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Apr 07, 2015 The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits [Wonkblog]

QUOTE: We rarely make similar demands of other recipients of government aid. We don't drug-test farmers who receive agriculture subsidies...

Washington Post
Dec 23, 2011 Justice Dept. Cites Race in Halting Law Over Voter ID

QUOTE: The Justice Department on Friday blocked a new South Carolina law that would require voters to present photo identification, saying the law would disproportionately suppress turnout among eligible minority aggressive stance in reviewing a wave of new state voting restrictions, largely enacted by Republicans in the name of fighting fraud.

New York Times
Sep 13, 2009 Welcome to Our Town. Wish We Weren’t Here. (Treece Journal)

QUOTE: Officials in Kansas have been practically begging the federal government to move Treece’s impoverished people, mostly the children and grandchildren of old miners [due to mining contaminates in the soil] but to no avail.

New York Times
Nov 09, 2005 Kansas School Board Casts Doubts on Evolution: Schools to Teach Doubts About Evolutionary Theory

QUOTE: The Kansas Board of Education voted Tuesday that students will be expected to study doubts about modern Darwinian theory, a move that defied the nation's scientific establishment even as it gave voice to religious conservatives and others who question the theory of evolution.

Washington Post
Oct 22, 2005 Bias Ruled in Law On Same-Sex Rape: Court Cites Inequities in Kansas Statute

QUOTE: Under the logic of the Kansas ruling, "not only this law but a lot of other laws that treat gay people badly would fall," said James D. Esseks, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union's Gay and Lesbian Rights Project.

Washington Post
May 05, 2005 Teachers, Scientists Vow to Fight Challenge to Evolution: Creationists Seek Curriculum Change; Kan. Education Hearings Open Today

QUOTE: Alarmed by proposals to change how evolution is taught, scientists and teachers are mobilizing to fight back, asserting that educational standards are being threatened...

Washington Post
Mar 15, 2005 Kansas Abortion Clinics Fight Data Request

QUOTE: Two Kansas clinics are opposing efforts by the state's attorney general to obtain the medical records of more than 80 women who received late-term abortions in 2003.

Washington Post
Feb 14, 2002 School Cheating Scandal Tests a Town's Values

QUOTE: ...28 of 118 Piper High sophomores had stolen sections of their botany project off the Internet....Now, the community is angrily pointing fingers as they debate right and wrong...

New York Times