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Jan 01, 1111 How to Get the Best Deal

QUOTE: LET'S FACE IT: Leasing a car is complicated. It's also more expensive than it used to be. Just a few years ago, the best deals were heavily subsidized by the manufacturers, which made leasing downright cheap. Sadly, this practice is far less common today...

Smart Money
Jan 01, 1111 Five Ways to Avoid Rip-Offs

QUOTE: Back in 1979 the Department of Transportation found that 53% of the costs associated with auto repair were unnecessary. At the time, that translated into a $26.5 billion loss to consumers. Unfortunately, things haven't gotten much better since...

Smart Money
Jan 01, 1111 Contractors and the Law: Prison Abuse Cases Renew Debate

QUOTE: Details of the role civilian contractors played in the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq sparked fresh debate about the effectiveness of laws and rules meant to govern workers hired to support the military.

Washington Post
Jan 01, 1111 On Death Row, a Battle Over the Fatal Cocktail

QUOTE: Opponents of the death penalty have filed challenges to the three-chemical combination used in Kentucky and about 30 other states in recent years.

New York Times
Jan 01, 1111 Ten Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

QUOTE: Some debtors get into trouble because they try to manipulate the system or they outright lie and cheat...Many more people turn their lawyers' hair gray with well-intentioned but ill-conceived efforts at making the most of a bad situation.
Jan 01, 1111 5 Things You Need to Know on Election Day and Why They Matter

QUOTE: Don’t panic if you registered to vote but your name is not on the list. Get help from a poll worker to make sure your vote is counted.

League of Women Voters
Jan 01, 1111 Custom Software Development

QUOTE: With custom software, you should never consider accepting the vendor's “standard form.” They're inevitably one-sided in favor of your vendor.

DeWitt Grossman
Jan 01, 1111 Confidentiality Agreements

QUOTE: Confidentiality agreements are the most common type of agreement I write as a lawyer...After doing this stuff for twenty-plus years, here are some tips from the deal negotiation trenches.

DeWitt Grossman
Jan 01, 1111 Asserting Your Rights in the Workplace:Learn how to handle a conflict with your employer to protect your rights and get results.

QUOTE: Depending on the size of your employer, the state in which you live, and your profession, you may be entitled to certain legal protections in the workplace...

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Email Privacy: If you want privacy, don't count on email. Here's why.

QUOTE: Email feels like a private, one-to-one conversation safe from prying eyes. But as many folks can tell you (Bill Gates for one), email is about as confidential as whispering at the White House.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Arrests and Interrogations FAQ: There are several constitutional protections that you can invoke during police interrogations.

QUOTE: When do the police need a warrant to make an arrest?...If I'm arrested, do the police have to "read me my rights"?

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Understanding Search and Seizure Law

QUOTE: Learn when the government can invade your privacy to hunt for evidence of a crime...This article covers the basic issues that you should know, beginning with an overview of the Fourth Amendment itself.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Consumer Scams FAQ

QUOTE: Federal and state laws prohibit unfair or deceptive trade acts or practices. If you think you've been cheated, immediately let the appropriate government offices know.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 How to Survive an Encounter With an American Courtroom

QUOTE: As with learning any other bureaucratic process, learning to represent yourself will take some effort, but it's not impossible. Fortunately, the basics of how to bring or defend a case aren't difficult, although trying to get on top of every nuance of procedure and strategy is.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Matter of Interest: How to lock in low rates now

QUOTE: Luckily, you can cushion your business against the impact of higher rates. The first step is to curtail the use of credit cards, which are typically the most expensive kind of financing. As long as you have collateral, you can try to get lower-cost bank debt instead.

Jan 01, 1111 Overview of Special Education Law

QUOTE: Get the basics on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and your child's rights to special education.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 What to Do After You File Your Lawsuit

QUOTE: The court clerk can fill you in on procedural details, but when it comes to conducting a case investigation you'll need to make a plan of your own.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 When You Must Submit to Workplace Testing

QUOTE: Learn the rules on medical exams, drug screens, lie detector tests, and psychological profiles...Employees do not have to unquestioningly subject themselves to these tests, however. There are limits on how far an employer can go.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Domestic Partnership Benefits: Learn about the benefits of domestic partnerships -- and whether they may be available to you.

QUOTE: Despite the fact that it's estimated only 10% of American families are made up of a working husband, a stay-at-home wife, and children, our legal and social systems still provide benefits and protections based on that model.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Taking Family and Medical Leave: Get information about all of the laws and benefits you may be entitled to before taking a leave.

QUOTE: Surveys prove it time and again: We all want more balance between the demands of our jobs and our personal and family needs. The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, provides some important -- but limited -- help.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Appeals and the Writ of Habeas Corpus FAQ

QUOTE: Defendants who think they've been wrongfully convicted of a crime have a number of options: appeals, writs, and habeas corpus.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Understanding Homeowners' Associations and CC&Rs

QUOTE: When you buy a house in a new subdivision or planned unit development, you may be subject to a host of rules and regulations.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Getting Paid What You're Worth: Salary Negotiations

QUOTE: A range gives you haggling room and shows that you're economically aware. No one suggests asking for the bottom of the range unless you're a rookie.
Jan 01, 1111 Staying Out of Trouble Online

QUOTE: The Internet isn't some lawless subculture that exists outside of the "real" world. What you and your employees do online counts. Your business should have a written Internet Use Policy in place to help minimize the legal risks that could embroil you in unneeded litigation.

DeWitt Grossman
Jan 01, 1111 What is a Puppy Mill anyway? Greed Hostage Camps

QUOTE: Popular usage of the label "Puppy Mill" has it as a large facility, where dogs are crammed into cages, fed little, uncared for, with little or no human contact, and forced to breed heat cycle after heat cycle, while an uncaring owner reaps profits.
Jan 01, 1111 Body Art in the Workplace

QUOTE: Men and women flaunt pierced navels at the beach, sterling silver glinting in the sun. Tattoo parlors have popped up in suburban areas....Companies can limit employees' personal expression on the job as long as they do not impinge on their civil liberties.
Jan 01, 1111 Software Audits

QUOTE: Do you know how many licenses your company owns for Microsoft Word? Do you know how many use it? Does anybody in your company have a good handle on your licensing? If the answers are “no” and “no,” you may find yourself paying large penalties for your improper licensing....I strongly suggest you have your attorney conduct software audits for you...

Mark Grossman (articles on computer law)
Jan 01, 1111 Renting a Car

QUOTE: Selling consumers additional insurance coverage, often unnecessarily duplicating coverage they already have, is the primary way car rental companies increase the cost of the rental. There are four different types of insurance and insurance-like coverages the companies try to sell to consumers at the rental counters -- Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC).

New York State Office of the Attorney General (NYSOAG)
Jan 01, 1111 5 rental-car traps: Booking through the wrong Web site, getting caught in traffic -- or even something as simple as getting an upgrade to an SUV -- could cost you big.

QUOTE: Finding a good deal has gotten harder as rental-car agencies raise their rates and as governments pile on new taxes. In addition, many franchises are charging fees for things that used to be free.

MSN (Microsoft Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Getting Permission to Publish: Ten Tips for Webmasters

QUOTE: The Internet has made it possible for anyone with a computer and modem to become a Web publisher. But even though technology has made information more accessible to everyone, copyright and trademark laws still apply to Web publishing, and websites are common targets for infringement lawsuits. Here are some tips that can help you avoid legal trouble when you want to use someone else's work on your website.

Jan 01, 1111 Reading The Fine Print: Unhappy Consumers Not Necessarily Bound To Arbitration

QUOTE: because arbitration provisions generally appear as “fine print” in preprinted standardized forms offered to consumers on a “take-it-or-leave-it” basis, they may be scrutinized by courts and in some cases invalidated.

Jan 01, 1111 Block Your Credit Reports to Prevent ID Theft

QUOTE: Your newest weapon in the fight against identity theft is a way to lock up your credit reports. After you put this lock on, you hold the key to who can see your personal information.

Jan 01, 1111 What to Do If a Bill Collector Crosses the Line

QUOTE: It's stressful to be unable to pay your bills on time. It's even more stressful to hear from a bill collector about those overdue debts. Although bill collectors can be persistent (that's their job), many are careful to follow the law when contacting you. Unfortunately, some are not. If a bill collector oversteps the bounds of the law, you can take action.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 Five diagnoses that call for a second opinion

QUOTE: While it's important to get second opinions for various treatments, doctors say there are certain procedures where it's especially crucial...Heart bypass surgery...hysterectomy...Pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality...Surgery for varicose veins...brain tumors...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Think You've Been Stuck With a Lemon? Here's How To Know — and What To Do

QUOTE: If your car has had a "reasonable" number of repair attempts for the same defect within the car's warranty period and the defect still hasn't been corrected, the car may qualify as a lemon. If this sounds like your situation, don't fret. With a little persistence, a lot of knowledge and — worst case — the help of a lemon law attorney, you can achieve a satisfactory resolution to your automotive angst: a real fix, another vehicle altogether, or monetary compensation for the piece of junk.

Edmund's Automobile Buyers Guide
Jan 01, 1111 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Condo

QUOTE: You've found your dream condo, and you're ready to relax among the mango trees and swaying date palms. Hold everything. To keep from getting stuck with a lemon, you've got to do some homework. Here are the seven most important questions you need to ask before buying a condo.

Smart Money
Jan 01, 1111 Safely Donating or Disposing Old PCs

QUOTE: First, computers don't have much trade-in value and you may have to pay to dispose of a system that's more than a few years old. Second, you'll need to identify and copy personal files to the new PC. Third, you must protect yourself by removing any personal information stored on the old computer.

Jan 01, 1111 Drugs, Dollars & Diagnosis: Does diagnosing controversial conditions help patients—or are drug companies the only beneficiaries?

QUOTE: Are ADHD, restless leg syndrome (RLS) and fibromyalgia, to name a few disorders du jour, imaginary, or do these labels identify conditions that are all too real for people suffering from them, with symptoms ranging from irritating to debilitating? The controversy is fueled by the observation that there seems to be a money trail attached to some of the attention for the most fashionable disorders.

MSN (Microsoft Network)
Jan 01, 1111 When Collaborations Compete: What to do when you know two scientists are competing with each other, and they don't.

QUOTE: You've never personally met either investigator, and now you find yourself standing on an ethical tightrope by potentially setting up a competition between these two groups. How much should you reveal to each party?

Scientist, The (TS)
Jan 01, 1111 Fact Sheet on U.S. "Constitution Free Zone"

QUOTE: TWO-THIRDS of the United States’ population lives within this Constitution-free or Constitution-lite Zone. That’s 197.4 million people who live within 100 miles of the US land and coastal borders.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Jan 01, 1111 The Ethical Implications of Online Software

QUOTE: It's amazing all the benefits firms receive from SaaS, but is it ethical?

American Bar Association
Jan 01, 1111 Credit card companies' evil tricks

QUOTE: Some of the worst offenses: Huge fees exceed card issuers' costs and risks. Interest rates aren't disclosed to card applicants. Rates get jacked up even if you pay just hours late.

MSN (Microsoft Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Can You Believe What You Read on the Web?

QUOTE: Now the U.S. government is considering requiring people who write about products or services on the Internet to inform readers if they received compensation.

Jul 13, 0201 Report: Unauthorized phone charges cost Americans $2 billion a year

QUOTE: A key Senate chairman says Congress needs to pass legislation to protect customers from unauthorized third-party charges on their phone bills because the telephone industry has failed to prevent the practice.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 24, 0200 Report: U.S. Hotel Security Varies Widely: New research from Cornell University finds size, class of hotel often determine security and safety levels

QUOTE: A new hotel management research study from Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research finds that safety and security equipment in U.S. hotels varies dramatically by size, location, and overall hotel class...

Jun 16, 0200 E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

QUOTE: The National Security Agency is facing renewed scrutiny over the extent of its domestic surveillance program, with critics in Congress saying its recent intercepts of the private telephone calls and e-mail messages of Americans are broader than previously acknowledged...

New York Times

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