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Dec 09, 2012 Same-Sex Issue Pushes Justices Into Overdrive

QUOTE: The speed with which the court is moving has some gay rights advocates bracing for a split decision. The court could strike down the federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, saying that the meaning of marriage is a matter for the states to decide. At the same time, it could reject the idea that the Constitution requires states to allow same-sex marriage, saying that the meaning of marriage is a matter for the states to decide....However the court rules in the California case, its very decision to consider it is a change from the caution of an earlier era.

New York Times
Apr 28, 2012 How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes

QUOTE: The growing digital economy presents a conundrum for lawmakers overseeing corporate taxation: although technology is now one of the nation’s largest and most valued industries, many tech companies are among the least taxed, according to government and corporate data. Over the last two years, the 71 technology companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index — including Apple, Google, Yahoo and Dell — reported paying worldwide cash taxes at a rate that, on average, was a third less than other S.& P. companies’.

New York Times
Feb 28, 2008 School Board to Pay in Jesus Prayer Suit

QUOTE: At [her daughter's] high school graduation in 2004, a minister’s prayer proclaiming Jesus as the only way to the truth nudged [a local woman] to ask the school board to consider more generic and less exclusionary prayers...As news of the request spread, many local Christians saw it as an effort to limit the free exercise of religion, residents said.

New York Times
Jun 10, 2005 Horseshoe Crabs' Decline Further Imperils Shorebirds: Mid-Atlantic States Searching for Ways to Reverse Trend

QUOTE: "'It's appalling that you would destroy one of the great wildlife spectacles in the world so a few guys could make money scooping up horseshoe crabs for bait,'...Watermen in 15 states along the Atlantic coast, on the other hand, resent the regulators who have limited their horseshoe crab take since 1998."

Washington Post
Dec 22, 2000 Student Failure Causes States to Retool Testing Programs

QUOTE: Rocked by two straight years of widespread failure (88 percent of the sophomores failed the math test the previous spring, in a pilot run), state education officials have concluded that the test is too hard and have absolved any class graduating before 2004, at the earliest, of having to pass it. In retrenching on that test, and on a writing exam where scores were only marginally better, Arizona, too, has company...

New York Times