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Jul 14, 2005 A Defining Moment for Spyware EULAs

QUOTE: Yesterday the Anti-Spyware Coalition -- a rather imposing collection of software companies and public interest groups - released the first draft of its Spyware Definitions consensus document designed to give anti-spyware vendors standard categorizations of unwanted software.

Jul 12, 2005 McAfee: More attackers seeking money, zombies: They often seize control of PCs with tiny programs called 'bots'

QUOTE: The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company yesterday reported that the number of systems infected with malicious software that allows the PC to be used for unauthorized purposes jumped by 303% during the second quarter of 2005 from the previous quarter.

Jul 12, 2005 Microsoft patches IE, Word, Windows: The three software updates released today are all rated 'critical'

QUOTE: Microsoft Corp. has released three software updates that patch critical security flaws in its products, including a patch for an Internet Explorer vulnerability first reported last week. The company also released patches for Microsoft Word and for a feature of the Windows operating system used by a number of applications.

Jul 11, 2005 Qualcomm fires back with patent suit against Broadcom: In May, Broadcom filed two lawsuits against Qualcomm

QUOTE: Qualcomm Inc., facing an antitrust lawsuit and two patent infringement lawsuits from Broadcom Corp., filed its own patent suit today against Broadcom.

Jul 08, 2005 U.S. transit system ill-prepared for terror strike, experts say: They blame a lack of funding -- and not enough commitment to security

QUOTE: The terrorist attacks yesterday on rail and bus systems in London has highlighted both the vulnerability of the U.S. rail system and the enormous challenge involved in defending it, several security and terrorism experts said.

Jul 07, 2005 Microsoft readies critical Windows, Office updates: It will also release an updated Windows Software Removal Tool

QUOTE: Microsoft Corp. will release three software patches next Tuesday covering critical software flaws in its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software suite.

Jul 07, 2005 Man charged with wireless trespassing: Florida man faces 3rd-degree felony charges after using another's wireless network from his laptop.

QUOTE: Police have charged a Florida man with a third-degree felony charge, after he was arrested for accessing a St. Petersburg resident's wireless Internet network without permission.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 06, 2005 Microsoft offers work-around for IE vulnerability: Flaw can cause browser to crash

QUOTE: Microsoft Corp. has released software that can be used to mitigate a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer that was first reported last week. The bug, which concerns the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX components, can cause the browser to crash and could be used by an attacker to run unauthorized software on the user's machine, Microsoft said.

Jul 06, 2005 Study: Threat increases from IM-based attacks: It showed that 30% of the attacks target enterprises

QUOTE: The number of IM attacks such as viruses, worms, and phishing scams has increased from twenty for all of 2004 to 571 in the second quarter of 2005 alone, representing an increased threat to both enterprise users and the average consumer, the study from instant messaging security vendor IMlogic Inc. said.

Jul 06, 2005 European Parliament rejects patent law proposal: Critics argued it would have allowed the widespread patenting of software

QUOTE: Members of the European Parliament (MEP) voted overwhelmingly today to reject proposed legislation that critics argued would have allowed the widespread patenting of software in Europe.

Jul 06, 2005 IBM releases compliance software for U.S. agencies: They face regulations that go into effect Oct. 1

QUOTE: IBM today announced a new version of its financial controls compliance software designed for U.S. government agencies facing their own financial reporting regulations.

Jul 05, 2005 New Trojan can knock out Symbian phones: It can cause data loss unless quickly removed

QUOTE: Users of Symbian Series 60 smart phones are being warned of a new Trojan horse that, if not removed within one hour, can cause complete data loss in the wireless devices.

Jul 05, 2005 Broadcom files antitrust suit against Qualcomm: It claims that the cell phone chip maker engaged in unfair licensing practices

QUOTE: Broadcom Corp. filed an antitrust suit against cell phone chip maker Qualcomm Inc. on Friday, charging it with unfair licensing practices.

Jul 05, 2005 German teenager admits in court to creating Sasser worm: He had already confessed when he was arrested last year

QUOTE: German teenager Sven Jaschan confessed at his trial today to creating last year's Sasser computer worm that crashed hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide after spreading at lightning speed over the Internet.

Jul 05, 2005 Financial firms to share ID theft data with FTC: They hope it will help law enforcement probes of ID thefts

QUOTE: A U.S. center that helps victims of identity theft will begin sharing consumer complaint information with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and law enforcement agencies.

Jul 01, 2005 Corporate IT council to look at governance to help safeguard data: Group will focus on ways of improving policies for data use

QUOTE: Looking beyond traditional IT network security, a new Data Governance Council has been created by IBM and several dozen companies and IT organizations to help corporate technology users look into better protecting their data against hacker attacks and other breaches.

Jul 01, 2005 U.K. tax agency mulls lawsuit against EDS: Department says software glitches caused huge losses

QUOTE: A U.K. government agency has threatened Electronic Data Systems Corp. with legal action to recoup some of the monies lost as a result of a troubled tax credit management software system.

Jul 01, 2005 IE bug can crash browser: Microsoft said it is investigating

QUOTE: Security researchers have discovered a bug in Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser that can cause the software to crash and that could possibly be used to let an attacker run unauthorized software on the user's machine.

Jul 01, 2005 FBI cracks down on 'warez' piracy sites: Crackdown on distribution sites was conducted in 11 countries

QUOTE: The FBI, with help from investigators from 10 other countries, has arrested four people and dismantled Web sites used to illegally distribute movies, music and software, the U.S. Department of Justice said yesterday.

Jun 30, 2005 Backup Service Shell Game

QUOTE: How can you tell if a web service is just an empty shell where the only real functionality is collecting your money? That's the situation one reader suspects he finds himself in with a data backup service called Virtual Backup.

Jun 28, 2005 Customs group aims to fight terror with trade standards: The goal is to make global trade faster and safer

QUOTE: The World Customs Organization (WCO) has adopted new global standards and procedures for securing international container traffic against terrorist tampering threats.

Jun 28, 2005 Activation, "Shrink" and the Price of Software

QUOTE: Software publishers keep telling us that product activation actually is an effective method of fighting piracy. But, if that's true, one thoughtful reader would like an answer to a question: why isn't any of the money the publishers are presumably saving being passed on to customers in the form of lower prices?

Jun 27, 2005 UConn server breached; data on 72,000 people exposed: IT staffers found a rootkit that had been on the server since 2003

QUOTE: The server contained personal information, including users´┐Ż names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, UConn NetIDs and campus addresses, the university said.

Jun 17, 2005 A Very Fishy License Agreement

QUOTE: "But I thought it was a new low to have to agree to a EULA to own a pet -- especially if that license doesn't even come with the product like shrinkwrap licenses do. And they leave it open to interpretation whether they would come after me if I were to get a pair of these fish and they mated and had babies..."

Jun 16, 2005 Blue Law Makes Webmasters See Red

QUOTE: "An adult industry trade association plans to head to court this week to fight new federal enforcement efforts that could catch thousands of online porn sites with their pants down. Under penalty of federal prison terms, new interpretations of existing regulations would require sites that feature photographs or videos of sexual activity to keep records confirming that performers are of legal age."

Jun 16, 2005 BlowSearch Tackles Click Fraud

QUOTE: "It guarantees advertisers the traffic they receive will be legitimate or their money back. Although tiny BlowSearch is a mere David among Google-iaths (comScore Media Metrix ranks it 24th in terms of popularity among search engines) it stands out for its aggressive anti-click-fraud stance."

Jun 14, 2005 Gateway Won't Honor Its Published Specs

QUOTE: [Gateway--Ed.] still feels it has the right to shortchange customers on its published specs just by throwing a few weasel words into a document interested buyers are unlikely to see.

Jun 09, 2005 Google's sponsored-link ads may have helped turn the world's best-known search engine into a financial powerhouse, but they also are coming under attack for contributing to spyware practices that unde

QUOTE: "Google's sponsored-link ads may have helped turn the world's best-known search engine into a financial powerhouse, but they also are coming under attack for contributing to spyware practices that undermine trust on the Web."

Mar 17, 2005 Search Rank Easy to Manipulate

QUOTE: "An entire industry of search engine optimizers, called SEOs, has sprung up, many of which take advantage of loopholes in the way rankings are calculated."

Mar 10, 2005 CherryOS Re-Released, Still Fishy

QUOTE: "The company became embroiled in controversy last October when it offered a preview release, which experts said was simply a repackaging of a free, open-source emulator called PearPC."

Jan 25, 2005 Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates

QUOTE: ...Microsoft analyst Michael...Cherry said it is not necessarily Microsoft's responsibility to protect people who aren't paying the company for its products. He likened the situation to buying a fake Rolex and then expecting warranty service if the product breaks.
Jan 14, 2005 Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action: Product Leaks Draw Suit

QUOTE: ...scored yet another scoop...the computer maker filed a lawsuit accusing him of illegally misappropriating trade secrets.

Washington Post
Nov 05, 2004 Microsoft E-Mail Looks Like Spam to Some Recipients

QUOTE: ...Microsoft Corp. has extolled the virtues of the Can-Spam Act, which Congress passed in late 2003 to crack down on purveyors of unwanted bulk e-mail. The company, with other Internet and marketing firms, helped craft the act and has sued several spammers under its provisions. But Bob Poortinga thinks the software giant is engaged in its own spamming.

Washington Post
Oct 11, 2004 Spyware Today, Cookies Tomorrow

QUOTE: Over the years marketeers have always had the underlying goal of finding a new methodology to trick the public into buying more crap...We've gone from a consumer economy to a product economy. We no longer seek products. Products seek us. The marketeers track us down like dogs...

PC Magazine
Sep 04, 2004 Citing Threats, Entrepreneur Wants to Quit Caller ID Venture

QUOTE: Mr. Jepson said he had received...even a death threat...from people opposed to his publicizing a commercial version of technology that until now has been mainly used by software programmers and the computer hackers' underground.

New York Times
Aug 05, 2004 FCC Blocks Spam on Wireless Devices

QUOTE: The agency issued rules requiring marketers to have explicit permission from wireless-device users before they can be sent any commercial e-mail.

Aug 04, 2004 Yahoo Targets More than Spyware in Toolbar Release

QUOTE: ...Yahoo Inc. received criticism from anti-spyware advocates for differentiating between spyware and adware by automatically checking for spyware programs but requiring users to select a box to also scan for adware.

Jul 15, 2004 Borrowers And Lenders Meet at Moogul

QUOTE: ...Moogul, a new Web site that opened for business Friday, billing itself as the eBay of renting and sharing."Just like eBay facilitates buying and selling, we facilitate lending and borrowing," says Joel Maske, founder and chief executive of San Francisco-based Moogul Networks Inc.

Washington Post
Jun 09, 2004 Google Stirs Controversy With Froogle: Link to Firm's Own Site Can Top Search Results

QUOTE: ...Google Inc. is experimenting by promoting its own shopping site ahead of other online search results and ads. That has prompted criticism from some industry experts who say that the giant search engine company appears to be compromising the unusually high standards that it has set for itself just as it prepares to sell stock to the public.

Washington Post
May 27, 2004 Will Providers Provide Equally?

QUOTE: ...the concept of "network neutrality" has not just been a worry of the usual lineup of consumer groups and liberal Internet think tanks. Large tech companies such as, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. raised the alarm last year, asking the Federal Communications Commission to consider establishing principles that would help ensure that the Internet grows up as a place that allows basic consumer choice.

Washington Post
Jun 15, 2003 Lord of the Flies: It was said that Myer Berlow strapped clients into the chair, then David Colburn beat the stuffing out of them to make millions for AOL.

QUOTE: Colburn, the company's top deal maker, always insisted that AOL's business partners have skin in the game, a vested interest, which usually came in the form of millions of dollars in cash paid to AOL. That would make AOL's business partners work harder to make the relationship with AOL work. If they had something at stake, like their financial survival, they would perform.

Washington Post
May 22, 2003 Domain Games

QUOTE: Many readers have complained about an e-mail message they received recently from Network Solutions (NSI) with the subject line "Offical Notice: Information Update Required."

May 22, 2003 Tragedy to farce--the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit

QUOTE: The SCO vs. IBM lawsuit might have remained low comedy, nothing but the routine sort of greed-head maneuvering we've come to expect whenever a company with a pathetically weak product line starts to rave on about defending intellectual property rights. But SCO did something exceptionally stupid this time. They insulted the people who actually wrote the code they were selling.

May 14, 2003 Spammers Fight Back in Court

QUOTE: "We're of the opinion that blacklists have a First Amendment right to criticize the business practices of e-mail marketers or anyone else they choose, for that matter," said Andrew Barrett, executive director of SpamCon Foundation.

Mar 14, 2003 Student accused in Texas data heist

QUOTE: Federal prosecutors on Friday charged a student of the University of Texas at Austin with breaking into the school's database and stealing 55,000 records earlier this month.

Feb 09, 2003 Tangled Up in Spam

QUOTE: I know what your in-box looks like, and it isn't pretty. It looks like mine: a babble of come-ons and lies from hucksters and con artists. To find your real e-mail, you must wade through the torrent of fraud and obscenity known politely as ''unsolicited bulk e-mail'' and colloquially as spam. In a perverse tribute to the power of the online revolution, we are all suddenly getting the same mail.

Oct 11, 2002 Kiwi Symphony's Errant Scat Music

QUOTE: When subscribers to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra used Internet-based media players to listen to CDs sent to promote the orchestra's musical offerings next season, the playlist was not exactly classical music.

Aug 14, 2002 Intel case tests e-mail as free speech

QUOTE: Former worker prosecuted for electronic trespassing

Mar 13, 2002 Spam's Cost To Business Escalates

QUOTE: The flood of unsolicited messages sent over the Internet is growing so fast that spam may soon account for half of all U.S. e-mail traffic, making it not only a hair-pulling annoyance but also an increasing drain on corporate budgets and possibly a threat to the continued usefulness of the most successful tool of the computer age.

Feb 18, 2001 A Question Of Ethics

QUOTE: ...information technology, and the people who manage it, are at the forefront of decisions with ethical implications...privacy...employee monitoring...


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