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Jun 23, 2016 Supreme Court Tie Blocks Obama Immigration Plan

QUOTE: The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it had deadlocked in a case challenging President Obama’s immigration plan, effectively ending what Mr. Obama had hoped would become one of his central legacies. The program would have shielded as many as five million undocumented immigrants from deportation and allowed them to legally work in the United States. The 4-4 tie, which left in place an appeals court ruling blocking the plan, amplified the contentious election-year debate over the nation’s immigration policy and presidential power.

New York Times
May 31, 2016 Don’t blame smugglers for migrants’ deaths on the Mediterranean–the blood is on Europe’s hands

QUOTE: refugees and migrants from sub-Saharan countries, Maghreb and the Middle East are only dying in the Mediterranean because we have given them no alternative. Politicians call for smugglers to receive harsh punishments when its regulations are what keeps them in business—it’s unacceptable hypocrisy....Migration, not just asylum, is a human right. So far we’ve done a decent job of granting this right to the world’s rich, who also happen, with few exceptions, to be white. But for everyone else, this right does not seem to exist.

Dec 12, 2013 Suddenly, Illegal at Home

QUOTE: more than 200,000 people affected by a historic ruling by the Dominican Constitutional Court denying citizenship rights to those born to undocumented people. The ruling is ostensibly aimed at controlling undocumented immigration from Haiti, which has increased by about 20 percent since the 2010 earthquake. But because it is retroactive to 1929, this “immigration reform” means that people like Ms. Pierre, who know no other country than the Dominican Republic, will be placed in civic limbo, unable to attend school, to work or even to cash a check.

New York Times
Jan 29, 2013 Obama Urges Speed on Immigration Plan, but Exposes Conflicts

QUOTE: Seizing an opening to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws, President Obama challenged Congress on Tuesday to act swiftly to put 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States on a clear path to citizenship. But his push for speedy action and his silence on proposals to defer the opportunity for legal residency until the country’s borders are deemed secure provoked criticism from a Republican leader on the issue.

New York Times
Dec 15, 2011 Arizona sheriff faces federal allegations of discrimination against Latinos

QUOTE: Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has engaged in systemic discrimination against Latinos...A comprehensive investigation found the practices include "unlawful stops, detentions and arrests of Latinos,"...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 12, 2011 Deportations Under New U.S. Policy Are Inconsistent

QUOTE: A new Obama administration policy to avoid deportations of illegal immigrants who are not criminals has been applied very unevenly across the country and has led to vast confusion both in immigrant communities and among agents charged with carrying it out.

New York Times
Nov 03, 2011 Refugees face organ theft in the Sinai

QUOTE: Bedouin smugglers involved in people trafficking are also believed to be stealing organs from refugees who are unable to pay their demands for large amounts of cash to take them into Israel.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 06, 2011 Fired IT workers fight back against H-1B visa abuse: Hindi-only meetings and mass firings of experienced U.S. workers for cheaper foreign labor just as tech job demands grow

QUOTE: Skilled IT workers in the United States are fired and replaced with low-paid overseas employees and holders of H-1B visas....the story of Molina is a bit different than the usual outsourcing horror stories we hear all too often. Workers at Molina are fighting back with a lawsuit...

Sep 22, 2011 Report: Border Patrol abuses widespread

QUOTE: nearly 13,000 testimonies whose results were released in a report this week. The findings went beyond denial of food and water. Migrants held by the Border Patrol spoke of being exposed to extreme heat or cold, sleep deprivation, death threats, and psychological abuse such as blaring music with lyrics about migrants dying in the desert.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 03, 2011 Arizona Redistricting Panel Is Under Attack, Even Before Its Work Is Done

QUOTE: the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, with two Republican members, two Democratic members and an independent chairwoman, has found itself subject to such fierce attacks that its work is being questioned even before that work has been done. The stakes are high — explosive population growth over the last decade, especially among Latinos, entitles the state to one more Congressional seat, its ninth.

New York Times
Aug 25, 2011 Meant to Ease Fears of Deportation Program, Federal Hearings Draw Anger

QUOTE: A task force set up by the Obama administration to ease political tensions over a deportation program has held the last of four public hearings, which instead served largely to galvanize vocal protests against the policy....

New York Times
Aug 24, 2011 America’s Sweatshop Diplomacy (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: the J-1 visa Summer Work Study program, which allows foreign students to work in the United States for a few months, is meant to promote “lasting and meaningful relationships” between the students and Americans....Hershey’s business strategy is a microcosm of the downsizing and subcontracting that so many American companies have pursued during the past few decades in search of ever cheaper labor.

New York Times
Aug 13, 2011 Bishops Criticize Tough Alabama Immigration Law

QUOTE: Since June, when Gov. Robert Bentley, a Republican, signed an immigration enforcement law called the toughest in the country by critics and supporters alike, the opposition has been vocal and unceasing....An Episcopal bishop, a Methodist bishop and a Roman Catholic archbishop and bishop, all based in Alabama, sued on the basis that the new statute violated their right to free exercise of religion...

New York Times
Jul 23, 2011 Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe

QUOTE: The success of populist parties appealing to a sense of lost national identity has brought criticism of minorities, immigrants and in particular Muslims out of the beer halls and Internet chat rooms and into mainstream politics. While the parties themselves generally do not condone violence, some experts say a climate of hatred in the political discourse has encouraged violent individuals.

New York Times
Jul 13, 2011 As Immigration Audits Increase, Some Employers Pay a High Price

QUOTE: While the administration of George W. Bush focused on headline-making raids that resulted in arrests of immigrant workers, the Obama administration has gone after employers with ICE’s I-9 audits on the theory that employers who hire unauthorized workers create the demand that drives most illegal immigration....The upshot of the more aggressive enforcement is that even employers who have followed the rules can be devastated by an audit that compels them to fire valuable, long-time employees.

New York Times
Jul 11, 2011 Immigrants May Be Fed False Stories to Bolster Asylum Pleas

QUOTE: A shadowy industry dedicated to asylum fraud thrives in New York, where many of the country’s asylum claims are filed. Immigrants peddle personal accounts ripped from international headlines, con artists prey on the newly arrived and nonlawyers offer misguided advice.

New York Times
Jun 22, 2011 My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

QUOTE: ...I am still an undocumented immigrant. And that means living a different kind of reality. It means going about my day in fear of being found out....Last year I read about four students who walked from Miami to Washington to lobby for the Dream Act, a nearly decade-old immigration bill that would provide a path to legal permanent residency for young people who have been educated in this country...Their courage has inspired me.

New York Times
Jun 19, 2011 McCain blames some Arizona wildfires on illegal immigrants

QUOTE: U.S. Sen. John McCain is blaming illegal immigrants for starting some of the wildfires that have scorched hundreds of thousands of acres in Arizona...The Arizona senator, however, did not say what the evidence is, prompting a swift rebuke from Latino civil rights advocates.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 25, 2011 Chasing Riches From Africa to Europe and Finding Only Squalor

QUOTE: Experts say thousands more — many of whom have been moving around North Africa trying to get to Europe for years, including Somalis, Eritreans, Senegalese and Nigerians — are likely to follow, sure that a better life awaits them. But for Mr. Jallow and for many others who arrived before them, often after days at sea without food or water, Europe has offered hardships they never imagined.

New York Times
Apr 26, 2011 Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy

QUOTE: ICE officials in central Florida recently invited immigration lawyers to bring forward illegal immigrants facing deportation who did not have criminal records, offering provisional authorization for them to remain here and work legally.

New York Times
Apr 21, 2011 Your tomato’s possible ties to slavery

QUOTE: More than 1,200 victims of human trafficking picking tomatoes in Florida's fields… These slaves often work for 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week… Tomato pickers in Florida are paid less than two pennies for each pound of tomatoes they pick.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 20, 2011 Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations

QUOTE: “We are asking the president if he could provide some sort of relief to innocent people who are the most impacted by the inequities of the immigration system.”

New York Times
Apr 17, 2011 Victor Toro, Tortured in Chile, Fights Deportation

QUOTE: A well-known advocate for immigrants and the needy in New York, Mr. Toro has been in and out of immigration court for nearly four years, unsuccessfully battling a deportation order and trying to win asylum.

New York Times
Mar 28, 2011 Arriving as Pregnant Tourists, Leaving With American Babies

QUOTE: For months, officials say, the house was home to “maternity tourists,” in this case, women from China who had paid tens of thousands of dollars to deliver their babies in the United States, making the infants automatic American citizens. Officials shut down the home, sending the 10 mothers who had been living there with their babies to nearby motels.

New York Times
Mar 09, 2011 Revolts Raise Fear of Migration in Europe

QUOTE: Morocco, Tunisia and particularly Libya sometimes used brutal tactics to keep immigrants from ever getting near European shores... In a report published in 2009, Human Rights Watch said that migrants who eventually made it to Malta and Italy described being beaten and robbed of valuables and their documents while in detention in Libya.

New York Times
Feb 15, 2011 Bedouin Smugglers Abuse Africans Held for Ransom, Israel Group Says

QUOTE: About 1,000 African migrants trying to cross the Sinai Desert from Egypt into Israel have been systematically beaten, raped and held captive for ransom in the past year by the Bedouin smugglers they hired to help them make the journey, an Israeli advocacy organization said Tuesday.

New York Times
Feb 08, 2011 Students in Legal Limbo After Immigration Fight

QUOTE: ...thousands of immigrant students who declared their illegal status during a nationwide campaign for a bill in Congress that would have put them on a path to legal residence.... leaves students like her who might have benefited from the bill — an estimated 1.2 million nationwide — in a legal twilight.

New York Times
Jan 28, 2011 Gays Seeking Asylum in U.S. Encounter a New Hurdle

QUOTE: While asylum-seekers and rights groups here expressed relief that use of the so-called erotic lie detector is impossible to imagine in the United States, some lamented in recent interviews that here too, homosexuals seeking asylum may risk being dismissed as not being gay enough.

New York Times
Jan 04, 2011 Birthright Citizenship Looms as Next Immigration Battle

QUOTE: The next big immigration battle centers on illegal immigrants’ offspring, who are granted automatic citizenship like all other babies born on American soil. Arguing for an end to the policy, which is rooted in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, immigration hard-liners describe a wave of migrants like Ms. Vasquez stepping across the border in the advanced stages of pregnancy to have what are dismissively called “anchor babies.”

New York Times
Dec 08, 2010 LAWA Land: The Supreme Court hears about Arizona's other controversial immigration law.

QUOTE: The Supreme Court busies itself today with that law's Mini-Me, the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act, which goes much further than federal immigration law in sanctioning state employers who hire illegal workers. Both today's case and the one the court will inevitably hear about SB 1070 test the same general proposition: Does federal immigration law pre-empt—or preclude—the states from passing their own, tougher immigration laws?

Jun 18, 2010 Justice Dept. Will Fight Arizona on Immigration

QUOTE: The Obama administration has decided to file a lawsuit to strike down a new Arizona law aimed at deporting illegal immigrants, thrusting itself into the fierce national debate over how the United States should enforce immigration policies.

New York Times
Jun 09, 2010 Views of North Korea Show How a Policy Spread Misery

QUOTE: North Koreans are used to struggle and heartbreak. But the Nov. 30 currency devaluation, apparently an attempt to prop up a foundering state-run economy, was for some the worst disaster since a famine that killed hundreds of thousands in the mid-1990s.

New York Times
May 14, 2010 Student’s Arrest Tests Immigration Policy

QUOTE: after protests by Latino groups, demonstrations at the Georgia Capitol by her sorority sisters and a letter of support from the university’s president, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency granted a one-year deferral on her deportation so she could finish college. The “deferred action” means she could still be deported, but will be allowed to apply for an extension next year.

New York Times
May 07, 2010 Immigration Status of Army Spouses Often Leads to Snags

QUOTE: Immigration lawyers and Department of Homeland Security officials say that many thousands of people in the military have spouses or close relatives who are illegal immigrants. Many of those service members have fought to gain legal status for their family members — only to hit a legal dead end created in 1996, when Congress last made major revisions to the immigration laws.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2010 U.S.’s Toughest Immigration Law Is Signed in Arizona

QUOTE: Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the toughest illegal immigration bill in the country into law on Friday, aimed at identifying, prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants. The governor’s move unleashed immediate protests and reignited the divisive battle over immigration reform nationally. Even before she signed the bill at a 4:30 p.m. news conference here, President Obama strongly criticized it.

New York Times
Mar 30, 2010 Judge's ruling deals U.S. major setback in H-1B fraud case: Parts of government's case against IT services firm dismissed and electronic evidence suppressed

QUOTE: In what may be the largest H-1B fraud case ever brought forward, the government has run into trouble with a judge having dismissed a number of counts and suppressed some of the evidence taken from an IT services firm's computers.

Nov 15, 2009 Racial rethinking as Obama visits: Increasing diversity, born out of boom, forces Chinese to confront old prejudices

QUOTE: As the country gets ready to welcome the first African American U.S. president, whose first official visit here starts Sunday, the Chinese are confronting their attitudes toward race, including some deeply held prejudices about black people.

Washington Post
Oct 06, 2009 Report: U.S. Should Give Preference to Skilled Immigrants Over Relatives

QUOTE: The United States should cut back on the admission of immigrants who are extended-family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to make room for more skilled workers, a new independent panel recommended Tuesday.

Washington Post
Oct 05, 2009 Prepaid, but Not Prepared for Debit Card Fees (The Card Game)

QUOTE: For many people who do not have bank accounts, or cannot get a credit card, the appeal [of a prepaid debit card] is irresistible... But their convenience comes with a catch: fees, often hidden in the fine print.

New York Times
Sep 11, 2009 Joe Wilson aftermath: Illegals get scrutiny in health reform: Current healthcare bills don’t explicitly mention how illegal immigrants would be treated under some important provisions.

QUOTE: Republicans in general charge that since none of the [healthcare] bills contain enforcement mechanisms to check that recipients of government subsidies are legal, illegal immigrants would be able to sneak into the system and get US cash [for healthcare subsidies] anyway.

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 07, 2009 U.S. expands H-1B fraud case against IT services firm

QUOTE: The U.S. government late last month filed a new, expanded 18-count indictment that now seeks $4.9 million from a New Jersey IT services firm it has accused of fraudulently using H-1B visas.

Sep 05, 2009 Health Care Debate Revives Immigration Battle

QUOTE: During the summer recess, members of Congress faced persistent questions from constituents worried that health care changes could leave taxpayers footing medical bills for illegal immigrants.

New York Times
Sep 01, 2009 Why Jews see racism in Israel

QUOTE: About two-thirds of Ethiopian Jews receive support from state [Israel] welfare agencies. And just over 10 percent recieve post-high school education compared to 40 percent of Israeli Jews, according to an Ethiopian advocacy group.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 30, 2009 Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left With ‘Nobody to Talk To’

QUOTE: experts say that America’s ethnic elderly are among the most isolated people in America.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2009 Officials Say Detainee Fatalities Were Missed

QUOTE: More than one in 10 deaths in immigration detention in the last six years have been overlooked and were omitted from an official list of detainee fatalities issued to Congress in March, the Obama administration said Monday.

New York Times
Aug 16, 2009 Bad economy sparks more complaints of wage theft

QUOTE: Complaints of wage theft have risen as the economy tumbled. Allegations range from underpayment to not getting paid at all.

Aug 12, 2009 Iraqi Immigrants Face Lonely Struggle in U.S.

QUOTE: A report released in June by the International Rescue Committee, a refugee resettlement organization in New York, said that many Iraqi immigrants have been unable to find jobs, are exhausting government and other benefits and are spiraling toward poverty and homelessness.

New York Times
Jul 29, 2009 Immigration detention centers failed to meet standards, report says

QUOTE: The federal government routinely failed to follow its own standards regulating immigration detention centers across the country...

Los Angeles Times
Jul 27, 2009 U.S. citizens wrongly detained, deported by ICE

QUOTE: [ Hector] Veloz is one of hundreds of U.S. citizens who have landed in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and struggled to prove they don't belong there, according to advocacy groups and legal scholars, who have tracked such cases around the country. Some citizens have been deported.

San Francisco Chronicle
Jul 25, 2009 Debate Intensifies Over Deportations

QUOTE: The Obama administration is vastly expanding a federal effort begun under President George W. Bush to identify and deport illegal immigrants held in local jails. But here in the city [Houston, TX] where the effort got a trial start eight months ago, people on each side of the immigration debate have found fault with it.

New York Times

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