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Sep 08, 2016 Why Donald Trump and Pam Bondi Probably Won’t Face a Corruption Investigation: The Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision seems to have put a chill on prosecutors.

QUOTE: Why is a charity giving money to aid a pol with whom the foundation’s head has pending legal business?....Reading through the court’s language in McDonnell, the easier hurdle is “official acts.” The justices were not certain that McDonnell’s various phone calls and luncheons represented official acts...

May 27, 2014 Court Extends Curbs on the Death Penalty in a Florida Ruling

QUOTE: The Supreme Court on Tuesday continued a trend to limit capital punishment, ruling that Florida’s I.Q. score cutoff was too rigid to decide which mentally disabled individuals must be spared the death penalty.

New York Times
Dec 21, 2013 When the Right to Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill

QUOTE: a central, unresolved issue in the debate over balancing public safety and the Second Amendment right to bear arms: just how powerless law enforcement can be when it comes to keeping firearms out of the hands of people who are mentally ill. Connecticut’s law giving the police broad leeway to seize and hold guns for up to a year is actually relatively strict. Most states simply adhere to the federal standard, banning gun possession only after someone is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility or designated as mentally ill or incompetent after a court proceeding or other formal legal process....A systematic review of these cases — from cities and counties in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee — underscores how easy it is for people with serious mental health problems to have guns.

New York Times
Jul 13, 2013 Law and Justice and George Zimmerman: The exoneration of Travyon Martin's killer is a stark reminder of the limitations of our judicial systems and the choices we make about the laws under which we li

QUOTE: what the acquittal of George Zimmerman means -- to the nation, to its rule of law, to its politics, to its racial divide, to its deadly obsession with guns, to Florida's ALEC-infused justice system, and to probably 100 other things....To me, on its most basic level, the startling Zimmerman verdict -- and the case and trial that preceded it -- is above all a blunt reminder of the limitations of our justice system. Criminal trials are not searches for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They never have been. Our rules of evidence and the Bill of Rights preclude it. Our trials are instead tests of only that limited evidence a judge declares fit to be shared with jurors, who in turn are then admonished daily, hourly even, not to look beyond the corners of what they've seen or heard in court.

Atlantic Online, The (Atlantic Monthly)
Mar 27, 2012 Florida’s New Election Law Blunts Voter Drives

QUOTE: Florida, which is expected to be a vital swing state once again in this year’s presidential election, is enrolling fewer new voters than it did four years ago as prominent civic organizations have suspended registration drives because of what they describe as onerous restrictions imposed last year by Republican state officials.

New York Times
Mar 26, 2012 Trayvon's killing and Florida's tragic past

QUOTE: No matter the state, the circumstances are eerily familiar: a slaying. Minimal police investigation. A suspect known to authorities. No arrest. Protests and outrage in a racially charged atmosphere. Florida is known for its amusement parks, beaches and pensioners from the North. But history bears out that Florida has been as much a part of the South and its vigilante-enforced racial caste system as Georgia and Alabama.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 20, 2012 Florida shooting renews debate over 'stand your ground' laws

QUOTE: Florida's 2005 "stand-your-ground" law...allows people to use deadly force away from their homes -- where such force has long been allowed -- if they have reasonable fear an assailant could seriously harm them or someone else. It also eliminated a longstanding "duty to retreat" in the face of imminent harm...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 29, 2011 In Florida, G.O.P. Help for Unions

QUOTE: “These are government unions that are negotiating oftentimes against the taxpayers… It’s not fair that the taxpayer-funded payroll system is collecting union dues that are used politically against the taxpayer.”

New York Times
Mar 22, 2011 Race Issues Rise for Miami Police

QUOTE: Miami has a long history of racially charged police shootings, some of which combusted into deadly riots and Justice Department inquiries that ended with police officers in prison. The pattern this time is familiar: All seven men who were fatally shot by the police were African-American; the police officers who shot them are all Hispanic.

New York Times
Dec 20, 2010 Man who wrote 'how-to' for pedophiles arrested

QUOTE: Judd said he was frustrated that Greaves' book was protected under freedom of speech laws, even though it was created "specifically to teach people how to sexually molest and rape children."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 28, 2010 Civil rights-era killings yield secrets to FBI probe

QUOTE: Three years after the FBI pledged to investigate more than 100 unsolved civil rights killings, the agency is ready to close all but a handful. Investigators say they have solved most of the mysteries behind the cases, but few will result in indictments, given the passage of decades, the deaths of prime suspects and the challenge of gathering evidence.

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2009 Roadside Camp for Miami Sex Offenders Leads to Lawsuit

QUOTE: They used to be invisible, the four or five convicted sex offenders camping out on the Julia Tuttle Causeway connecting Miami to Miami Beach. But for three years now — pushed by local laws that bar them from living within 2,500 feet of where children gather — more and more criminals have moved in.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2009 Florida aided Allen Stanford, suspect in huge swindle: Florida regulators -- over objections by the state's top banking lawyer -- gave sweeping powers to banker Allen Stanford, accused of swindling in

QUOTE: Over objections by the state's chief banking lawyer -- including concerns that [Allen] Stanford was laundering money -- regulators granted sweeping powers never given to a private company.

Miami Herald
Apr 06, 2009 Pinched Courts Push to Collect Fees and Fines

QUOTE: Ms. Gainous has been caught up in the state’s [Florida] exceptionally aggressive system to collect the court fines and fees that keep its judiciary system working. Judges themselves dun residents who have fallen behind in their payments, but unlike other creditors, they can throw debtors in jail — and they do, by the thousands.

New York Times
Mar 11, 2009 Voting Rights Elude Some Florida Ex-Felons, Study Says

QUOTE: Florida’s procedures for restoring voting rights to convicted felons are so cumbersome, bureaucratic and confusing that some ex-convicts are being denied their rights, according to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

New York Times
Sep 11, 2008 ‘Jim Crawford’ Republicans: The GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states.

QUOTE: It was a mainstay of Jim Crow segregation: for 100 years after the Civil War, Southern white Democrats kept eligible blacks from voting with poll taxes, literacy tests and property requirements...Now, with the help of a 2008 Supreme Court decision, Crawford vs. Marion County (Indiana) Election Board, white Republicans in some areas will keep eligible blacks from voting by requiring driver's licenses.

Sep 04, 2008 Schoolhouse Rock: The Bonus Lottery

QUOTE: Only three percent of the educators deemed worthy of the $2,100 bonuses worked in the low-income schools that struggle most, where at least nine in 10 students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. And almost two-thirds taught in A-rated schools, where they arguably were least needed.

Aug 19, 2008 Student Files Are Exposed on Web Site

QUOTE: The Princeton Review, the test-preparatory firm, accidentally published the personal data and standardized test scores of tens of thousands of Florida students on its Web site, where they were available for seven weeks...The Web error indicates that the Princeton Review neglected several accepted online security practices. In addition to failing to properly restrict access to the student information, the company combined confidential and innocuous files on the same computers — which security researchers say is never a good idea.

New York Times
May 08, 2008 Florida to pay $11.5 million for cutting citrus trees: The jury verdict comes in the first of five lawsuits seeking compensation for backyard trees destroyed in disease-prevention efforts.

QUOTE: "This case from Day 1 has been about the constitutional guarantee of full compensation when private property is taken for a public purpose," emergency effort to insulate the state's commercial citrus industry from an outbreak of citrus canker disease...

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 07, 2007 Inquiry Set Into Purchases From Bush Brother’s Firm

QUOTE: The inspector general of the Department of Education has said he will examine whether federal money was inappropriately used by three states to buy educational products from a company owned by Neil Bush, the president’s brother.

New York Times
Nov 02, 2007 Effort to Save Everglades Falters as Funds Drop

QUOTE: The idea that the federal government could summon the will and money to restore the subtle, sodden grandeur of the so-called River of Grass is disappearing, too. Supporters say the effort would get sorely needed momentum from a long-delayed federal bill authorizing $23 billion in water infrastructure projects, including almost $2 billion for the Everglades.

New York Times
Oct 18, 2007 Sex offenders find haven at trailer park

QUOTE: Morais charges each offender $400 per month, which includes all utilities. Most have roommates, with up to three or four per trailer. But not everyone who lives here feels safe knowing they are surrounded by convicted sex offenders.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 04, 2007 Appeals Court Finds Ugly Implications in City's Anti-Truck Law: Class, Not Aesthetics, May Be Real Issue, Judges Suggest in Overturning Code

QUOTE: The central question in the ticket case has become: Are the city ordinances targeting pickup trucks, or are they, more sinisterly, trying to exclude the people who drive them?

Washington Post
Jul 19, 2007 After a Brutal Attack, Many Hope for Change but Few Expect It

QUOTE: The people of Dunbar Village are petrified, furious and doubtful that even such a savage crime will bring about change. West Palm Beach — “a city of unsurpassed beauty,” its Web site says — has eagerly permitted luxury condominiums and revitalized neighborhoods for the rich and middle class. But the north side, where steady violence has pushed up the city’s crime rate, continues to languish.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2007 Files show talks on 'vote caging': Discussions with elections chief were prior to '04 election

QUOTE: Internal city memos show the issue of Republican "vote caging" efforts in Jacksonville's African-American neighborhoods was discussed in the weeks before the 2004 election, contradicting recent claims by former Duval County Republican leader Mike Hightower - the Bush-Cheney campaign's local chairman at the time.

Florida Times-Union, The (Jacksonville)
Jun 17, 2007 Habitat for Humanity’s Homes Faulted in Florida

QUOTE: [Although] City inspectors this month examined six houses and found no violations… the perceptions have a life of their own. A project built with sweat equity and good will has had unintended consequences, and costs.

New York Times
May 10, 2007 Medicare's $869 Air Mattress Bill: Government Arrests 38 As It Cracks Down On Health-Care Fraud

QUOTE: The schemes center on what prosecutors call the nation's largest hot spot for health-care malfeasance: the southern district of Florida. Over the past several weeks, federal agents visited dozens of companies there that charged Medicare for prosthetic limbs, costly AIDS drugs, air mattresses and urinary collection bags. Few if any of the products were purchased or delivered to patients in need.

Washington Post
Feb 09, 2007 Dad wasn't dad after all, but still owes child support: A Florida Supreme Court case raises fundamental questions about the nature of fatherhood and legal responsibilities

QUOTE: The Parker case illustrates an increasingly contentious debate over the rights and responsibilities of divorced fathers who have been duped and don't challenge paternity at or near the time of divorce. But it also raises fundamental questions about the nature of fatherhood and the legal responsibilities that can attach to a father-child relationship – even when that relationship is the result of fraud and deception by a wife and mother.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 23, 2006 Political Backlash Builds Over High-Stakes Testing: Public Support Wanes for Tests Seen as Punitive

QUOTE: The role of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, has become central to the race to succeed Gov. Jeb Bush (R), with polls showing a growing discontent over the exams, which he has championed and which are used to determine many aspects of the school system, including teacher pay, budgets and who flunks third grade.

Washington Post
Aug 23, 2006 Debate grows on out-of-wedlock laws: Some 1.6 million Americans in seven states are breaking old anticohabitation rules.

QUOTE: In North Carolina, a state judge in July ruled unconstitutional a law that states it's illegal for unmarried couples to live together...Yet the debate about whether the laws should continue to exist is a flash point between secularists and traditional Christians over the definition of a family.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 25, 2006 Florida City Rejects Stringent Law on Migrants

QUOTE: The ordinance, called the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, would have fined landlords $1,000 for every tenant found to be an illegal immigrant, denied city permits, contracts and grants to businesses that employed illegal immigrants and required city documents to be in English only.

New York Times
Jul 10, 2006 Voter registration issues cloud elections

QUOTE: A relatively obscure area of election law has sparked a flurry of lawsuits over who gets to register new voters and how they perform the task...Advocates of tighter rules say they're trying to prevent election fraud. Critics contend the rules could be used to disenfranchise voters who might make a difference.

Jun 12, 2006 States' Changes Reshape Medicaid: New Restrictions Aim to Save Money

QUOTE: The emerging shape of Medicaid represents a victory for governors...who argued for years that states deserved more control over the program so it would place less strain on their budgets. Some patients advocates, however, warn that the vulnerable patients Medicaid was designed to help will be less certain to get the health care they need.

Washington Post
Jun 09, 2006 Ex-cops sue over Net-sex video (Police blotter)

QUOTE: Palm Beach County deputy sheriffs who participated in Internet porn videos showing group sex, oral sex and masturbation sued after being fired...Federal appeals court rejected deputies' claim that their pay-per-view sexcapades were entitled to First Amendment protection.
May 07, 2006 Man Sues to Exhibit Graffiti as Art

QUOTE: "Graffiti art has grown from its roots in inner-city street culture into a recognized and even mainstream art form," according to a lawsuit...

Washington Post
Apr 30, 2006 Insurers Retreat From Coasts: Katrina Losses May Force More Costs on Taxpayers

QUOTE: For taxpayers, a coordinated system to accurately price and insure against the risk of disasters would create true market incentives for homeowners, developers and lenders to buy and build stronger and safer homes, cutting the need for politicians to provide aid after a disaster.

Washington Post
Feb 19, 2006 Bush's Turn as Recruiter Grabs NCAA's Attention

QUOTE: The governor of this pigskin-crazy state played a role in luring Rolle, one of the top high school recruits in the country, to Florida State University...scrutinized by the NCAA.

Washington Post
Dec 11, 2005 House to Take Up Stricter Immigration Measure: GOP, Administration Divided on Plan to Boost Border Security, Tighten Job Market

QUOTE: Driven by the rising anger of their constituents, House Republicans are pushing ahead with tough legislation to tighten control of the nation's borders and clamp down on the hiring of illegal immigrants -- without offering new avenues for such immigrants to find lawful employment.

Washington Post
Nov 11, 2005 In Tampa, Fan Sues Over NFL 'Pat-Downs': Frisking at Stadium Is Out of Bounds, Man Says

QUOTE: He said he dislikes being touched by "a total stranger" and believes that the potential terrorist threat has been wildly exaggerated. And with his initial court success, Johnston has become either a champion of civil liberties or a meddler whose challenge is, by restricting security measures, endangering the lives of his fellow fans.

Washington Post
Sep 09, 2005 Insurers Are Urged to Pay Valid Claims

QUOTE: [Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale said]"...I expect and believe that, where there is any doubt, that doubt will be resolved in favor of finding coverage on behalf of the insured." Dale's position startled many insurers and reinsurers, who are concerned they are being pressured to pay claims for damage they did not insure. "

Washington Post
Jul 29, 2005 Suicide's Aftermath Rocks Miami

QUOTE: DeFede voluntarily told the Herald about the taping, but not before being assured by one of the paper's lawyers, Robert Beatty, and by Publisher Jesus Diaz that he had attorney-client privilege..."I trusted my employer to stand by me," DeFede said. "Suddenly, I'm out on the street..."

Washington Post
Jun 07, 2005 Strip-Search law broken in Seminole

QUOTE: Hundreds of people arrested on minor offenses were routinely strip-searched at the Seminole County Jail, in violation of jail policy and state law, an investigation has concluded...State law prohibits strip searches for traffic, regulatory or misdemeanor offenses, unless they involve violence, a weapon or drugs.

Orlando Sentinel
May 04, 2005 Florida Halts Fight to Bar Girl's Abortion

QUOTE: After first resisting a judge's order to allow a 13-year-old in state custody to get an abortion, Gov. Jeb Bush's administration changed course on Tuesday and said it would abandon the legal fight.

New York Times
Apr 26, 2005 Fla. Gun Law to Expand Leeway for Self-Defense: NRA to Promote Idea in Other States

QUOTE: ...let Floridians "meet force with force," erasing the "duty to retreat" when they fear for their lives outside of their homes, in their cars or businesses, or on the street.

Washington Post
Mar 21, 2005 House Passes Schiavo Bill in Special Session

QUOTE: Attorneys for Robert and Mary Schindler argued that allowing their brain-damaged daughter to die before the federal courts can review her case would violate Congress's will and lead to the "damnation of her soul" because it would conflict with her religious beliefs. Her husband's legal team countered that Congress trampled the Constitution by bending to "popular clamor" and ignoring a long string of judicial rulings in what they called one of the most extensively litigated cases in Florida history.

Washington Post
Mar 08, 2005 Panther Advocate Fights to Get Job Back: Biologist Takes On Fish and Wildlife Service

QUOTE: "...[Andy] Eller has mounted a one-man campaign against what he says is a corrupt system within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that favors politically wired real estate developers over, well, fish and wildlife."

Washington Post
Nov 02, 2004 G.O.P. in Ohio Can Challenge Voters at Polls

QUOTE: a Federal appeals court ruled early Tuesday morning that the Republican Party could place thousands of people inside polling places to challenge the eligibility of voters, a blow to Democrats who argued those challengers will intimidate minority voters.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2004 Partisan Suspicions Run High in Swing States: Democrats say the GOP aims to disenfranchise the poor and minorities. Republicans counter with claims of voter registration fraud.

QUOTE: ...the extraordinarily rancorous and mistrustful atmosphere that pervades battleground states in the final days of the presidential campaign....Democrats and Republicans seem convinced their opponents are bent on stealing the election.

Los Angeles Times
Sep 24, 2004 Fla. High Court Overrules Governor in Schiavo Case: Feeding Order Called An 'Encroachment'

QUOTE: Florida's highest court ruled unanimously Thursday that Gov. Jeb Bush (R) violated a "cornerstone of American democracy" when he overrode a court decision and ordered doctors to resume tube-feeding a severely brain-damaged woman...."an encroachment on the judicial branch" that undercut the constitutionally protected separation of powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Washington Post
Apr 26, 2004 Florida Legislators Take on a Voter Right

QUOTE: Florida is among 24 states that let residents bypass their elected leaders and put proposals to amend the Constitution directly on the ballot...But lawmakers have long complained that the process unfairly burdens the state by mandating expensive new programs.

New York Times

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