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Jan 09, 2016 Flint Wants Safe Water, and Someone to Answer for Its Crisis

QUOTE: Shortly after officials switched the source of their drinking water to the Flint River from Lake Huron in April 2014 to save money, residents started complaining that their tap water looked strange, tasted bad and caused rashes. But not until the fall of 2015, when the water was found to have elevated levels of lead that were reflected in children’s blood, did state officials swing into action. Now they are scrambling to address a situation that has endangered the health of Flint’s children and generated untold costs and anxiety.

New York Times
Nov 08, 2013 Detroit Bankruptcy Case Turns on Issue of Good Faith

QUOTE: Opponents of the bankruptcy — primarily city employee unions and retirees — have argued that Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan and his associates rammed the bankruptcy through without meeting legal requirements to bargain in good faith with creditors for an alternate solution to Detroit’s deepening crisis.

New York Times
Jul 21, 2013 Cries of Betrayal as Detroit Plans to Cut Pensions

QUOTE: Detroit’s pension shortfall accounts for about $3.5 billion of the $18 billion in debts that led the city to file for bankruptcy last week....Kevyn D. Orr, the city’s emergency manager, has called for “significant cuts” to the pensions of current retirees. His plan is being fought vigorously by unions that point out that pensions are protected by Michigan’s Constitution, which calls them a contractual obligation that “shall not be diminished or impaired.”

New York Times
Nov 15, 2012 Affirmative Action Ban in Michigan Is Rejected

QUOTE: The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled, 8 to 7, on Thursday that Michigan’s voter-approved 2006 ban on affirmative action was unconstitutional. The ruling, in Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action v. University of Michigan, was not based on racial discrimination, but rather on a violation of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection. The ban, the court said, unfairly placed a special burden on supporters of race-conscious admissions policies.

New York Times
Jul 05, 2012 Chesapeake Energy Cheat Sheet: What’s Been Uncovered So Far

QUOTE: Reuters took aim at [Chesapeake]’s flamboyant chief executive, Aubrey McClendon, in a series of articles, prompting his ouster as company chairman (he remains CEO) last month...The company was rocked anew last week when the news agency disclosed a series of email exchanges in which McClendon and other Chesapeake executives appeared to collude with officials at EnCana Corp., Canada’s largest natural gas company, to suppress the price of land leases in Michigan.

Jul 01, 2011 Divided appeals court strikes down Michigan's affirmative action ban

QUOTE: A divided federal appeals court on Friday struck down Michigan's controversial ban on consideration of race and gender in college admissions....The affirmative action ban was passed five years ago in a referendum and was added to the state's constitution...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 08, 2008 Citing Workload, Public Lawyers Reject New Cases

QUOTE: Public defenders’ offices in at least seven states are refusing to take on new cases or have sued to limit them, citing overwhelming workloads that they say undermine the constitutional right to counsel for the the most open revolt by public defenders in memory, many of the government-appointed lawyers say that state budget cuts and rising caseloads have pushed them to the breaking point.

New York Times
Oct 29, 2008 Former US mayor jailed for lying

QUOTE: The former mayor of the US city of Detroit has been sentenced to four months in jail for obstructing justice in connection with a sex scandal.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Sep 17, 2008 Republicans move to deny homeless votes, Democrats claim: Democrats in Michigan are trying to block what they call a Republican effort to deny voting rights to people who have lost their homes in the

QUOTE: Democrats in Michigan are trying to block what they call a Republican effort to deny voting rights to people who have lost their homes in the mortgage crisis.

Daily Telegraph
Jul 03, 2008 The Struggles of Detroit Ensnare Its Workers

QUOTE: Their pickups and sport utility vehicles are not selling, and now General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler have to pay thousands of auto workers not to make them. With more than 15 of their assembly plants across the country set to be idled or slowed because of shift cutbacks, the Detroit automakers will temporarily lay off upward of 25,000 auto workers this summer and fall. Because of their union contracts, G.M., Ford and Chrysler are obligated to pay workers more than half of their regular take-home wages, plus health benefits, with state unemployment benefits picking up a portion of the rest.

New York Times
May 16, 2008 High School Seniors Suspended Over T-Shirts Joking About Underage Drinking

QUOTE: "People wear shirts worse than this, with Guinness, Jack Daniels and Corona on them and don't get stopped," Stevenson High senior Jared Belsley told MyFOX Detroit. "To get in trouble for a shirt like this made up for spirit week is kind of absurd.

Fox News
Oct 12, 2007 Auto-worker benefits - long rising - begin to wane: Judging from UAW contracts reached this week, from now on auto workers can expect lower pay and fewer benefits than their predecessors.

QUOTE: Two labor strikes this fall have been short, but the outcome is still tough for auto workers: After years of rising pay and benefits, the tide has turned the other way. The next generation of United Auto Workers will receive lower pay and benefits than their predecessors, judging by the contracts reached or ratified this week.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 11, 2007 Planned Bridge Poses Question: Public or Private

QUOTE: Supporters of a publicly owned span here say it is the only wise plan, the only one that offers needed public oversight and regulation. They have deep concerns, they say, about allowing a single man to continue his decades-long reign over such a vital connector of nations.

New York Times
Sep 12, 2007 Ex-Officers Ousted by Detroit Mayor Will Get $6.5 Million

QUOTE: Two former police officers were awarded more than $6.5 million on Tuesday by a jury that agreed with the officers’ argument that they were discharged in retaliation for investigating misconduct by the mayor and his security detail.

New York Times
May 22, 2007 Michigan man dodges prison in theft of Wi-Fi

QUOTE: A Michigan man who used a coffee shop's unsecured Wi-Fi to check his e-mail from his car could have faced up to five years in prison...

Apr 26, 2007 Back in Biz, Thanks to Vocal Customers: Consumer protests over a sting operation lead to a settlement permitting a Michigan farmer to continue distributing raw milk

QUOTE: The sting was the culmination of an investigation led by the Michigan Agriculture Dept.'s food and dairy division, which wanted to know whether Hebron had violated Michigan law by distributing raw milk (milk that isn't pasteurized or homogenized) and whether the co-op had broken the law by using a retail establishment's storage area as a milk drop-off point.

Aug 23, 2006 Debate grows on out-of-wedlock laws: Some 1.6 million Americans in seven states are breaking old anticohabitation rules.

QUOTE: In North Carolina, a state judge in July ruled unconstitutional a law that states it's illegal for unmarried couples to live together...Yet the debate about whether the laws should continue to exist is a flash point between secularists and traditional Christians over the definition of a family.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 17, 2005 In Michigan, a Web Of Personal Politics: Official Accuses Rival of Blackmail

QUOTE: O'Brien allegedly said later that Fieger would reveal Cox's extramarital affair unless the attorney general dropped the investigation into the television ad campaign....It remains unclear what the tangle means for the original investigation into whether Fieger broke campaign finance laws by backing an expensive campaign against Supreme Court Justice Stephen J. Markman...

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2005 Federal 'No Child' Lawsuit Filed: Bush's Premier Education Measure Taken to Court

QUOTE: The nation's largest teachers union joined school districts in Michigan, Texas and Vermont in filing a federal lawsuit yesterday charging that the Department of Education has failed to provide adequate funding for the No Child Left Behind initiative.

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2005 Tribal Grant Is Being Questioned: Senator Who Had Dealings With Lobbyist Abramoff Pushed for Award

QUOTE: Under pressure from Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), who oversees the budget of the Bureau of Indian Affairs ... [a] $3 million grant from a federal program intended for impoverished Indian tribal schools went to one of the richest tribes in the country.

Washington Post
Nov 12, 2003 Parents of teen who set school ablaze billed; $715,000 tab stirs liability questions

QUOTE: ...parents of a teen who set fire to Howell High School last year must pay $715,000 in restitution is raising questions about the limits of parental liability in criminal cases.

Detroit Free Press
Oct 25, 2003 Guardian system overrun by abuse: People lose their rights quickly and without necessity, report says

QUOTE: ...a state audit of five probate courts, released Friday, found widespread abuses by court-appointed conservators entrusted with the finances of young, elderly and disabled people.

Detroit Free Press
Apr 10, 2003 Law Requiring Drug Testing of Welfare Parents Is Voided

QUOTE: ...the [drug] testing violated the Constitution because it did not fit into "the closely guarded category of constitutionally permissible suspicionless testing," which generally requires a threat to public safety.

New York Times
Feb 03, 2003 Action sought on polluted Detroit smelter site

QUOTE: ...spewed toxic lead dust in the area for two decades....Based on just seven samples taken nearby, the EPA said no neighborhood cleanup was needed.

Detroit Free Press
Dec 19, 2002 Republicans Are Still Playing the Race Card

QUOTE: Democrats could refrain from any further role in making Lott the poster boy for smarmy Republican racial politics. In return, Republicans could quit the smarmy racial politics.