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Aug 21, 2016 To Crack Down on Securities Fraud, States Reward Whistle-Blowers

QUOTE: In the aftermath of the financial crisis, a growing army of confidential informants — better known as whistle-blowers — has helped federal securities regulators identify and prosecute wrongdoers. Now the same thing is happening at the state level...

New York Times
Dec 14, 2013 Judge strikes down part of Utah polygamy law in 'Sister Wives' case

QUOTE: A federal judge in Utah has struck down part of that state's law banning polygamy...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 01, 2012 Utah Hunters Criticize Market Approach to Licenses and Conservation

QUOTE: It especially bothers him — and other hunters — that those with means can buy public licenses through private outlets, paying thousands of dollars to move to the head of the line. More than any state in the West, Utah has expanded hunting opportunities for the well-to-do and has begun to diminish them for those seeking permits directly from the state.

New York Times
Jul 11, 2011 Polygamist, Under Scrutiny in Utah, Plans Suit to Challenge Law

QUOTE: The lawsuit is not demanding that states recognize polygamous marriage. Instead...will ask the federal courts to tell states that they cannot punish polygamists for their own “intimate conduct” so long as they are not breaking other laws, like those regarding child abuse, incest or seeking multiple marriage licenses.

New York Times
Sep 16, 2009 Citing Risks, U.S. Seeks New Rules for Niche Banks (Back to Business)

QUOTE: While they [niche banks that give loans to business] have brought billions of dollars in deposits, thousands of jobs and millions in charitable donations to Salt Lake City, the banks have also drawn fire from Washington.

New York Times
May 08, 2008 Utah Mine Disaster Was Preventable, Report Says

QUOTE: The general manager and possibly other senior staff at the Crandall Canyon Mine near Huntington, Utah, where 9 miners died in August 2007, hid information from federal mining officials that could have prevented the disaster and should face criminal charges...

New York Times
May 05, 2008 Polygamy roll shows 21 wives for one member

QUOTE: attorneys for the sect argued against a court review of the documents, claiming the documents should remain private under First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association....The ages of the wives and their children are critical to investigators, who believe that underage girls were routinely married and forced to have sex with older men.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 01, 2008 With the Commandments, Must City Make Room?

QUOTE: The Supreme Court said yesterday that it will decide whether a city's decision to place a monument to the Ten Commandments in a public park means it also must make room for the display of other directives purportedly sent from above...Unlike the Supreme Court's most recent cases over government display of the Ten Commandments, the Utah case is a free-speech challenge that does not involve the Constitution's provision on establishment of religion.

Washington Post
Sep 12, 2007 Polygamist's trial on rape charges set to start

QUOTE: Walter Bugden, one of Jeffs' attorneys, says he views the case against Jeffs as religious persecution. The polygamous sect is not affiliated with the mainstream Mormon church, which outlawed polygamy in 1890.

Aug 24, 2007 Ahead of 'September Dawn,' Mormon Church revisits dark period: In response to the new movie, the church sheds light on the 1857 Mountain Meadows massacre.

QUOTE: But Bylund also received death threats from Mormons unhappy with the effort. And when a backhoe accidentally dug up a shovel full of bones, distrust of the church flared among victims' relatives. Finally, at the dedication ceremony, Mr. Hinckley offered words of healing to the descendants, but punctuated them with a legalistic disclaimer of any church responsibility.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 07, 2007 Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test: Blast Won't Be Nuclear, but Many Fear Contaminated Dust

QUOTE: At a series of emotional meetings last month in Las Vegas, St. George, Salt Lake City and the Idaho capital of Boise, people who live downwind of the Nevada Test Site expressed fear that if the government goes ahead with its code-named Divine Strake test, radioactive dust from previous tests will blow their way.

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2005 Federal 'No Child' Lawsuit Filed: Bush's Premier Education Measure Taken to Court

QUOTE: The nation's largest teachers union joined school districts in Michigan, Texas and Vermont in filing a federal lawsuit yesterday charging that the Department of Education has failed to provide adequate funding for the No Child Left Behind initiative.

Washington Post
Sep 05, 2004 Suffering Effects of 50's A-Bomb Tests

QUOTE: Even as sick residents of other Western states received compensation from the government, the question of how Idahoans may have been affected by the nuclear tests received little attention. But now a furor has erupted here and elsewhere in Idaho, set off by one Emmett native, who survived thyroid cancer but is dying of breast cancer...

New York Times
Jul 29, 2003 Utah law tests limits of gun culture in West

QUOTE: Supporters of a new law that loosens restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons in Utah assert that allowing teachers, janitors, and other school staff to carry such weapons will add to school security.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 28, 2003 Young Brides Stir New Outcry on Utah Polygamy

QUOTE: The State Legislature is considering a bill that would impose stiff new penalties against any polygamist convicted of marrying a girl under 18 and any religious leader who orchestrates such a union.

New York Times
Nov 01, 2002 Judge Halts Utah Oil Project: Environmentalists to Argue Against Exploring Region

QUOTE: Robertson agreed with environmental groups that brought the suit that the use of huge seismic "thumper trucks" to search for oil and gas reserves would irreparably harm the fragile soils, plants and animals...

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2002 Utah County's Toxic Tradition Is Under Threat

QUOTE: If passed, the measure would bar all higher level radioactive materials from the state and raise taxes fourfold on revenues generated by low-grade material.

New York Times
Aug 19, 2002 U.S. Ignored Appraisers In Land Deal With Utah: BLM Experts Called Swap A $100 Million Giveaway

QUOTE: The Bush administration recently agreed to a massive land swap with Utah even though the federal government's own experts had warned that the deal amounted to a $100 million giveaway by U.S. taxpayers...

Washington Post