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Aug 10, 2012 Why Asset Forfeiture Abuse Is on the Rise: It’s time to build a wall of separation between government power and the profit motive.

QUOTE: throughout the United States, government agencies increasingly rely on “civil forfeiture” to bolster their strained budgets. The more assets these modern-day tax collectors seize, the more money they have for new equipment and other things....We should all be concerned that district attorneys—who are, by law, supposed to pursue justice first and foremost—are perpetrating abuses of property rights so that they can fill their coffers with money that comes primarily from people who have not been convicted of any crime.

Jul 23, 2012 Scott Brown gets in on the Big Lie (Plum Line)

QUOTE: Obama’s now infamous “didn’t build that” speech is similar to Elizabeth Warren’s viral remarks about how the rich didn’t get rich on their own. So it’s not surprising that Senator Scott Brown has just released a new Web video (embedded below) tying Obama’s remarks to Warren’s and painting them as vaguely anti-American. Brown says: “I will never demonize you as business leaders and business owners.”

Washington Post
Mar 11, 2012 New law stops injustice of paying alimony forever

QUOTE: ...I didn't know it was common for ex-wives to go back to court when a former spouse got married and get an increase in alimony if the new wife added income to the marriage. I also discovered that the lower-earning spouse needed to be supported to the standard of the lifestyle of the marriage -- and that judges could not put an end date to alimony, even for short-term marriages.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 09, 2012 New alimony law is bad for women

QUOTE: First the (oversimplified) basics: The new law decides whether alimony will be granted, if at all, based not on a wide variety of criteria -- such as the value of the nonworking spouse's contributions to the marriage -- but on how many years the couple stayed married and how much money the working spouse made during the marriage.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 24, 2011 New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage, Becoming Largest State to Pass Law

QUOTE: Lawmakers voted late Friday to legalize same-sex marriage, making New York the largest state where gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed and giving the national gay-rights movement new momentum from the state where it was born....Passage of same-sex marriage here followed a daunting run of defeats in other states where voters barred same-sex marriage by legislative action, constitutional amendment or referendum. Just five states currently permit same-sex marriage...

New York Times
Jun 16, 2011 A Schizophrenic, a Slain Worker, Troubling Questions

QUOTE: Massachusetts, which compared with other states faces a relatively modest budget shortfall of $1.5 billion, is hardly alone in cutting money for mental health care. State mental health departments, serving vulnerable populations with little political clout, almost always get disproportionately squeezed during tough times. During the current fiscal crisis, many states have sharply reduced both inpatient and community-based mental health care.

New York Times
Dec 16, 2010 Flirty Models Were Hired in Bid to Find Bone Marrow

QUOTE: the recruiters were actually flirtatious models in heels, short skirts and lab coats, law enforcement officials say, asking passers-by for DNA swabs without mentioning the price of the seemingly simple procedure. And the registry, Caitlin Raymond International, was paying up to $60,000 a week for the models while billing insurance companies up to $4,300 per test.

New York Times
Mar 29, 2010 9 Teenagers Are Charged After Classmate’s Suicide

QUOTE: It is not clear what some students at South Hadley High School expected to achieve by subjecting a freshman to the relentless taunting described by a prosecutor and classmates. Certainly not her suicide. And certainly not the multiple felony indictments...

New York Times
Jul 21, 2009 Gates arrest: racial profiling or 'tempest in a teapot'?

QUOTE: Mr.[Henry Louis] Gates' arrest on the front porch of his own home last week became a moment of national reflection, with Gates insisting that the incident was evidence of the persistence of racial profiling – even in one of America's most liberal cities.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 15, 2009 Massachusetts in Suit Over Cost of Universal Care

QUOTE: A hospital that serves thousands of indigent Massachusetts residents sued the state on Wednesday, charging that its costly universal health care law is forcing the hospital to cover too much of the expense of caring for the poor.

New York Times
Jun 23, 2009 Bringing Down the House: The sobering lessons of health reform in Massachusetts. (Prescriptions)

QUOTE: Despite having health insurance, roughly one in 10 [Massachusetts] state residents still failed to fill prescriptions, ended up with unpaid medical bills, or skipped needed medical care for financial reasons. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to insure more Massachusetts citizens, but many people still weren't getting necessary care.

Aug 14, 2008 How (Not) to Fix a Flaw Experts say disclosing bugs prevents security flaws from festering.

QUOTE: argues that researchers need to be protected as they investigate these types of flaws. "It's extremely rare for a court to bar anyone from speaking before that person has even had a chance to speak," she says. "We think this sets a terrible precedent that's very dangerous for security research."

Technology Review
Feb 18, 2008 After Rape, Calls to Limit Where Sex Offenders Go

QUOTE: “Excluding people from so many places and certain places could violate their fundamental rights,” [a Boston law professor says]. “The idea of identifying some public spaces as off-limits to people who are registered sex offenders because there are children in them, like libraries, is potentially unlimited.”

New York Times
Jan 02, 2008 Same-Sex Divorce Challenges the Legal System: Most States Lack Law, Precedent To Settle Issues

QUOTE: Nearly 10,000 gay and lesbian couples married after the [Massachussetts State Supreme Court] ruling [which legalized same-sex marriage]...Those who choose to end their marriages soon discover that the trauma of divorce is compounded by legal and financial difficulties that heterosexual couples generally are spared.

Washington Post
Oct 23, 2007 GOP Finds Hot Button in Illegal Immigration: Special Election in Massachusetts Could Be Indicative of Democratic Weak Spot

QUOTE: The issue has shifted since concerns about illegal immigrants triggered angry calls for border fences and deportation two years ago. Now, voter anger appears to revolve around the belief that illegal immigrants are unfairly consuming government benefits, a fear that stems more from economic uncertainty than culture clashes, Democratic and Republican pollsters say.

Washington Post
Oct 07, 2007 A Heavy Toll From Disease Fuels Suspicion and Anger

QUOTE: The cases, which both state and federal officials call a disease cluster, are located within a mile of Everett Square — a densely settled neighborhood adjacent to the town’s onetime factory row. It is now home to two Superfund sites.

New York Times
Jan 09, 2007 Schwarzenegger Proposes Universal Health Coverage: California Plan Could Cost State $12 Billion

QUOTE: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) on Monday proposed a system of universal health insurance for Californians that would make the nation's most populous state the third to guarantee medical coverage for all its residents....Much of the opposition to Schwarzenegger's program, which requires legislative approval, is expected to come from his fellow Republicans, who object that the plan will be costly for small businesses.

Washington Post
Aug 07, 2006 States' Healthy Approach to Wal-Mart: Maryland's law was overturned, but Massachusetts' wins praise. How states are tackling the problem of health care for big box retailers

QUOTE: With Washington getting nowhere in its efforts to insure 44 million Americans who don't now have coverage, states are where the action is. More than half of the states, and many municipalities, are considering legislation to prod companies into providing their workers with some health-care coverage.

Jul 12, 2006 Fatality adds to long list of Big Dig's woes: Tons of concrete from a section of a tunnel fell on a car Monday in Boston.

QUOTE: ...America's most expensive federally funded construction effort. Since its conception in 1987, the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project has been plagued by technical challenges, spiraling costs, and allegations of corruption.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 11, 2006 20 inspectors suspended over GPS: Public safety chief metes out discipline

QUOTE: Officials said the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists, the union that represents the inspectors, agreed to the GPS-equipped phones last year. Under the February 2005 agreement, the inspectors agreed to keep the phones on ``during all work hours," but not during lunch or breaks. The only people with access to the data generated by the phones will be the public safety commissioner and two managers, the settlement says. But one inspector who refused the phone said his union is grieving the policy, which he called ``an invasion of privacy."

Boston Globe
May 14, 2006 A Storm Blows In Along With the Wind: Project Planned Off Cape Cod Shows Contentiousness in Energy Development

QUOTE: Proponents of the Cape Wind project on Nantucket Sound say wind farms like it will help wean the country from dependence on foreign oil. Opponents suggest it will harm the area's environment, scenic views and economy. And both sides insist wealthy interests are doing their best to manipulate the decision-making process by hiring high-priced lobbyists and cutting backroom deals on Capitol Hill.

Washington Post
Apr 13, 2006 Mass. Marks Health-Care Milestone: Insurance Required Of All Residents, but Funding Isn't Final

QUOTE: Gov. Mitt Romney (R) signed a bill Wednesday requiring all Massachusetts residents to purchase health insurance -- portraying the measure as a historic solution to health-care costs, even as questions emerge about whether the state can afford it.

Washington Post
Feb 26, 2006 Hill Action Could Kill Planned Wind Farm, Backers Say: Foes Worry About Offshore Energy Project's Impact on Shipping, Fishing, Beachfront Views in Mass.

QUOTE: Officials at Cape Wind call the concerns about navigation a pretext for killing the project. They noted that a risk assessment completed by a contractor for the Army Corps of Engineers in 2003 found that "the presence of the Wind Park . . . is not expected to create negative impacts to navigational safety."

Washington Post
Feb 01, 2006 Soldiers sue over out-of-pocket costs: Members of the Massachusetts National Guard file what is thought to be a first-of-its-kind lawsuit.

QUOTE: After 9/11, hundreds of thousands of America's part-time soldiers answered the call to serve. Along the way, some have asked whether the costs they fair. Now, Massachusetts National Guard soldiers are taking the question straight to the top. They have filed a class-action lawsuit claiming they are owed $73 million in food, lodging, and commuting expenses they paid out-of-pocket while activated under state orders...

Christian Science Monitor
Dec 12, 2005 Custody Battle Is Waged Over Comatose Girl: Massachusetts Fights Stepfather Accused Of Beating Youngster

QUOTE: On one side is the state of Massachusetts, whose social-service system failed to prevent Haleigh's abuse and is now seeking to remove her life support. On the other is Haleigh's stepfather, Jason Strickland, whose wife adopted the girl and who has been charged in her abuse. He believes the girl should be kept alive -- but he also might be prosecuted for murder if she is not.

Washington Post
Sep 14, 2005 Mass. Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Ban: Constitutional Amendment Is Defeated in 157 to 39 Vote

QUOTE: ... the vote leaves same-sex marriage as the status quo in Massachusetts, and it now seems likely to remain so until at least 2008.

Washington Post
Sep 08, 2005 California Governor to Veto Law Authorizing Same-Sex Marriage

QUOTE: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) announced Wednesday night that he will veto landmark legislation that would have allowed same-sex couples to marry....he thinks the matter should be decided by California's courts or its voters.

Washington Post
Apr 26, 2005 Trying Times for Special Ed

QUOTE: ...excluding severely disabled children from the statewide test "simply isn't an option," said Carol Ann Baglin, an assistant state superintendent who oversees special education ... [but] special education teachers across Maryland say the test is a waste of time.

Washington Post
Mar 08, 2005 Boston Archdiocese, Insurer Settle on Abuse

QUOTE: The church filed a lawsuit against the insurer a year ago, soon after the archdiocese agreed to pay about $85 million to more than 500 people who alleged they had been molested by priests....Lumbermens said it was not responsible for abuse settlement payments because its policy covered accidents, not crimes.

Washington Post
Jul 26, 2004 Teenager Fights to Divorce Dad: Boy, 14, Wants to Cut Ties With the Man Who Killed His Mother

QUOTE: ...the teenager will ask a Massachusetts judge to terminate his father's parental rights -- the rough legal equivalent of a divorce -- in a case with few precedents...

Washington Post
Oct 07, 2003 Sculptor sues Fidelity to keep his artistic vision intact

QUOTE: ...the federal Visual Artists Rights Act and the Massachusetts Art Preservation Act. Both are designed to protect artists from distortion or other changes in their work.

Boston Globe
Jul 20, 2003 Race, sex, and age drive ticketing: Minorities and men least likely to receive warnings

QUOTE: In Boston, for example, 42 percent of white women, 53 percent of white men, 58 percent of minority women, and 68 percent of minority men were ticketed when cited for speeding 15 m.p.h. over in a 30 m.p.h. zone.

Boston Globe
Jul 07, 2003 Immigrants swindled in quest for citizenship

QUOTE: Though their powers are limited to stamping legal documents and almost anyone can be a notary in the United much of Latin America, the word ''notario'' connotes a lawyer, usually one of distinction.

Boston Globe
Mar 04, 2003 Massachusetts Asked to Allow Same-Sex Marriages

QUOTE: Attorneys for seven gay and lesbian couples are asking Massachusetts's highest court to make their state the first in the nation to sanction same-sex marriage.

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2002 More clergy abuse, secrecy cases: Records detail quiet shifting of rogue priests

QUOTE: ...their contention that the church's mishandling of notoriously abusive priests, including the now-defrocked and imprisoned John J. Geoghan, was standard procedure. They charge that the archdiocese worked furiously to hide its problem without concern for whether the priests would, in later assignments, abuse others - as they often did.

Boston Globe
Sep 29, 2002 Janitors in the Boston Area Are Threatening to Strike

QUOTE: But Ms. Portillo, one of thousands of Boston-area janitors threatening to walk off the job on Monday, faces a formidable obstacle: Cleaning companies in this city say it would be impractical and unprofitable to give all these janitors full-time jobs and health insurance.

New York Times
Sep 12, 2002 In Boston, Battle Brews Over Rent

QUOTE: It's not all-out war yet, but familiar lines are being drawn in Boston's first serious tussle over rent control in the 21st century.

Washington Post
Jul 31, 2002 Dirty Money, Dirty Politics

QUOTE: In a matter of days, drug dealing, money laundering and a deposed dictator have moved to the forefront of a Texas governor's race that has turned dirty early in this election year.

Washington Post
Jan 12, 2002 Cardinal Apologizes to Abuse Victims: Boston Archdiocese Sets New Policy

QUOTE: "I was aware there had been prior instances" of alleged sexual abuse by Geoghan when he reassigned the priest to new parishes, but that he had relied on psychiatric evaluations in deciding that the assignments were safe.

Washington Post
Jan 03, 2002 Executive Privilege Again

QUOTE: The New England F.B.I.'s long-running abuse of power is "the greatest failing in federal law enforcement history," according to James Wilson, chief counsel to the House Government Reform Committee...John Ashcroft's Department of Justice does not want Congress to air out this long, shameful story.

New York Times
Jan 03, 2002 Mass. Settles An Issue of Posthumous Conception: State's High Court Says Inheritance Laws Apply

QUOTE: Massachusetts's highest court ruled today that children conceived artificially after a parent dies are entitled to the same inheritance rights as naturally conceived children under state law.

Washington Post
Dec 08, 2001 How to be a Landlord In Massachusetts and Avoid Legal Trouble

QUOTE: Most of us heard at an early age that ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it. But all too often, the small property owner winds up in the lawyer's office only after getting in trouble.
Nov 02, 2001 Massachusetts Clears Five Witches in Salem Trials

QUOTE: More than three centuries after they were accused, tried and hanged as unrepentant witches on Gallows Hill in Salem, Mass., five women have been officially exonerated by the state.

New York Times
Aug 08, 2001 Catholic Church Backs Bill On Child Molesting

QUOTE: ...the Roman Catholic Church here announced today that it would support a bill in the Massachusetts Legislature that would add...clergy to the list of people who must report suspected child sexual abuse to the authorities.

New York Times
Jul 27, 2001 Many States Ceding Regulations to Church Groups

QUOTE: ...religious organizations have been seeking and winning exemptions from other areas of the law, from land-use regulations to health requirements, like immunization.

New York Times
May 20, 2001 See Jane. See Jane Find Another Way. Go, Jane.

QUOTE: ...[Massachusetts Gov. Jane] Swift's pregnancy and new motherhood are provoking debate about how much accommodation gender differences merit.

Washington Post
Dec 22, 2000 Student Failure Causes States to Retool Testing Programs

QUOTE: Rocked by two straight years of widespread failure (88 percent of the sophomores failed the math test the previous spring, in a pilot run), state education officials have concluded that the test is too hard and have absolved any class graduating before 2004, at the earliest, of having to pass it. In retrenching on that test, and on a writing exam where scores were only marginally better, Arizona, too, has company...

New York Times