he was 16 months old. Nor that his alcohol- and drug-addicted biological parents had physically abused him...

Washington Post
Oct 08, 2006 Parents, Singles Tussle Over Places to Play

QUOTE: In the dense inner suburbs -- where there is precious little parkland -- young professionals such as Reinisch are battling with parents over tiny scraps of land no bigger than regulation-size basketball courts. Kids might still need swing sets, the thinking goes, but young adults -- now a sizeable chunk of the population -- want their play space, too.

Washington Post
Sep 28, 2006 Mortgage Suit Says ‘Trust Us’ Led to Fleecing

QUOTE: The civil lawsuit, filed in June by one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, describes an elaborate confidence game in which Martinsville residents with good credit ratings were enlisted last year to join what they believed was a risk-free investment in Indiana real estate. Instead, they found themselves responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid mortgages.

New York Times

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