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Feb 08, 2005 Md. Firm Accused Of Asbestos Coverup: Contamination Scars Montana Town

QUOTE: Federal prosecutors yesterday charged W.R. Grace & Co. with exposing mine workers and residents in a small mountain community in Montana to deadly asbestos and covering up the danger.

Washington Post
Feb 08, 2005 Prosperity Turned to Poison in Mining Town

QUOTE: The Skramstad family is one of scores in Libby that have had to deal with diagnoses of asbestos-related disease. This town of fewer than 3,000 amounts to the biggest environmental disaster site in terms of human health that the Environmental Protection Agency has ever faced...indictments against W.R. Grace & Co. and seven current and former executives for breaking environmental laws and conspiring to cover up what happened in Libby.

Washington Post
Jun 24, 2003 At Custer's last stand, a first stand for Indians

QUOTE: Some 127 years after routing Custer at Little Bighorn, they will finally get a memorial honoring the Indians who died in the famous siege.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 20, 2001 Debate Over a National Monument Emphasizes Old West-new West Divide

QUOTE: ...proclamation signed by President Bill Clinton in January that turned this rugged, sparsely settled region dotted with cattle and nuclear missile silos into the Missouri Breaks National Monument...created at the end of his term.

New York Times