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May 06, 2015 The retirement debate: Stay at the bench, or make way for the next generation: When and how to exit research has become a charged issue in science.

QUOTE: Out of concern that this greying scientific workforce is limiting the availability of grants and jobs for young scientists, the NIH this year proposed a solution: an 'emeritus' award to encourage senior scientists to wind down their research and hand projects over to junior faculty members. It was met with overwhelming disapproval....The issues faced by older scientists can vary dramatically by country...

Sep 09, 2013 Hey, Senior Discount, You Look Pretty Youthful!

QUOTE: Welcome to the flexible and often generous world of senior discounts, where prime of life can be considered old and even the wealthy are entitled to special deals. It is a land of shifting perspectives reflecting the realities, economic and otherwise, of a graying America.

New York Times
Sep 01, 2011 Age Bias in IT: the Reality Behind the Rumors: Is high tech really that tough on older workers? Or are they simply not pulling their weight in an industry that never stops innovating?

QUOTE: Age bias is "something that no [employer] talks about. But it's a reality in tech that if you're 45 years of age and still writing C code or Cobol code and making $150,000 a year, the likelihood is that you won't be employed very long"...

Sep 01, 2011 Age bias in IT: Should you sue? Age discrimination lawsuits aren't easy to endure, but they can be won. Here's what you need to know.

QUOTE: Age discrimination complaints are on the rise....A 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Gross v. FBL Financial Services, raised the bar for age discrimination cases, saying that plaintiffs, and not the companies being sued, bear the burden of proving a dismissal or reassignment of duties was due to age and not some other factor.

May 27, 2011 Easing Out the Gray-Haired. Or Not.

QUOTE: Some jobs will always have age restrictions — police officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers and the like. And in corporate America, mandatory retirement ages for senior management face less resistance, thanks in part to generous incentives to leave early that are perfectly legal. What is more, federal law permits age limits for the top brass who set corporate policy. But chief executives still have a habit of hanging on...

New York Times
May 21, 2011 Our Irrational Fear of Forgetting

QUOTE: The mere whiff of perceived memory loss can have terrible consequences in an insecure economy in which midlife workers are regularly (and illegally) laid off on account of their age. This epidemic of anxiety around memory loss is so strong that many older adults seek help for the kind of day-to-day forgetfulness that once was considered normal.

New York Times
Jan 11, 2011 More Workers Complain of Bias on the Job, a Trend Linked to Widespread Layoffs

QUOTE: In a tough job market, more and more workers are accusing their employers of discrimination, a report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said on Tuesday.

New York Times
Jun 07, 2010 Reporter Retires After Words About Israel

QUOTE: Ms. Thomas said on Monday that she was retiring, effective immediately, after an uproar over her recent remarks that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go home to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else.”

New York Times
Aug 21, 2009 EEOC Sues AT& T, Citing Age Discrimination

QUOTE: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against AT&T on Thursday alleging that the telecommunications giant is discriminating against older workers.

Washington Post
Jul 16, 2008 John McCain Can't Read This Column

QUOTE: I hate ageism. I really do. Assumptions made about people because of their age (young or old) drives me nuts....McCain recently admitted to The New York Times that he currently has other people go online to get him the information he needs...

PC Magazine
Jun 20, 2008 Supreme Court Eases Age Bias Suits for Workers

QUOTE: In a 7-to-1 ruling, the court ruled that it is up to the employer to show that action against a worker stems from “reasonable factors other than age.” The question in the case, one of three involving labor relations issued by the court on Thursday, was whether the burden rested on the employer or on an employee bringing a suit.

New York Times
Feb 19, 2008 Supreme Court Weighs Reach of Age Discrimination Law

QUOTE: The Supreme Court today considered whether the federal age discrimination law not only protects federal workers from bias but also from retaliation after a charge of discrimination has been made.

Washington Post
Feb 14, 2008 Hitting Merit Pay With a Fair-Play Standard (Federal Diary)

QUOTE: "If [pay-for-performance] systems are not fair and equitable, transparent and credible, and do not have the buy-in of federal employees, I do not believe they have a place in the federal government," [says Rep. Danny K. Davis]...Davis also questioned whether the government should set up systems that may not provide an annual cost-of-living increase to employees and may foster discrimination against minorities and older workers.

Washington Post
Nov 07, 2007 Job Bias Case Turns on Filing Right Form

QUOTE: The new case challenges another pro-employee position of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, its interpretation of the type of document an employee must file to initiate a charge of job-related age discrimination.

New York Times
May 23, 2007 Older? So Sell Your Wisdom: Ageism is real, but you can beat it by emphasizing your skills and building relationships

QUOTE: Age discrimination is against the law, but highly qualified people in their 50s and 60s still get passed over for jobs they might have landed easily if they were 20 years younger.

Jan 31, 2007 FAA to Raise Retirement Age for Pilots: After Battle, Cutoff to Change From 60 to 65 Within Two Years

QUOTE: The Airline Pilots Association, the largest pilots' union, fought the mandatory retirement age until the early 1980s -- about the time that government deregulated airlines and a flood of young pilots hit the market. Because everything in a pilot's life is affected by seniority -- better shifts, better planes and better routes come with more experience -- the younger pilots did not want many of the older ones to keep flying.

Washington Post
Sep 20, 2006 Georgia Law Requiring Voters to Show Photo ID Is Thrown Out: Judge Says Some Would Be Disenfranchised; State Plans Appeal

QUOTE: A state judge yesterday rejected a Georgia law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification...the law, pushed by Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) to fight voter fraud, violates the state constitution because it disenfranchises citizens who are otherwise qualified to vote.

Washington Post
Sep 12, 2006 EEOC Seeks Key Testimony in Sidley Austin Age Discrimination Suit

QUOTE: Sidley has denied having such a policy in the face of an EEOC suit claiming the Chicago-based law firm discriminated against 31 partners on the basis of age when it demoted them to counsel in 1999.
Aug 08, 2006 Court Rules for I.B.M. on Pension

QUOTE: A three-judge appellate panel ruled yesterday that I.B.M. did not discriminate against its older workers when it switched retirement plans in 1999, a long-awaited decision that could help shelter hundreds of companies from possible age discrimination suits.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2006 The Big Freeze: As companies end their traditional pensions, workers are left out in the cold.

QUOTE: ...Verizon announced it was freezing its pension plan. As part of a move expected to save the company $3 billion over 10 years, the telecommunications giant announced that managerial workers would no longer earn pension benefits after June 30 this year. Because of the way such traditional defined benefit pensions are calculated—generally as a percentage of the salary earned during the last several years of service—the freeze will take a big bite out of Bryerton's anticipated pension.

AARP Bulletin
Aug 05, 2005 Ivory Powers

QUOTE: A commonly cited reason for giving federal judges mandatory term limits is that they become too isolated and too "out of touch" to do their jobs well.

Mar 30, 2005 Threshold Eased for Age-Bias Lawsuits: Claims Not Dependent On Employer Intent, Supreme Court Rules

QUOTE: The Supreme Court made it easier to sue for age discrimination on the job yesterday, ruling that older workers may take their employers to federal court even in cases in which the alleged adverse impact on them was not intentional.

Washington Post
Jan 01, 2005 Hollywood to Writers: You’re Fired!

QUOTE: "No one in Hollywood would say publicly, ‘I don’t hire women,’ or ‘I don’t hire blacks,’ " he adds, "but they will say, ‘I don’t hire older workers.’ "

AARP Bulletin
Mar 30, 2004 Supreme Court to Consider Role of Intent in Age Bias

QUOTE: The issue in a case brought by a group of older police officers in Jackson, Miss., is whether the federal law against age discrimination covers policies that do not relate directly to age but that have a disparate impact on older workers.

New York Times
Nov 13, 2003 Supreme Court Debates Age Discrimination Issue

QUOTE: General Dynamics, the defense contractor, is defending itself against age discrimination charges in a lawsuit brought by its younger workers.

Los Angeles Times
Sep 16, 2003 Judge Hears Age-Bias Suit by Agents at Allstate

QUOTE: ...[Allstate] was dismissing its 6,200 employee agents — 90 percent of whom were over 40 — but would rehire them as independent agents, without benefits, if they signed a pledge not to sue for any violations of employment law.

New York Times
Aug 07, 2003 Age-old issue for teachers

QUOTE: "All these people ever did wrong was get old....It's classic age discrimination."

New York Daily News
Apr 08, 2003 Leap toward ageism a backward step in dance

QUOTE: Stalinism in the arts is always bad news, and Stalinism coupled with ageism and the assumption that the classic dances of India ought to inspire body-worship rather than reverence is downright ridiculous.

Los Angeles Times
Mar 22, 2003 Elderly Women Will Bear Brunt of Medicaid Cuts

QUOTE: Women--who live longer and are usually poorer in old age--will suffer the most as a result of drastic cuts to state and federal health care programs for the elderly and disabled.

Women's eNews
Mar 18, 2003 As Layoffs Rise, So Do Age-Discrimination Charges

QUOTE: One thing has gone up since the economy has gone down: charges of age discrimination...are now more older workers for employers to discriminate against, and more economic incentives to do so.

New York Times
Jan 20, 2003 Florida man sues 'American Idol': College professor, 50, alleges age discrimination

QUOTE: A 50-year-old college professor is suing producers of the TV show "American Idol" and the Fox Network, alleging age discrimination after he says he was denied the chance to audition to compete on the show.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 25, 2002 In With the Old, In With the New

QUOTE: Providing printers for you at school does not obligate the school to provide supplies for you at home.

New York Times
Dec 16, 2001 Age Discrimination, Subtle and Not So Subtle

QUOTE: ...a perception of discrimination does not always a lawsuit make. But older workers can anticipate some age-related situations and be prepared to deal with them.

Washington Post
Dec 02, 2001 Seniority: Slow to Learn the Lessons of Ageism

QUOTE: 'Many employers are using the current downturn as an excuse to get rid of older workers," [Marjorie Honig] added. Under the guise of restructuring, she said, they are usually able to get around age-discrimination laws.'

New York Times
Oct 26, 2001 Members Offer Resume Advice On Listing Age and Certs

ABSTRACT: Provides a few resume editing strategies (oriented toward technology jobs, but the principles apply generally) for seniors who fear age discrimination.

May 18, 2001 The Emphatic Philosopher

QUOTE: For about 30 years now, [philosopher/author] Weiss has made news every so often when somebody decided he was too old to do what he is still doing.

Washington Post