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Feb 28, 2012 Virginia Senate Passes Ultrasound Bill as Other States Take Notice

QUOTE: Changing course after an unwelcome national uproar, the Virginia Senate adopted a revised bill on Tuesday that still requires doctors to perform an ultrasound on women before they have an abortion, but also says that women cannot be forced to have an invasive vaginal ultrasound....The Senate vote came after a bitter debate in which Democrats pleaded with the body not to adopt a bill that they said remained — even with the changes — demeaning to women and insulting to doctors.

New York Times
Aug 30, 2007 For Idaho Paper And Reporter, Craig Story Posed a Moral Dilemma

QUOTE: The kind of dilemma facing the Statesman has played out repeatedly in recent years as news organizations have grappled with secondhand accounts about political figures and questionable sexual conduct.

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2005 Zeroing Out the Messenger: Idaho Senator Eliminates Funds for Center on Salmon Survival

QUOTE: The Fish Passage Center, with just 12 employees and a budget of $1.3 million, has been killed because it did not count fish in a way that suited Craig.

Washington Post
Sep 05, 2004 Suffering Effects of 50's A-Bomb Tests

QUOTE: Even as sick residents of other Western states received compensation from the government, the question of how Idahoans may have been affected by the nuclear tests received little attention. But now a furor has erupted here and elsewhere in Idaho, set off by one Emmett native, who survived thyroid cancer but is dying of breast cancer...

New York Times
Aug 09, 2004 Logging and Politics Collide in Idaho

QUOTE: In place of a Clinton-era ban on building roads in roadless areas, the Bush administration proposes to give governors the lead in seeking roadless protections.

New York Times
Jul 22, 2003 Family Values

QUOTE: Theron McGriff says he thought the issue in his fight for custody of his kids was supposed to be his parenting skills, but he believes an Idaho judge made his decision based on something else — McGriff's sexuality.

ABC News