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Dec 09, 2012 Same-Sex Issue Pushes Justices Into Overdrive

QUOTE: The speed with which the court is moving has some gay rights advocates bracing for a split decision. The court could strike down the federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, saying that the meaning of marriage is a matter for the states to decide. At the same time, it could reject the idea that the Constitution requires states to allow same-sex marriage, saying that the meaning of marriage is a matter for the states to decide....However the court rules in the California case, its very decision to consider it is a change from the caution of an earlier era.

New York Times
Oct 18, 2012 Boy Scout Files Detail Decades of Abuse Accusations

QUOTE: Regrets and recriminations about how the Boy Scouts of America have policed the ranks of its scoutmasters and other volunteers to guard against sexual predators — and how they have often failed — echo through the thousands of pages of internal documents, police files and newspaper clippings....They do not suggest that scouting was riddled with sexual stalkers.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2010 Jury verdict hits Boy Scouts with $18.5 million in punitive damages

QUOTE: An Oregon jury on Friday found the Boy Scouts of America liable for the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy more than 25 years ago, returning a verdict of $18.5 million in punitive damages....alleged that though the scout leader was removed, he was allowed to stay on as a volunteer and the abuse continued.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 06, 2009 In Two States, a Lower Bar for Conviction (Sidebar)

QUOTE: ...Oregon is one of only two states that does not require juries to reach unanimous verdicts in criminal cases. Like Louisiana, it allows convictions by a vote of 10-to-2. ...defense lawyers say the rule was designed to make obtaining convictions easier.

New York Times
May 30, 2009 Supreme Court to Address Meeting the Needs of Special-Education Students

QUOTE: ... United States Supreme Court will soon decide when public schools must reimburse parents of special-education students for private-school tuition.

New York Times
May 29, 2008 Racial Shift in a Progressive City Spurs Talks (Portland Journal)

QUOTE: Yet one person’s frontier, it turns out, is often another’s front porch. It has been true across the country: gentrification, which increases housing prices and tension, sometimes has racial overtones and can seem like a dirty word. Now Portland is encouraging black and white residents to talk about it, but even here in Sincere City, the conversation has been difficult.

New York Times
Dec 31, 2007 In the Fight Over Piracy, a Rare Stand for Privacy

QUOTE: ...[the University of Oregon] filed a blistering motion to quash the subpoena [asking for the identities of students believed to be pirating songs off the Internet], accusing the [record] industry of misleading the judge, violating student privacy laws and engaging in questionable investigative practices.

New York Times
Dec 08, 2007 Efforts to Harvest Ocean’s Energy Open New Debate Front

QUOTE: It might seem a perfect solution in a region that has long been ahead of the national curve on alternative energy. Yet the debate over the potential damage — whether to the environment, the fishing industry or the stunning views of the Pacific — has become intense before the first megawatt has been transmitted to shore.

New York Times
Nov 28, 2007 Clean energy vs. whales: how to choose? Northwest's dams are a source of clean energy. But scientists say they endanger salmon and orcas.

QUOTE: But thanks largely to hydropower operations on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, the region is relatively green in terms of climate-changing gas emissions compared with other parts of the US. How to reduce the effects, if not the risk, of global warming while also protecting endangered species is the problem.

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 18, 2007 Should teachers be allowed to pack a gun? The case of an Oregon teacher fighting for the right to take a gun to school for protection from her ex-husband.

QUOTE: In Michigan last week, 16 state lawmakers sponsored legislation allowing teachers, administrators, and other school employees to carry concealed weapons on school property. Ohio has a similar bill pending.South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia are among several other states that have considered lifting school campus gun bans this year...

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 23, 2007 Climate Change Adds Twist to Debate Over Dams

QUOTE: The power company that owns four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River says the dams provide a crucial source of so-called clean energy at a time when carbon emissions have become one of the world’s foremost environmental concerns. But the American Indians, fishermen and environmentalists who want the dams removed...say the dams are anything but clean.

New York Times
Jun 14, 2006 With Oregon timber sale, controversy flares: A US auction of fire-damaged trees renews a forest-management debate.

QUOTE: Congress is moving toward allowing more salvage logging in roadless federal forest areas...But many forest ecologists say such logging inhibits natural regeneration, resulting in young, even-age forests more prone to future fires.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 22, 2006 Same-sex birth notice

QUOTE: ...[the local newspaper-Ed.] declined to publish the free announcement with both of the women's names, saying that the paper publishes only the names of the biological parents if the couple is not married.

Poynter Online
Jan 18, 2006 Justices Uphold Oregon Assisted-Suicide Law: In a Blow to Administration, Ruling Paves Way for Other States to Follow Suit

QUOTE: The Supreme Court upheld Oregon's law on physician-assisted suicide yesterday, ruling that the Justice Department may not punish doctors who help terminally ill patients end their lives.

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2005 Zeroing Out the Messenger: Idaho Senator Eliminates Funds for Center on Salmon Survival

QUOTE: The Fish Passage Center, with just 12 employees and a budget of $1.3 million, has been killed because it did not count fish in a way that suited Craig.

Washington Post
Jul 02, 2005 Future of Salmon Leads to Dispute Over Federal Dams: Environmental Effect Is Questioned

QUOTE: ...described the administration's 2004 biological opinion -- it says dams are an ineluctable part of the river's environmental baseline -- as a document written "more in cynicism than in sincerity." The sincerity of the administration's policy is also being questioned by some scientists who work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service...

Washington Post
Jun 01, 2004 In Oregon, Choosing Death Over Suffering

QUOTE: Arthur W. Wilson sits in his study, breathing oxygen through a nose clip and pausing frequently for the coughs that rack his body. "I'm not suicidal," he said. "I'm sane."

New York Times
May 07, 2004 Opponents of Oregon Suicide Law Say Depressed Man Was Wrongly Given Drugs

QUOTE: An Oregon man with a long history of depression and suicide attempts received drugs under the state's assisted suicide laws despite procedural safeguards against providing the drugs to people who are suicidal primarily because of depression, opponents of the law said yesterday.

New York Times
Aug 21, 2002 Father Steals Best: Crime in an American Family

QUOTE: Despite this statistical evidence, until very recently states paid little attention to the family cycle of crime...

New York Times
Nov 08, 2001 4 Oregon Patients Seeking Suicide Sue U.S.

QUOTE: Today, just three days before he would have been entitled to obtain the barbiturates that could enable him to choose the hour of his death, Mr. Holmes found himself at the center of an extraordinary legal battle unfolding between his home state and the United States Justice Department, which on Tuesday moved to strike down the Oregon...

New York Times
Nov 07, 2001 U.S. Acts to Stop Assisted Suicides

QUOTE: Taking square aim at a measure approved twice by voters in Oregon, Attorney General John Ashcroft authorized federal agents yesterday to take action against doctors who prescribe lethal drugs for terminally ill patients.

New York Times
Aug 21, 2001 The Voting Booth at the Kitchen Table

QUOTE: The serious flaws that plagued some states in the 2000 presidential election have led to a string of well-intentioned calls for creating national standards in federal elections...

New York Times
May 20, 2001 Inmate Rehabilitation Returns As Prison Goal

QUOTE: In a sense, these new programs represent a major shift in thinking about how to run prisons — a return to the old notion of rehabilitating prisoners, the idea behind the very term "corrections" that lay at the creation of American prisons in the 19th century. Rehabilitation was discredited and largely abandoned decades ago in most state prison systems...

New York Times