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Oct 24, 2011 Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue

QUOTE: political protesters do not face the challenges of urban camping alone. Homeless people confront the same issues every day: how to scrape together meals, keep warm at night by covering themselves with cardboard or tarp, and relieve themselves without committing a crime. Public restrooms are sparse in American cities—"as if the need to go to the bathroom does not exist," travel expert Arthur Frommer once observed. And yet to yield to bladder pressure is to risk arrest.

Mother Jones
Apr 12, 2011 Suit Alleges Bias in Disability Denials by Queens Judges

QUOTE: Now, a class-action lawsuit... says that five of the eight Queens judges are not just difficult, but also biased against the applicants — many of whom are poor or immigrants — and have systematically denied benefits to the disabled by making legal and factual errors.

New York Times
Sep 16, 2009 Panhandling bans hurt some fundraisers

QUOTE: Communities seeking to prevent panhandlers from venturing into streets are stirring controversy with bans that also prevent people from approaching vehicles to ask for charitable donations.

Jun 18, 2009 Woman's Death Outside Shelter Stirs Questions: Friends Say She Was Rejected Because of AIDS Complications; City Disputes Account

QUOTE: "They kicked her [Renee Paige] out of the shelter. They put her out because she couldn't keep herself clean, her bowels and so forth, because of her AIDS," said Tamela Bowens, 46, a friend of Paige's...

Washington Post
Sep 17, 2008 Republicans move to deny homeless votes, Democrats claim: Democrats in Michigan are trying to block what they call a Republican effort to deny voting rights to people who have lost their homes in the

QUOTE: Democrats in Michigan are trying to block what they call a Republican effort to deny voting rights to people who have lost their homes in the mortgage crisis.

Daily Telegraph
Sep 16, 2008 Capitol Strives to Define ‘Homeless’

ABSTRACT: With unemployment and foreclosures rising and growing numbers of families struggling to find affordable housing, lawmakers in Congress are debating who should be considered homeless... with too few shelter beds and services available to help the homeless who are already living on the streets, the debate over whether to expand significantly the pool of people eligible for such limited aid has sharply divided advocates for the homeless and upended political alliances.

New York Times
Oct 22, 2007 Care Critical for Homeless: Lack of Treatment for Chronic Diseases Sends Lives Spiraling

QUOTE: The No. 1 cause of death among the homeless is untreated chronic illness. Chronic illness does not often, by itself, cause homelessness, experts say, but it's an ingredient in the mix of crushing problems, which often includes troubled personal history or economic trauma.

Washington Post
Oct 11, 2007 Homeless Families in New York Lose a Loophole

QUOTE: Beginning tomorrow night, the city will stop giving emergency shelter to families who are reapplying for a place to stay after being ruled ineligible....defended by officials as a necessary tightening of a munificent policy that was being repeatedly abused by a few families.

New York Times
Sep 02, 2007 Back From Behind Bars: Homelessness, Unemployment and Familiar Temptations Greet the 2,000 Prisoners Who Return to the District Each Year

QUOTE: Most emerge ill-equipped to stay out of prison. Two-thirds are re-arrested within three years. Forty percent are sent back to prison. This means more crime, more victims and more money spent to send them through the justice system again and again.

Washington Post
Jul 18, 2007 Help lags for homeless female veterans: About 8,000 women lack permanent shelter. Need is likely to rise as more women return from war.

QUOTE: Nearly 15 percent of the military is female... But of the 260 programs in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans' network that give counseling, shelter, and other services to homeless veterans, only eight have special programs for women.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 21, 2007 The homeless get counted: A new national survey is expected to reveal that efforts to end chronic homelessness in the US by 2011 are behind schedule.

QUOTE: a government-led race to end chronic homelessness by 2011 is far off the pace. Despite criticisms of its accuracy and methodology, the US-mandated National Point-in-Time Survey is itself emblematic of innovative new efforts to bring America's most disaffected, disfranchised population in from the cold.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 20, 2007 Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise

QUOTE: Criminologists call these wilding sprees "sport killing," -- largely middle-class teens, with no criminal records, assaulting the homeless with bats, golf clubs, paintball guns.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 28, 2006 Las Vegas Makes It Illegal to Feed Homeless in Parks

QUOTE: Las Vegas, whose homeless population has doubled in the past decade to about 12,000 people in and around the city, joins several other cities across the country that have adopted or considered ordinances limiting the distribution of charitable meals in parks.

New York Times
Jun 12, 2006 Two Elderly Women Suspected as Femmes Fatales in Insurance Fraud Scheme

QUOTE: ...the two women extended helping hands to two homeless men, getting them off the streets and putting them up in apartments, while at the same time plotting their deaths.

New York Times
Dec 02, 2005 Zimbabwe's Evicted Are Still Suffering

QUOTE: Human Rights Watch reported Thursday that thousands of victims of Zimbabwe's brutal demolition of homes and markets last summer are still sleeping in the open, amid rubble, with little access to food or medicine.

Washington Post
Aug 31, 2005 Dispatches From Haiti

QUOTE: ...just after Aristide was forced from office and violence surged through the capital, he watched the Haitian National Police execute two of the boys who lived on the street with him. Fearing for his own life amid rumors that the police were targeting street kids...

Feb 21, 2005 Homeless Man Takes on Texas, Religious Display

QUOTE: ...challenge the state of Texas for what he believed to be a governmental endorsement of Judeo-Christian doctrine and a violation of the separation between church and state.

Washington Post
Apr 17, 2003 Church called exploiter of homeless

QUOTE: Local homeless advocates are accusing a Los Angeles-area church of recruiting homeless people to solicit donations for a battered women's shelter that may not exist, and then charging the recruits fees that eliminated the money they earned.

Sacramento Bee
Mar 26, 2003 Police File Charges Against Officer Who Refused to Arrest Homeless Man

QUOTE: The [New York] Police Department filed formal charges yesterday against an officer who refused to arrest a homeless man sleeping in a parking garage near Union Square in November.

New York Times
Jan 27, 2003 Shelters' Placement Draws Ire

QUOTE: It is an outrage that the (New York City) Bloomberg administration is sneaking these shelters into our neighborhoods under the cover of darkness without consulting the community.

Jan 21, 2003 Sony Probed For Booting Homeless

QUOTE: The Sony Center has willfully, repeatedly and adroitly circumvented the civil rights of the poor and homeless...illegally tossing homeless people out of the indoor public plaza at its Madison Avenue headquarters.

New York Post
Jan 18, 2003 New York Reaches Deal to End Legal Fight on Homeless

QUOTE: New York City and lawyers for the homeless agreed to create an independent panel to help the city shape its long-range policy for homeless families.

New York Times
Oct 30, 2002 Exasperated Cities Move to Curb or Expel The Homeless

QUOTE: Here in this capital of compassion, public fatigue with the panhandlers besieging the city has become so intense that voters sound ready to approve a ballot measure next week that would nearly wipe out the generous monthly welfare payments that San Francisco has long provided to thousands of homeless men and women.

Washington Post
Oct 12, 2002 In New Orleans, a Quarter and Change: Benches' Removal Brings Battle Over The City's Identity

QUOTE: These benches weren't just benches: They were sleeping accommodation for the Quarter's large homeless population, among other things, and their removal has created an uproar in New Orleans.

Washington Post
Aug 20, 2002 Once Vilified, Squatters Will Inherit 11 Buildings

QUOTE: The Bloomberg administration has quietly turned over 11 buildings in Manhattan to a nonprofit developer, which will give the buildings to people who have squatted in them for years, city officials said yesterday.

New York Times
Mar 27, 2002 Supreme Court Upholds Public Housing Drug Law: Rehnquist Says Rule 'Unambiguously' Written

QUOTE: Upholding the federal government's "one strike and you're out" drug policy for low-income housing projects, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a public housing tenant may be evicted if any member of his or her household, or a guest, is caught using illegal drugs...

Washington Post
Feb 03, 2002 Carted Away

QUOTE: ''Homeless people need access to the belongings that enable them to survive the harsh conditions of homelessness. Yet if they have an errand in a building, they can't take a cart inside. They have to leave it on the street. And then it gets confiscated.''

New York Times
Sep 26, 2001 Supreme Court Agrees to Look At Vouchers

QUOTE: ...justices announced that they would rule on the constitutionality of a publicly financed Ohio program that helps thousands of parents in Cleveland pay their children's tuition at religious schools.

New York Times
Sep 23, 2001 Integrated Community is Part of Trend Toward Suburban Segregation

QUOTE: ...[Walt Disney Company] executives promised to do their best to ensure that this planned community would not become as racially homogenous as many other towns....Those efforts have been a failure.

New York Times
Jun 23, 2001 Comparing Workmanship Can Narrow Choices of Houses

ABSTRACT: A checklist of items to look for to assess the quality of home construction.

Washington Post