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Aug 25, 2011 In Echo of Pancho Villa, Modern Raid Shakes a Town on the Edge of Extinction

QUOTE: Ninety-five years and a day after the infamous Villa raid, another group of armed men crept into Columbus [New Mexico]....They led away in handcuffs Columbus’s mayor, police chief, village trustee and numerous others accused of smuggling guns, ammunition and body armor across the border to Mexican outlaws.

New York Times
May 21, 2011 New Mexico Judge Charged in Bribery Case, but Former Governor Draws a Mention

QUOTE: Mr. Richardson said in a statement that suggestions that he appointed judges based on campaign contributions were “outrageous and defamatory.” His supporters call the case politically motivated, pointing to the involvement of two prominent Republicans, including Gov. Susana Martinez, who succeeded Mr. Richardson in January.

New York Times
Oct 25, 2009 A new demand for uranium power brings concerns for Navajo groups: Mining planned at a mountain considered sacred

QUOTE: Now, interest in carbon-free nuclear power is fueling a potential resurgence of uranium mining. But Indian people gathered in Acoma, N.M., for the Indigenous Uranium Forum over the weekend decried future uranium extraction...

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2009 Marijuana Licensing Fails to Chase the Shadows

QUOTE: Those engaged in the experiment [by selling marijuana] here [now legal in New Mexico] never know if they will be arrested, because growing, selling and using marijuana remain illegal under federal law. And robbery is always a fear.

New York Times
Dec 11, 2005 House to Take Up Stricter Immigration Measure: GOP, Administration Divided on Plan to Boost Border Security, Tighten Job Market

QUOTE: Driven by the rising anger of their constituents, House Republicans are pushing ahead with tough legislation to tighten control of the nation's borders and clamp down on the hiring of illegal immigrants -- without offering new avenues for such immigrants to find lawful employment.

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2005 Tribal Grant Is Being Questioned: Senator Who Had Dealings With Lobbyist Abramoff Pushed for Award

QUOTE: Under pressure from Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), who oversees the budget of the Bureau of Indian Affairs ... [a] $3 million grant from a federal program intended for impoverished Indian tribal schools went to one of the richest tribes in the country.

Washington Post
Nov 02, 2004 G.O.P. in Ohio Can Challenge Voters at Polls

QUOTE: a Federal appeals court ruled early Tuesday morning that the Republican Party could place thousands of people inside polling places to challenge the eligibility of voters, a blow to Democrats who argued those challengers will intimidate minority voters.

New York Times
Sep 20, 2004 Voter Probes Raise Partisan Suspicions: Democrats, Allies See Politics Affecting Justice Department's Anti-Fraud Efforts

QUOTE: [Democrats--Ed.] charge that announcing criminal investigations within weeks of an election -- as was done in New Mexico on Sept. 7 -- is likely to scare legitimate voters away from the polls.

Washington Post
Dec 23, 2003 When Workers Die: California Leads Proesecution of Employers in Job Deaths

QUOTE: ...small team of circuit-riding prosecutors who are crusading to transform the Wild West mores of rural California, a culture they regard as far too tolerant of death on the job.

New York Times
Nov 21, 2001 The 55-cent Solution

QUOTE: There may never be a specific day when the Bush administration tells the city to drop dead. Instead there will be vague promises, and then a lot of creative accounting ...

New York Times