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May 14, 2007 How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community

QUOTE: Angry people looking for fights will inevitably try to poison successful Internet communities. Columnist Cory Doctorow looks at ways to remove the poison without killing the discussion too.

Jun 28, 2005 As Stakes Rise, More Parents Are Directing Rage at Coaches

QUOTE: For years, there has been a noticeable rise in sideline fights between parents... But youth sports experts are well aware of the trend toward a new category of confrontations - those between parents and coaches - and they point to one overriding factor as the cause.

New York Times
Nov 16, 2004 Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Aggressive.

QUOTE: Yet while "passive-aggressive" has become a workhorse phrase in marriage counseling and an all-purpose label for almost any difficult character, it is a controversial concept in psychiatry.

New York Times
Jun 22, 2004 Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss

QUOTE: "It got to where I was twitching, literally, on the way into work,"....her boss of several years ago baited and insulted her for 10 months before she left the job. "I had to take care of my health."

New York Times
Mar 10, 2003 Study links violent TV, later aggression: A group at the University of Michigan tracked children and found apparent results.

QUOTE: Children who watch a lot of violent television are more apt to be aggressive in young adulthood, doing such things as physically attacking someone or throwing things at their spouses.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Dec 23, 2001 We Could Be a Bit More Judgmental

QUOTE: More and more, there are stories of adults behaving badly -- on airplanes, in cars, in restaurants, at kids' sporting events. They seem content -- even proud -- to act out their anger in public, and not just when they are lubricated by alcohol at a sporting event.

Washington Post
Jun 08, 2001 A Child's Unheeded Cry for Help: Teen Decided to Take On Abusive Father Herself

ABSTRACT: A chilling, searing indictment of the failure of the police and criminal justice system to protect victims of domestic abuse against ongoing attacks.

Washington Post
Jan 01, 1999 Putting the Brakes on Road Rage

QUOTE: "Behave as if you know all the people in all the other cars." ....Know and avoid triggers that can set off aggressive drivers...

Jan 01, 1111 The Proper Use of Time Out

QUOTE: Time-out is just one tool for effectively encouraging good behavior.

Successful Parent