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Dec 21, 2013 When the Right to Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill

QUOTE: a central, unresolved issue in the debate over balancing public safety and the Second Amendment right to bear arms: just how powerless law enforcement can be when it comes to keeping firearms out of the hands of people who are mentally ill. Connecticut’s law giving the police broad leeway to seize and hold guns for up to a year is actually relatively strict. Most states simply adhere to the federal standard, banning gun possession only after someone is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility or designated as mentally ill or incompetent after a court proceeding or other formal legal process....A systematic review of these cases — from cities and counties in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee — underscores how easy it is for people with serious mental health problems to have guns.

New York Times
Jan 26, 2013 Lawyers for Catholic hospital argue that a fetus is not a person

QUOTE: Life begins at conception, according to the Catholic Church, but in a wrongful death suit in Colorado, a Catholic health care company has argued just the opposite.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 13, 2011 Amazon Takes On California

QUOTE: Amazon said this week that it would push a voter initiative in California that could eliminate sales tax for virtual sellers with only a modest physical presence in the state. Its move instantly escalated the company’s long-running battle with many states over collecting sales tax, taking the question directly to voters. And it has sharply intensified its dispute with physical retailers like Wal-Mart Stores and Target, which have vowed to fight the measure.

New York Times
Jun 30, 2011 Two Rulings Find Cuts in Public Pensions Permissible

QUOTE: Judges in Colorado and Minnesota have dismissed court challenges by retired public workers whose pensions had been cut — developments that may embolden other states and cities to use pension reductions as a tool to help balance their budgets.

New York Times
Aug 03, 2009 In Colorado, judges as prosecutors: How far is too far?

QUOTE: Under a 19th century [Colorado] state law, obscure until recently, two judges have been asked to decide whether four men should be tried in rape and murder cases.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 07, 2009 Colorado town's wildfire law called intrusive

QUOTE: Breckenridge [,CO]... recently passed an ordinance requiring residents to thin vegetation around their home... the new law has infuriated many residents, who call it an encroachment on their rights and demand its repeal.

Los Angeles Times
Sep 11, 2008 Report Says Oil Agency Ran Amok: Interior Dept. Inquiry Finds Sex, Corruption

QUOTE: Government officials in charge of collecting billions of dollars worth of royalties from oil and gas companies accepted gifts, steered contracts to favored clients and engaged in drug use and illicit sex with employees of the energy firms, federal investigators reported...

Washington Post
Feb 14, 2008 2 Sue to Void Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

QUOTE: Earlier this week, [a lesbian couple] filed a motion with the court claiming that Amendment 43, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, violated their constitutional right to equal protection.

New York Times
Jan 27, 2008 Fairness On the Ballot

QUOTE: defenders of racial preferences, such as the politicians who administer and benefit from Missouri's racial spoils system. The crux of the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative (MoCRI) would amend that state's constitution to say: "The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting."

Washington Post
Dec 03, 2007 A Colorado couple use a rarely invoked law to take part of a neighbor's lot. The squatters' rights case sparks outrage.

QUOTE: squatters' rights....The doctrine of adverse possession, which says a person can gain possession of property after using it without challenge by the owner for a certain length of time, isn't a new or obscure legal doctrine. Still, its application in this case has the residents of this university town fuming.

Los Angeles Times
Nov 18, 2007 Proposed Colorado Measure on Rights for Human Eggs

QUOTE: A proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution that would give legal rights to fertilized human eggs may be headed for the ballot next year, raising the prospect of a heated local debate over abortion at the same time that Democrats are gathering here for their national convention.

New York Times
Nov 09, 2007 Doubts raised over 1999 murder conviction

QUOTE: They allege that police used deceptive investigative tactics and that prosecutors withheld key evidence that would have cast a kinder light on Masters, who is serving a life sentence.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 06, 2007 In Denver, a Ballot Fight Over Marijuana Arrests

QUOTE: But, it is unclear how the authorities will react if the measure passes. The 2005 measure garnered 54 percent approval. But city officials have ignored it, choosing instead to keep enforcing superseding state laws, which stipulate that a marijuana offense of an ounce or less, considered a Class 2 petty offense in Colorado, is punishable by a $100 fine

New York Times
Nov 04, 2007 Colorado Ranchers Angry Over Army Site Expansion: Plan to Take Land Spurs Debate On Patriotism, Property Rights

QUOTE: Several dozen ranchers and members of 15 county commissions that voted to oppose the project find themselves pitted against the Pentagon and Colorado business interests in a struggle over property rights, personal heritage and the contested priorities of national security.

Washington Post
Sep 03, 2007 Colorado Police Link Rise in Violence to Music

QUOTE: After a spate of shootings, and with a rising murder rate, the police here are saying gangsta rap is contributing to the violence, luring gang members and criminal activity to nightclubs. The police publicly condemned the music in a news release after a killing in July and are warning nightclub owners that their places might not be safe if they play gangsta rap.

New York Times
Jul 12, 2007 Silent Flag Protest Raises Outcry

QUOTE: [Beth] Hammer contends displaying the U.S. flag upside down is her First Amendment right .... The Cambridge Park Homeowners Association...doesn't agree with Hammer's perspective.

Denver Post
Mar 28, 2005 Colorado Court Bars Execution Because Jurors Consulted Bible

QUOTE: ... Colorado's highest court on Monday upheld a lower court's decision throwing out the sentence of a man who was given the death penalty after jurors consulted the Bible in reaching a verdict.

New York Times
Jul 24, 2004 Some Sexual Details On Accuser Allowed: Judge's Ruling Marks Victory for Bryant

QUOTE: ...a judge ruled that [Kobe Bryant's--Ed.] attorneys can present evidence to a jury about some of the sexual activities of the woman who has accused him of rape.

Washington Post
Jan 30, 2004 U-Colo. Allegedly Used Sex to Recruit Athletes

QUOTE: Like other major football schools, the University of Colorado made big promises to recruit high school stars...But Colorado coaches also dangled another inducement, according to the local prosecutor: sex with attractive female students.

Washington Post