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Dec 21, 2010 African Farmers Displaced as Investors Move In

QUOTE: Across Africa and the developing world, a new global land rush is gobbling up large expanses of arable land. Despite their ageless traditions, stunned villagers are discovering that African governments typically own their land and have been leasing it, often at bargain prices, to private investors and foreign governments for decades to come.

New York Times
Dec 06, 2010 Can you defame someone with a hyperlink?

QUOTE: Crookes says that, by linking to defamatory articles, Newton became a "publisher" of that material. It's an argument that raises questions about the nature of the hyperlink. Does it "incorporate" all the linked material into the original post? Is it a suggestion to go read the linked piece? Is it merely a bibliographic footnote?

Ars Technica
Oct 27, 2010 Satisfied with Google's promise to restrain Street View, FTC drops privacy-breach probe

QUOTE: The federal government has ended an inquiry into a privacy breach involving Google's Street View service, satisfied with the company's pledge to stop gathering e-mail, passwords and other information from residential WiFi networks as it rolls through neighborhoods.

Washington Post
Sep 26, 2009 In Canada, a move toward a private healthcare option

QUOTE: Hoping to capitalize on patients who might otherwise travel to the U.S. for speedier healthcare, a network of technically illegal private clinics and surgical centers has sprung up in British Columbia, echoing a trend in Quebec. In October, the courts will be asked to decide whether the budding system should be sanctioned.

Los Angeles Times
Jun 19, 2009 Living on Canada's Oil: Must we really choose between energy security and a climate disaster?

QUOTE: No matter how useful the [Canadian] oil sands might be to our energy supplies, tapping into them remains the most controversial petroleum project on Earth.

Jun 15, 2009 Advertising: Microsoft Sues Three in Click-Fraud Scheme

QUOTE: Microsoft said it found a pattern of click fraud on its search pages...Advertisers bid on what they will pay to appear in the paid-search results for certain keywords. The more an advertiser pays, the higher they are in that list, and advertisers usually pay for each click on their ad.

New York Times
Jan 19, 2009 Player’s Death Revives Debate on Fighting in Hockey

QUOTE: Although common in professional hockey — the N.H.L. metes out five-minute major penalties to players who throw punches and an extra two-minute penalty for instigating a fight — fighting occurs much less frequently in international and amateur play. Fighting is also uncommon during the Stanley Cup playoffs, when the stakes are too high to squander a roster spot on a player whose main role is to fight.

New York Times
Jan 02, 2009 Countries in tug-of-war over Arctic resources

QUOTE: One of the planet's most fragile and pristine ecosystems sits atop a bounty of untapped fossil fuels...And the fight over who owns those resources may turn out to be the most important territorial dispute of this century. Russia, Canada, the United States, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland all have a stake in the Arctic's icy real estate.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 10, 2008 Holiday scam alert: Watch out for electronics stores that accept only wire transfers for payment

QUOTE: There are a bunch of Web sites popping up that look like electronics stores. They claim to accept credit cards, but when you go to pay, you get a message saying that due to fraud, they are accepting wire transfer only.

Nov 25, 2008 Students drop Shinerama fundraiser for illness targeting Caucasians

QUOTE: Students at an Ottawa university are pulling out of a Canada-wide fundraiser that provides close to $1 million a year for cystic fibrosis research and treatment, arguing that the disease "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men"

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company)
Nov 19, 2008 Britain Grapples With Role for Islamic Justice

QUOTE: This is Islamic justice, British style. Despite a raucous national debate over the limits of religious tolerance and the pre-eminence of British law, the tenets of Shariah, or Islamic law, are increasingly being applied to everyday life in cities across the country.

New York Times
Jun 21, 2008 Canadian Court Allows Phone Buyout to Proceed

QUOTE: The deal was structured under a Canadian system that requires both shareholder and court approval. The appeals court, however, refused to back the deal after finding that the company had not fairly considered the interests of current bondholders. By adding about $34 billion debt to Bell, the buyout would depress the value of the company’s current debentures. The decision surprised most corporate law specialists in Canada who generally assume that, as in the United States, directors must consider only the needs of shareholders when making decisions about takeovers.

New York Times
Jun 12, 2008 Out of Step With Allies, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend (American Exception)

QUOTE: In the United States, that debate has been settled. Under the First Amendment, newspapers and magazines can say what they like about minority groups and religions — even false, provocative or hateful things — without legal consequence....Canada, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and India all have laws or have signed international conventions banning hate speech. Israel and France forbid the sale of Nazi items like swastikas and flags. It is a crime to deny the Holocaust in Canada, Germany and France.

New York Times
Jun 10, 2008 After 100 Years, Tribe’s Ancestors Head Home

QUOTE: T“Our people are humans; we aren’t tokens,” said Chief Vern Jacks, who heads the Tseycum First Nation, a tiny native tribe from northern Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. With the museum’s full consent, the Tseycum tribe will be repatriating the remains of 55 of their ancestors to Canada this week.

New York Times
May 21, 2008 U.S. deserter faces deportation from Canada

QUOTE: National Guard Sgt. Corey Glass, 25, says he fled to Toronto in 2006 after serving in Iraq because he did not want to fight in a war he did not support.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 16, 2007 After a Death, Use of Taser in Canada Is Debated

QUOTE: Mr. Dziekanski was the 18th person to die since July 2003 after being hit by a Taser in Canada, a country where the weapons may be owned only by police forces. Amnesty International estimates that in the United States, a country with roughly nine times the population of Canada, 280 people have died after being struck by police Tasers since 2001.

New York Times
Nov 01, 2007 Health clinic helps addicts shoot up

QUOTE: ...Insite, the world's busiest supervised drug clinic. Inside the Vancouver facility, I found more than a dozen people taking illegal drugs, such as heroin and cocaine....goal is to reduce the risk of overdose and limit the spread of diseases like HIV by giving addicts clean needles and a safe place to use them.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 21, 2007 Beware of Domain Name Scams in US Mail

QUOTE: Back in 2003 the Federal Trade Commission had to go to court against the Domain Registry of America, a company known for their use of direct US mail to domain name owners. DROA's mailings tried to convey the impression that they were an expiration notice and that filling out the form and paying would renew the domain registration.

PC Magazine
Oct 14, 2007 U.S. Plan for Airline Security Meets Resistance in Canada

QUOTE: The proposal, which appears at odds with Canada’s privacy laws, would mostly involve Canadians who join the annual winter exodus to Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean. It is also viewed by the Canadian airline industry as a rejection of several costly measures already taken to assuage American concerns.

New York Times
Jul 25, 2007 OK, who REALLY wrote that song?

QUOTE: many artists will only allow songwriters to work on an album in return for song credit, and "if they do write, they ask for more publishing than they honestly contributed ... it is the way it is." The practice has been prevalent for decades.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 27, 2007 Canada’s Policy on Immigrants Brings Backlog

QUOTE: [A] point system has helped Canada compete with the United States and other Western powers for highly educated workers, the most coveted immigrants in high-tech and other cutting-edge industries. But in recent years... the Canadian system has become an immovable beast, with a backlog of more than 800,000 applications and waits of four years or more.

New York Times
Jan 27, 2007 Tortured Man Gets Apology From Canada

QUOTE: The prime minister of Canada apologized Friday to Maher Arar and agreed to give $9 million in compensation to the Canadian Arab, who was spirited by U.S. agents to Syria and tortured there after being falsely named as a terrorism suspect...Harper and Arar both criticized the United States for its refusal to accept the exhaustive Canadian inquiry that found Arar was an innocent man.

Washington Post
Jan 10, 2007 Canadian Report on SARS Cites Health System Failures

QUOTE: "The SARS epidemic that killed 44 people in Ontario in 2003 spread because of a shoddy public health system and inadequate safety practices...Throughout much of the epidemic, Canadian authorities assured the public and health workers that precautions were being taken to prevent the disease's spread."

Washington Post
Jul 27, 2006 Bristol-Myers's Plavix deal under criminal investigation

QUOTE: The US Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis's deal to end a generic drugmaker's patent challenge to their biggest drug Plavix.

Jun 03, 2006 Canadian Firm in Pact on Pollution

QUOTE: In a landmark cross-border pollution case, a Canadian mining company agreed to pay millions of dollars to assess whether pollution it dumped into the Columbia River damaged wildlife and public health in Washington state.

Washington Post
May 21, 2006 Concern in Iran After a Scholar Is Held 3 Weeks

QUOTE: An Iranian philosopher and writer who also holds Canadian citizenship has been detained for three weeks without formal charges, raising concerns that his arrest could signal greater repression of intellectuals.

New York Times
Mar 31, 2006 Porn-dialing firm loses appeal (Police appeal)

QUOTE: The Federal Trade Commission sued Verity International and other defendants, claiming a downloadable dialer program that phoned Madagascar was deceptive and unlawful.
Mar 18, 2006 High Crimes, or A Tokin' Figure: Canadians Find the 'Prince of Pot' Harmless. The DEA Begs to Differ.

QUOTE: Emery's arrest for extradition on U.S. "drug kingpin" charges, carrying a minimum sentence of 10 years to life in prison, outraged many in Canada. They resented the long reach of America's law and what they saw as the United States' fevered preoccupation with pot.

Washington Post
Nov 02, 2005 CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons: Debate Is Growing Within Agency About Legality and Morality of Overseas System Set Up After 9/11

QUOTE: ...the CIA has not even acknowledged the existence of its [secret detention] sites. To do so, say officials familiar with the program, could open the U.S. government to legal challenges, particularly in foreign courts, and increase the risk of political condemnation at home and abroad.

Washington Post
Aug 01, 2005 A Canadian Telecom's Labor Dispute Leads to Blocked Web Sites and Questions of Censorship

QUOTE: Telus, the leading telecommunications company in western Canada, does not typically block its subscribers' access to particular Web sites. But the company did play censor when it came to two sites related to its current labor dispute.

New York Times
Jun 24, 2005 Ethics of stockpiling flu drugs for doctors' relatives questioned

QUOTE: Some Canadian doctors are quietly building personal stockpiles of an antiviral flu drug for their families in case of a pandemic, but the practice may be viewed as unethical.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company)
Jun 01, 2005 Under Pressure: How savvy, aggressive special-interest groups are exploiting people's distrust of journalists to slant the news their way

QUOTE: Pressure groups are gaining power over the media in this age of distrust. The Internet, in particular, is helping them orchestrate intricate campaigns that make them much harder to ignore.

Ryerson Review of Journalism (RRJ)
Apr 14, 2005 Wal-Mart Leaves Bitter Chill: Quebec Store Closes After Vote to Unionize

QUOTE: ...[Wal-Mart]whose $10 billion annual profits are based on low prices, low expenses and its relentless pace of store openings, announced it will shut the doors here May 6 after workers voted to make this the first unionized Wal-Mart in North America. The closure will leave 190 bitter employees out of work, the town uneasy over the future of unions, and the mayor angry at the company.

Washington Post
Apr 14, 2005 For Betrayal by Swiss Bank and Nazis, $21 Million

QUOTE: ...showing exactly how the [Swiss-Ed.] banks' actions helped the Nazis, how lifetimes' achievements were lost in days, and how the process was masked in the language of ledgers, legalisms and banking.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2005 Canada Denies Asylum to U.S. Army Deserter

QUOTE: A board hearing Canada's refugee cases rejected a bid Thursday for asylum by a U.S. Army deserter who refused to go to Iraq, raising legal roadblocks to the growing trickle of American servicemen fleeing north of the border.

Washington Post
Nov 25, 2004 Arctic Countries Agree on Perils of Climate Change but Not Solution

QUOTE: The United States and the seven other countries with Arctic territory jointly expressed concern yesterday about profound changes in the Arctic climate and said they would consider new scientific findings concluding that heat-trapping emissions were the main cause.

New York Times
Nov 22, 2004 Gatekeepers: Shaping Nations' Wealth: Credit Raters Exert International Influence

QUOTE: ...changes in the global economy have further strengthened the gatekeeping role of Moody's and its main competitors, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.

Washington Post
Sep 10, 2004 How Do You Solve the Problem of Sharia? Canada grapples with the boundaries of legal multiculturalism.

QUOTE: an issue that blurs the boundary between religious tolerance and oppression. The Ontario government is considering a proposal to allow certain family law matters—including divorce, custody, and inheritance—to be arbitrated by panels of Muslim clerics. Supporters of the proposal say that Canada's commitment to cultural diversity requires that Muslim law be accorded the same respect as other legal systems. Opponents say Muslim law inherently conflicts with the basic freedoms guaranteed Canadians.

Aug 12, 2004 FDA Frowns on D.C. Canada-Drug Web Link

QUOTE: The link drops the District squarely into the national controversy about whether governments should help residents obtain prescription drugs from Canada.

Washington Post
Jun 29, 2004 How Baseball Does Business: Angelos, Selig Last Men Standing in D.C.'s Way

QUOTE: ...Selig plans to decide if the Expos will be moved to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia or one of five other areas. The decision will be the culmination of a process shrouded in secrecy and entirely consistent with Selig's highly personal management of Major League Baseball -- a style sanctioned by the sport's unique antitrust exemption.

Washington Post
Apr 11, 2004 Poisons From Afar Threaten Arctic Mothers, Traditions: Toxins, Coming North by Air and Water, Enter Inuit Food Chain

QUOTE: Scientists say the Arctic, once considered pristine and unspoiled, has become a sinkhole for pollutants. The contaminants -- including heavy metals, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs, DDT and other pesticides -- come north by air and water.

Washington Post
Jan 24, 2004 F.D.A. Begins Push to End Drug Imports

QUOTE: Calling imported Canadian drugs potentially unsafe, the F.D.A. has launched a second blitz inspection as part of a coordinated push by the Bush administration to halt their import...

New York Times
Nov 05, 2003 Deported Terror Suspect Details Torture in Syria: Canadian's Case Called Typical of CIA

QUOTE: A Canadian citizen who was detained last year at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York as a suspected terrorist said Tuesday he was secretly deported to Syria and endured 10 months of torture in a Syrian prison.

Washington Post
Sep 17, 2003 Married Gay Canadian Couple Barred From U.S.

QUOTE: A married gay couple on their way from Canada to a human rights conference in Georgia were not allowed to enter the United States today because the two men insisted on filling out a single Customs clearance form declaring themselves a family.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2003 Grease shows why actors' union matters

QUOTE: So if the producers of Grease are demanding the same price that they would for a union cast, you might assume they're paying said cast at the union're paying the same...

Jul 01, 2003 U.S. May Cut Aid Over Court Immunity

QUOTE: The Bush administration, intent on exempting U.S. citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court, is drawing fresh accusations of diplomatic heavy-handedness...

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2003 Breast-feeding in a time of war

QUOTE: ...a Canadian citizen who was just breast-feeding her son and changing his diaper while en route between Houston and Vancouver, says her "subversive" actions led to her being threatened with detainment, RCMP involvement and legal charges for terrorist action...

Montreal Gazette
Mar 25, 2003 U.S. EBay Seller Refuses Canucks

QUOTE: On eBay, the highest bid wins -- unless the item on sale is a laser printer from CompAtlanta and the bidder happens to be Canadian.

Mar 18, 2003 Does the End Justify the Means?

QUOTE: The University of Toronto's Internet Censorship Explorer permits anyone with a Web browser to test the limits of certain national and organizational Internet-blocking schemes.

Feb 10, 2003 The U.S. Military Needs Its Speed

QUOTE: ...Schmidt and Umbach's attorneys claimed it was the Air Force's dextro-amphetamine (trade name, Dexedrine) tablets, aka speed, that killed the Canadians, not Schmidt and Umbach.


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