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Aug 01, 2016 How a happy moment for neuroscience is a sad moment for science: Systems neuroscience is celebrating a landmark, but one that shows the way we do science is broken.

QUOTE: modern science’s incentives are all wrong. If we only measure the quality of someone’s science by the amount of money they accrue and the number of “impactful” papers they produce, then by definition we are not measuring the quality and rigour of the science itself.

Jul 21, 2016 Trump’s Republican National Convention speech massively distorted national crime statistics

QUOTE: When Donald Trump took the stage in Cleveland on Thursday night (July 21), he immediately made some strong comments about law and order. They were, however, in typical Trump fashion, a rather blatant distortion of the facts.

Dec 17, 2013 Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion

QUOTE: The popularity of the shelter, known as the Walton grantor retained annuity trust, or GRAT, shows how easy it is for the wealthy to bypass estate and gift taxes. Even Covey says the practice, which involves rapidly churning assets into and out of trusts, makes a mockery of the tax code.

Bloomberg News
Nov 16, 2013 Growing Clamor About Inequities of Climate Crisis

QUOTE: From the time a scientific consensus emerged that human activity was changing the climate, it has been understood that the nations that contributed least to the problem would be hurt the most. Now, even as the possible consequences of climate change have surged — from the typhoons that have raked the Philippines and India this year to the droughts in Africa, to rising sea levels that threaten to submerge entire island nations — no consensus has emerged over how to rectify what many call “climate injustice.”

New York Times
Feb 27, 2013 Why It’s Smart to Be Reckless on Wall Street

QUOTE: That asymmetry in pay (money for profits, flat for losses) is the engine behind many of Wall Street’s mistakes. It rewards short-term gains without regard to long-term consequences. The results? The over-reliance on excessive leverage, banks that are loaded with opaque financial products, and trading models that are flawed. Regulation is largely toothless if banks and their employees have the financial incentive to be reckless.

Scientific American
Nov 30, 2012 Spurs Coach Puts His Team First, Much to Commissioner’s Chagrin

QUOTE: In fining the Spurs $250,000 Friday, Stern insisted that Popovich had disrespected the game and its fans by resting his best players while fielding a short-handed squad....Playing a fourth game in five nights, he did what he has done before: sent home his three veteran stars — Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker — and added Danny Green, a starting guard, for good measure.

New York Times
Mar 11, 2012 Cry, the Beloved Constitution (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: Both liberals and conservatives have the American Constitution in the cross hairs. They assault the Constitution in their different ways, each with damaging effects on our nation. Conservatives attack the courts on one hand and seek to have them advance their activist agenda on the other. Liberals, when it suits them, embrace rights that have not been enumerated in the Constitution and cry for restraint only when their pet bills come under fire. The result is a national jurisprudence whetted by political appetite, with our democratic values as the victims.

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
Feb 23, 2012 World shouldn't stay silent in face of Syrian regime's brutality

QUOTE: The very fact that an indigenous internal struggle for democracy could emerge in one of the worst police states in the Arab world and be sustained for so long is both mind-boggling and inspiring. The heroic struggle in Syria today represents the best of the human spirit. It is fundamentally about the most basic political value we take for granted in the West, the right of a people to self-determination.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 21, 2011 Wal-Mart’s Authoritarian Culture

QUOTE: The underlying issue, which the Supreme Court has now ratified, is Wal-Mart’s authoritarian style, by which executives pressure store-level management to squeeze more and more from millions of clerks, stockers and lower-tier managers. Indeed, the sex discrimination at Wal-Mart that drove the recent suit is the product not merely of managerial bias and prejudice, but also of a corporate culture and business model that sustains it, rooted in the company’s very beginnings.

New York Times
Jun 18, 2011 Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First

QUOTE: as our economy fitfully heals, it would be prudent to ask whether lawyers and accountants offer the same protection against corporate misconduct that they once did. Three or four decades ago, investors and regulators could rely on these professionals to provide a check on corporate risk-taking. But over time, attorneys and auditors came to see their practices not as independent firms that strengthen the integrity of capitalism, but as businesses measured chiefly by the earnings of their partners.

New York Times
May 21, 2010 Take Justice Off the Ballot

QUOTE: a balance between lifetime appointment and partisan election by providing for the open, public nomination and appointment of judges, followed in due course by a standardized judicial performance evaluation and, finally, a yes/no vote in which citizens either approve the judge or vote him out. This kind of merit selection system — now used in some form in two-thirds of states — protects the impartiality of the judiciary without sacrificing accountability.

New York Times
Jul 26, 2009 As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect

QUOTE: the unionization effort raises questions about whether unions will strengthen the charter movement by stabilizing its young, often transient teaching force, or weaken it by preventing administrators from firing ineffective teachers and imposing changes they say help raise achievement, like an extended school year.

New York Times
Nov 13, 2008 Report Sees New Pollution Threat

QUOTE: The byproduct of automobiles, slash-and-burn agriculture, wood-burning stoves and coal-fired power plants, these plumes of carbon dust rise over southern Africa, the Amazon basin and North America. But they are most pronounced in Asia, where so-called atmospheric brown clouds are dramatically reducing sunlight in many Chinese cities and leading to decreased crop yields in swaths of rural India...

New York Times
Sep 08, 2008 Warning sign: Injury-filled week proves NFL should not add games

QUOTE: I have zero interest in the league tempting fate and adding another game or two to the regular season....I continue to be amazed that owners forget every year how pervasive injuries are.

Sports Illustrated (SI)
Aug 08, 2008 When political lawn signs shout too loudly: The size of the political message has become an issue, pitting freedom of speech vs. local codes.

QUOTE: "If you have more onerous restrictions on political signs than on advertising, the argument is that political signs are being discriminated against," says David Hudson Jr., a scholar at the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. "But the case law is not uniform, and it's enough of a muddled area that each side will have some fodder to fire off if it goes to litigation."

Christian Science Monitor
May 25, 2008 Clinton Defends RFK Remarks (The Caucus)

QUOTE: Mrs. Clinton wrote a long letter to The Daily News in New York, which was printed in the news pages and in which Mrs. Clinton said her remarks were taken entirely out of context. And her aides said on Sunday that the campaign of Senator Barack Obama was partly responsible for fanning the flames.

New York Times
May 18, 2008 Va. Snake Saga Rattles Residents, Ends in Ban

QUOTE: "This isn't about snakes," said Koskinen, a father of three, who lives next door to the Snake House. "This is about protecting our children. That my neighbor has something from Mexico or Africa that could kill my child violates the social compact in a profound way."

Washington Post
May 18, 2008 The World: One Country's Table Scraps, Another Country's Meal

QUOTE: You’d never know it if you saw what was ending up in your landfill. As it turns out, Americans waste an astounding amount of food — an estimated 27 percent of the food available for consumption, according to a government study — and it happens at the supermarket, in restaurants and cafeterias and in your very own kitchen. It works out to about a pound of food every day for every American.

New York Times
May 12, 2008 When Burmese Offer a Hand, Rulers Slap It

QUOTE: The politics of food aid — deciding who gets to deliver assistance to those homeless and hungry after the cyclone — is not just confined to the dispute between Myanmar’s military junta and Western governments and outside relief agencies.

New York Times
Mar 24, 2008 A Vote of Allegiance? In the Obama-Clinton Battle, Race & Gender Pose Two Great Divides for Black Women

QUOTE: The admonitions of white feminists urging black women to vote gender over race have cracked open a scab, a festering sore, that had crusted over the history of this country's competing isms. A scab that covered the lingering tension between some white feminists and some black women, with their dual historic burden of race and gender. It is black women, after all, who have faced both sexism and racism in their lives.

Washington Post
Mar 12, 2008 House Creates New Panel On Ethics

QUOTE: The House last night approved one of the most significant changes to its ethics rules in decades, creating for the first time an independent panel empowered to initiate investigations of alleged misconduct by members of the chamber.

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2007 Vaccinate Your Kids--or Else: Maryland school officials are taking parents to court for refusing to inoculate their kids. Could other districts follow suit?

QUOTE: Should parents be fined or jailed for refusing to vaccinate their children? Hundreds of parents may face both if they don't show up at court to have their children vaccinated this weekend. A Maryland school district has ordered the parents of 2,300 students to court Saturday for missing the September immunization deadline.

Oct 22, 2007 Crass public discourse: Time to push back? The impending return of Don Imus to the airwaves comes as some see a desire for moderation.

QUOTE: Now, some experts suggest that the level of the nation's discourse has sunk to a new low, and there's a growing push-back from both the grass roots as well as some in the media – a demand for a more civilized way of conversing publicly. Others aren't so sure a push-back is under way, but say that the more the hard-edged, crass aspects of the media are discussed, the better it will be for the nation – ultimately helping to moderate the tone of public discourse.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 12, 2007 Auto-worker benefits - long rising - begin to wane: Judging from UAW contracts reached this week, from now on auto workers can expect lower pay and fewer benefits than their predecessors.

QUOTE: Two labor strikes this fall have been short, but the outcome is still tough for auto workers: After years of rising pay and benefits, the tide has turned the other way. The next generation of United Auto Workers will receive lower pay and benefits than their predecessors, judging by the contracts reached or ratified this week.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 09, 2007 Arguments in Atlantic Yards Case

QUOTE: The lawsuit, known as Goldstein v. Pataki, was filed in October 2006. It is one of the most significant eminent domain cases to be brought since the United States Supreme Court, in the Kelo v. City of New London decision in June 2005, held that public officials may transfer condemned property to another private interest if doing so would create a superior benefit to the public.

New York Times
Oct 07, 2007 Okinawans Protest Japan’s Plan to Revise Bitter Chapter of World War II

QUOTE: The ministry said that it “is not clear that the Japanese Army coerced or ordered the mass suicides” but cited no fresh evidence to explain its change in policy. What was clear, though, was the timing of the announcement, which came a few months after the Japanese government passed a new law emphasizing “patriotism” in public schools.

New York Times
Aug 25, 2007 30 Immigrants On Bikes Deliver A Labor Revolt: N.Y. Workers Gain Allies in Protest of Wages, Conditions

QUOTE: a growing assertiveness in some pockets of the country's illegal immigrant community of 12 million people is beginning to answer at least one of the hot questions in the immigration debate: What would happen if the exploited undocumented workers decide one day that enough is enough?

Washington Post
Jul 11, 2007 Dismay and anger as Pope declares Protestants cannot have churches

QUOTE: Protestant churches yesterday reacted with dismay to a new declaration approved by Pope Benedict XVI insisting they were mere "ecclesial communities" and their ministers effectively phonies with no right to give communion.

Guardian Unlimited
Jun 08, 2007 For ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Split on Party Lines

QUOTE: WASHINGTON, June 7 — The presidential candidates are dividing starkly along party lines on one of the signature fights of the 1990s: whether the 14-year-old policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” should be repealed and gay men and lesbians allowed to serve openly in the military.

New York Times
May 12, 2007 Fed Up in Louisiana

QUOTE: Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) went off. Not in a girls fighting, "Hold my earrings!" kind of way. But in a blunt manner befitting a chief executive who endured the worst natural and engineering disaster in U.S. history, who continues to battle Washington for federal assistance, and who is not running for reelection.

Washington Post
May 01, 2007 Global Psyche: Aussie Check Mate: In Australia, the proudest man in the patch gets mowed down. Why success and power are frowned upon.

QUOTE: Ask any Australian or New Zealander about "tall poppies" and the answer will have nothing to do with flowers...the backlash is known as tall poppy syndrome—the tendency to want to "cut down" the ostentatious or merely successful.

Psychology Today
Jan 11, 2007 Justices Hear Case on Right of Unions to Use Nonmembers' Dues

QUOTE: The Washington Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, said its freedoms would be endangered by a state law that would increase restrictions on the union's ability to use workers' money for political causes. On the other side are workers who do not join the union but under state law must pay dues anyway. They say their money should not be used for the union's election causes without their explicit approval.

Washington Post
Dec 26, 2006 'Barefoot Teachers' Left Behind in China: Rural Educators Lose Jobs in Push to Modernize

QUOTE: Several years ago, however, government officials announced they wanted to raise the standard of rural education. And now, although many barefoot teachers have qualified to become professionals, Sun and thousands like her have been cast difficult and wrenching the modernization of China's creaking socialist system can be, especially for a class of people once celebrated as the heart of the Communist Party.

Washington Post
Dec 10, 2006 Lebanon's Shiites Grapple With New Feeling of Power: Despite Gains, Sense of Vulnerability Persists

QUOTE: There is a joke heard in Khiam and elsewhere in Lebanon, itself a bitter critique of the days when the community was rural, marginalized and illiterate, dominated by a traditional elite of reactionary clergy and landowners with feudal Ottoman-era titles. Shiite peasants went to the home of a prominent Shiite clan leader and asked him to build a school. He looked at them, confused and a little surprised. His reply: Wasn't it enough that his own son was going to school and getting an education?

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2006 Episcopal Churches To Vote on Departure: Fairfax Congregations Dismayed by Direction

QUOTE: Two of the country's largest and most historic Episcopal congregations -- both in Fairfax County -- will vote next week on whether to leave the U.S. church on ideological grounds and affiliate instead with a controversial Nigerian archbishop. The decision could lead to a bitter court battle and the loss of $25 million in property.

Washington Post
Dec 03, 2006 Legal collaboration can ease pain of divorce

QUOTE: a growing divorce movement that strives to help couples end their marriages without the acrimony and the loss of time, money and control associated with going to court....collaborative law, a procedure in which couples agree to end their marriages out of court by hashing out the terms of the split around a table with advice from their lawyers.

Daily Progress
Dec 02, 2006 New President Takes Helm of Divided Mexico: Calderón Sworn In As Opponents Jeer

QUOTE: The nation's top electoral court found no evidence to support allegations of widespread fraud and rejected López Obrador's calls for a vote-by-vote recount, instead certifying Calderón the winner after a recount of about 9 percent of returns. That left a bitter taste among some Mexican voters...

Washington Post
Nov 22, 2006 Behind talk of a new draft: equity: Congressman Rangel backs conscription, but he is finding few takers on Capitol Hill.

QUOTE: The burden of war is never equitable....Would reinstituting the military draft even things out, spreading the responsibility while influencing politicians to think twice before sending men and women into harm's way?

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 12, 2006 Former Contras Bemoan Ortega's Return to Power In Nicaragua

QUOTE: some former contras view Ortega's return in almost apocalyptic terms. Although Ortega cast himself as the candidate of "reconciliation," Laguna's neighbor, Leiva Ramirez, a petite woman with dark, intense eyes, predicted that it is only a matter of time before he reinstates unpopular policies of his previous 11-year rule, such as expropriating property, rationing food and jailing dissenters.

Washington Post
Nov 07, 2006 China to Pass U.S. in 2009 in Emissions

QUOTE: "as a developing country, China is exempt from the Kyoto Protocol’s requirements for reductions in emissions of global warming gases....the unexpected speed with which China is emerging as the biggest contributor to global warming. Still, China has resisted limits on its own emissions and those of other developing countries."

New York Times
Oct 20, 2006 Taking on the veil: West looks to assimilation

QUOTE: The longer the cultural dissonance generated by 9/11, the "war on terror," and suicide attacks ensues, the harder it is getting to ignore the semidetached status of Muslim communities.

Christian Science Monitor

QUOTE: In your place, I would have read the document, made sure my own salary was listed and circulated it (anonymously -- I'm reform-minded, not self-destructive) to everyone in the company .... Your friend's federal unemployment taxes were paid for years, and he is entitled to collect his payout, assuming he meets the legal requirements.

Aug 26, 2006 An Eye for Cool, and Cash: In the Hunt to Fill 'Social News' Web Sites, Contributors Now Compete

QUOTE: "PAYING PEOPLE to submit stories to a social news site is just plain wrong," wrote someone....Jay Adelson, chief executive of Digg, which helped pioneer the social news format with a focus on tech-related news, said his Web site will not pay contributors because he fears that will disrupt its online community.

Washington Post
Aug 22, 2006 With bulk of Katrina evacuees, Texans begin to feel burden: A year after the hurricane, Houston complains about their persistent joblessness. State officials plea for federal help

QUOTE: Indeed, in Houston and other cities affected by the relocation, some officials are beginning to reassess the financial implications of their generosity over the past year. Their conclusion: The federal government should continue to support the state and municipalities where evacuee numbers remain high because many are still not on their feet almost a year after the storm.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 24, 2006 Union Tries to Unite Blacks, Latinos: Workers at Meatpacking Plant Must First Overcome Distrust

QUOTE: The labor relations board and courts...agreed with union organizers and workers who said the company fought to undermine union elections in 1994 and 1997, intimidated workers who were pro-union, pitted black and Latino employees against each other, had union organizers arrested by an in-house police squad and threatened to close the plant.

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2006 Jefferson Loses Ways and Means Seat

QUOTE: The House officially expelled Rep. William J. Jefferson from a prestigious committee, ending a tug of war between the embattled Louisiana Democrat and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that had become tinged with political and racial overtones... Also yesterday, a federal judge hinted he may find that the May 20 FBI raid on Jefferson's Capitol Hill office was constitutional.

Washington Post
Jun 12, 2006 Hamas Vows to Block Vote on Proposed State

QUOTE: The militant faction Hamas announced its intent on Sunday to block a July 26 referendum called for by Mahmoud Abbas....The vote would decide whether to support a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 boundaries, presumably existing alongside Israel — whose right to exist Hamas has refused to recognize.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2006 Jury Dodger

QUOTE: When I asked to be excused from jury duty, the judge berated me for leaving my civic duty to the "poor." I did not oppose her diatribe, but I make good money and feel it's more efficient for society if I work, pay taxes, support charities and leave jury duty to others. Isn't this like leaving other essential functions — trash pickup, policing, dentistry — to others?

New York Times
Nov 30, 2005 Deadheads Outraged Over Web Crackdown

QUOTE: The Grateful Dead, the business, is testing the loyalty of longtime fans of the Grateful Dead, the pioneering jam band, by cracking down on an independently run Web site that made thousands of recordings of its live concerts available for free downloading.

New York Times
Nov 18, 2005 Making profits from incivility on the roads

QUOTE: A police officer was standing in the middle of the road, waving every car that cut in line over to the shoulder, where a second officer was handing out tickets like an assembly makes much more sense to go directly after the mean-spirited behavior like cutting in line....the beauty of it is that (1) every driver that follows the rules feels a rush of glee over the rude drivers getting nailed, and (2) it is a very efficient way of taxing bad behavior.


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