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Jan 03, 2009 A Rise in Efforts to Spot Abuse in Youth Dating

QUOTE: Her death in 2007 in Indianapolis is one of several stemming from abuse in teenage dating relationships that have spurred states and communities to search for new ways to impress on adolescents — and their parents and teachers — the warning signs of dangerous dating behavior and what actions are not acceptable or healthy.

New York Times
Dec 07, 2008 Iraqi Women, Figting for a Voice; Activists Confront Dual Powers of Religion, Tribalism

QUOTE: In their quest for stability in Iraq, U.S. officials have empowered tribal and religious leaders, Sunni and Shiite, who reject the secularism that Saddam Hussein once largely maintained. These leaders have imposed strict interpretations of Islam and enforced tribal codes that female activists say limit their freedom and encourage violence against them.

Washington Post
Dec 05, 2008 Is Google Sexist? Absence of one little word might say yes

QUOTE: Why does Google single out this one particular part as too sexually explicit to pass its filters, even if just for discussion, or to answer a question for someone too embarrassed to ask another human?

Nov 14, 2008 Analogy Lesson: Racism is the wrong frame for understanding the passage of California's same-sex marriage ban.

QUOTE: Widespread opposition to same-sex marriage might reflect a desire to hang on to these distinctive sex roles rather than vicious anti-gay bigotry. By wistfully invoking the analogy to racism, same-sex marriage proponents risk misreading a large (and potentially movable) group of voters who care about sex difference more than about sexual orientation.

Oct 23, 2008 In Cairo, a Groping Case Ends in a Prison Sentence

QUOTE: verbal and physical harassment of women is starting to be acknowledged as a “real phenomenon in Egypt,” Ms. Ostaz said. Women’s rights activists said they hoped the severe sentence would frighten men into stopping committing assaults that for years have gone unpunished by the authorities and many women have become resigned to...

New York Times
Oct 06, 2008 Female fighters: We won't stand for male dominance

QUOTE: The PKK has an idealistic philosophy, one that combines Kurdish nationalism with certain communist goals, such as equality and communal ownership of property. The fighters here say that their cause has evolved beyond a desire for a Kurdish state -- that they are now fighting to generate dramatic social change. Today, the PKK's ideology revolves around a belief that global crises and injustice are a result of millennia of male-dominated rule.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 02, 2008 A New Twist in the Debate on Mothers

QUOTE: as mothers across the country supervise the season’s final water fights and pack book bags, some have voiced the kind of doubts that few male pundits have dared raise on television. With five children, including an infant with Down syndrome and, as the country learned Monday, a pregnant 17-year-old, Ms. Palin has set off a fierce argument among women about whether there are enough hours in the day for her to take on the vice presidency, and whether she is right to try.

New York Times
Aug 22, 2008 Yemen confronts plight of child brides: Widespread poverty and deep-rooted tradition keep young girls at risk for early marriage.

QUOTE: UNICEF warns that soaring inflation rates and high food prices threaten to turn increasing numbers of young girls into child brides, as families struggle to survive.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 30, 2008 Why retirement is different for women

QUOTE: Women make less money than men...Whether women are paid less than men due to poor salary negotiating, career choices or institutional biases, the end result is that they not only have less to save but their Social Security payout is less. They put in fewer years at work and lose out on years of paying into a pension or defined contribution plan.
Jun 11, 2008 Operation Lets Muslim Women Reclaim Virginity

QUOTE: The domestic drama has gripped France. The groom, an unidentified engineer in his 30s, left the nuptial bed and announced to the still partying wedding guests that his bride had lied...The next day, he approached a lawyer about annulling the marriage. The bride, then a nursing student in her 20s, confessed and agreed to an annulment...In secular, republican France, the case touches on several delicate subjects: the intrusion of religion into daily life; the grounds for dissolution of a marriage; and the equality of the sexes.

New York Times
May 01, 2008 Woman Gains Silver Star -- And Removal From Combat: Case Shows Contradictions of Army Rules

QUOTE: Within a few days of her heroic acts, however, the Army pulled Brown out of the remote camp in Paktika province where she was serving with a cavalry unit -- because, her platoon commander said, Army restrictions on women in combat barred her from such missions.

Washington Post
Mar 24, 2008 A Vote of Allegiance? In the Obama-Clinton Battle, Race & Gender Pose Two Great Divides for Black Women

QUOTE: The admonitions of white feminists urging black women to vote gender over race have cracked open a scab, a festering sore, that had crusted over the history of this country's competing isms. A scab that covered the lingering tension between some white feminists and some black women, with their dual historic burden of race and gender. It is black women, after all, who have faced both sexism and racism in their lives.

Washington Post
Jan 19, 2008 Birth, The American Way

QUOTE: Natural-birth advocates say that hospitals, driven by profits and worried about malpractice, are too quick to intervene....If something does go wrong, in the eyes of the courts "a normal birth is a risk. The courts reward action," Block says.

Jan 15, 2008 Book Smarts Lacking On Gender Equality

QUOTE: [The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls] also serve as a reminder that we still haven't figured out what gender equality means or how to prepare kids to live it in the world they will assume.

Washington Post
Nov 23, 2007 Brazil investigates 15-year-old girl's jail horror story

QUOTE: The Brazilian government is investigating the case of a 15-year-old girl who allegedly was raped and tortured after being put in a prison cell with 20 male inmates, officials said.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 20, 2007 As order slides, Palestinian women face honor killings: Rights activists say such murders have increased as a result of the worsened security situation, and press for a new law.

QUOTE: Particularly galling to many here is the fact that a man who admits to murdering a female relative for reasons of honor can be sentenced to as little as six months in jail. Palestinians say that policy is based on an old Jordanian law, which still holds in the West Bank: Article 341 considers murder a legitimate act of defense when the killer acts "in defense of his life or his honor."

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 20, 2007 Saudi: Why we punished rape victim

QUOTE: Under law in Saudi Arabia, women are subject to numerous restrictions, including a strict dress code, a prohibition against driving and a requirement that they get a man's permission to travel or have surgery. Women are also not allowed to testify in court unless it is about a private matter that was not observed by a man, and they are not allowed to vote.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 17, 2007 Saudi court ups punishment for gang-rape victim

QUOTE: A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN. The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair and raped both, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 14, 2007 The New Face of HIV: Women make up a growing percentage of new cases, so why are so many doctors still treating it like it's only a male disease?

QUOTE: Yet, even as rates climb among women, health advocates say that many doctors still talk about HIV as if it's a male disease. Some fear that infected women, particularly those in monogomous relationships, may not be tested promptly, delaying diagnosis, because health practitioners view them as atypical patients

Nov 05, 2007 Drawing a Line Between Enduring Harm and Legitimate Fear (Sidebar)

QUOTE: The board acknowledged, for instance, that women who have been subjected to forced sterilization are routinely granted asylum even though that procedure, like genital cutting, cannot be repeated. The board, which is part of the Justice Department, rejected the reasoning of a 2005 decision by the federal appeals court in California, which refused to deport a woman who had been subjected to genital cutting in Somalia.

New York Times
Nov 05, 2007 Protesting Demeaning Images in Media

QUOTE: The rallies are taking place as civil rights leaders, cultural critics and others use the moment to debate how to represent the diversity of black life while minimizing offensive words and images. A big issue is the distinction between standards and censorship. Some charge that what Enough Is Enough does is censorship.

New York Times
Oct 12, 2007 Legal or Not, Abortion Rates Compare

QUOTE: A comprehensive global study of abortion has concluded that abortion rates are similar in countries where it is legal and those where it is not, suggesting that outlawing the procedure does little to deter women seeking it.

New York Times
Sep 23, 2007 Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence: U.S. Estimates Thousands of Victims, But Efforts to Find Them Fall Short

QUOTE: Congress passed a law, triggering a little-noticed worldwide war on human trafficking that began at the end of the Clinton administration and is now a top Bush administration priority. As part of the fight, President Bush has blanketed the nation with 42 Justice Department task forces and spent more than $150 million -- all to find and help the estimated hundreds of thousands of victims of forced prostitution or labor in the United States. But the government couldn't find them.

Washington Post
Aug 21, 2007 Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege

QUOTE: In his book, [J. Michael Bailey] argued that some people born male who want to cross genders are driven primarily by an erotic fascination with themselves as women… scientists praised the book as a compelling explanation of the science… [but] transgender women found the tone of the book abusive…

New York Times
Jul 18, 2007 Help lags for homeless female veterans: About 8,000 women lack permanent shelter. Need is likely to rise as more women return from war.

QUOTE: Nearly 15 percent of the military is female... But of the 260 programs in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans' network that give counseling, shelter, and other services to homeless veterans, only eight have special programs for women.

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 24, 2007 The gender buzz: Studies that support traditional roles for women get swarmed on by the media, while more nuanced research just can't seem to generate any noise

QUOTE: It seems that a researcher can garner more press just by publishing a study with results that social conservatives wish to hear. And if the research doesn't suit conservatives' worldview, they can always find a way to twist it. ... The popularized message [is] that feminism makes you sick.

Dallas Morning News
Jun 03, 2007 You're Not Earning as Much as the Guys? Here's Why.

QUOTE: As they head into the working world, most of this year's female college grads will never be equal to their male colleagues again.... At almost every step of the way, women could make decisions that would keep them even with their male classmates. But they don't.

Washington Post
May 14, 2007 In Juarez, Expiring Justice: Statute of Limitations Begins to Run Out in Murders of Hundreds of Women

QUOTE: At a time when U.S. prosecutors are resurrecting Civil Rights-era murder cases -- some more than 40 years old -- Mexico is closing murder cases forever after 14 years. With each passing day, it appears likely that a legal technicality may end a quest to unravel a string of slayings that shocked the world.

Washington Post
Apr 19, 2007 US Supreme Court allows late-term abortion ban: The 5-to-4 ruling upholds a ban on 'partial-birth' abortion. In 2000, the court had struck down a similar ban.

QUOTE: The decision marks the first time since the landmark abortion precedent Roe v. Wade in 1973 that the nation's highest court has ruled in a way that places considerations of a woman's health as secondary to efforts by the government to restrict abortion procedures performed prior to fetal viability. That shift could embolden antiabortion forces to try to enact more restrictions at the state level.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 14, 2007 Stalkers Go High Tech to Intimidate Victims

QUOTE: But a little-discussed and more threatening phenomenon is also happening to the unwitting online and in the high-tech world: cyber-stalking, the illegal monitoring of private information and communication of ex-lovers and spouses as a form of domestic violence.

Washington Post
Apr 11, 2007 Full Federal Appellate Court Will Revisit Abortion Issue in South Dakota

QUOTE: A South Dakota law that would require doctors to tell women seeking abortions that the procedure would “terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being” will be revisited today by the 11 judges of the federal appeals court in St. Louis.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2007 New Translation Prompts Debate on Islamic Verse

QUOTE: The hotly debated verse states that a rebellious woman should first be admonished, then abandoned in bed, and ultimately “beaten” — the most common translation for the Arabic word “daraba” — unless her behavior improves....Some analysts hold that the verse cannot be rendered meaningfully into English because it reflects social and legal practices of Muhammad’s time.

New York Times
Feb 27, 2007 Women's Health Office Funds Cut

QUOTE: Women's health advocates inside and outside the agency suspect they are witnessing, at least in part, a long-anticipated payback for the trouble the office stirred during the prolonged debate over nonprescription sales of Plan B. Taking a position that chafed the administration's conservative base, the office had stood up for scientific research that had backed the safety and appropriateness of such sales.

Washington Post
Feb 01, 2007 A Time Limit on Rape

QUOTE: The highest courts of seven states, including Connecticut and Kansas, have ruled that a woman may withdraw her consent at any time, and if the man doesn't stop, he is committing rape. Illinois has become the first state to pass legislation giving a woman that right to change her mind. But in Maryland--as well as in North Carolina--when a woman says yes, she can't take it back once sex has begun--or, at least, she can't call the act rape.

Time Magazine
Jan 01, 2007 Catfight in the Boardroom: Do women hold other women back? Whether it's reality or perception, office pressures can make women uncooperative.

QUOTE: From glass ceilings through mommy wars...we have been adjusting to two generations of women entering the workplace with every intention of camping out and moving up. Their impact on office culture...has been exhaustively documented. Now we are starting to talk about their effect on each other.

Psychology Today
Dec 20, 2006 In Miss USA drama, comeuppance for US 'raunch culture': The story reflects a clash between the pageant's wholesome image and a US society that glamorizes bad behavior.

QUOTE: When young women get caught acting out in inappropriate ways, as Conner did, they are in fact reflecting the culture, Ms. Levy said Tuesday in a phone interview. "We tend to vilify individuals and act like they're the cause of this when, in fact, they're a symptom," says Levy.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 18, 2006 FDA Ends Ban on Silicone Implants: Safety Concerns Led to '92 Moratorium

QUOTE: "The Food and Drug Administration ended its 14-year ban on the cosmetic use of silicone breast implants yesterday, despite lingering safety concerns from some health advocates."

Washington Post
Nov 13, 2006 Health Disparities Persist for Men, and Doctors Ask Why

QUOTE: "In recent years, women’s health has been a national priority. Pink ribbons warn of breast cancer...Yet statistics show that men are more likely than women to suffer an early death."

New York Times
Nov 06, 2006 The Consumer: Contraception as an Option for the Man

QUOTE: Tired of contraceptives’ side effects, expense and hassle, many [women] are ready to hand over the reproductive reins to their partners....“On some level,” Mr. Kleinman said, “it is just about fairness to women.”

New York Times
Nov 04, 2006 Kennedy’s Choice: The Roberts Court Takes on Abortion

QUOTE: "THE arguments the Supreme Court will hear on Wednesday on the constitutionality of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act promise much more than a resumption of a familiar debate over a method of terminating a pregnancy."

New York Times
Oct 26, 2006 Move to single-sex classes fans debate: New federal rules let US public schools split up boys and girls. Research on the practice is inconclusive.

QUOTE: Controversial new regulations give educators far more latitude to establish schools and classes strictly for a single gender, even as research on the practice is scarce and inconclusive...It's a change that has intensified a long-running debate over whether boys and girls learn better in a single-sex environment, with critics warning the regulations may roll back years of hard-won ground.

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 09, 2006 Antiabortion Centers Offer Sonograms to Further Cause

QUOTE: Antiabortion organizations in recent years have added medical services to hundreds of Christian-oriented pregnancy counseling centers nationwide. Many of these antiabortion clinics have opened in or near places where women go to end pregnancies...Abortion rights advocates say the proliferation of antiabortion pregnancy clinics is a dangerous trend, confusing vulnerable women by mixing a seemingly neutral clinical environment with a religious agenda.

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2006 Mohels to Mozambique: The case for genital mutilation

QUOTE: The strongest argument against circumcising babies to prevent HIV is that they're too young to consent, and they won't be at risk for the virus till they're grown. But we vaccinate babies all the time. Should we treat circumcision like a vaccine?

Aug 01, 2006 Women in the Military: Who’s Got Your Back?

QUOTE: An official Department of Defense report states that, “Thirty percent of female veterans in a recent survey reported rape or attempted rape during active duty. Thirty-seven percent of women who reported a rape or attempted rape had been raped more than once; fourteen percent of the victims reported having been gang raped”

off our backs
Jul 31, 2006 The problem of a pregnant pause: Despite family-leave laws, the number of pregnancy discrimination cases is on the rise in the US.

QUOTE: Despite family-leave laws, the number of pregnancy discrimination cases is on the rise in the US.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 19, 2006 Ex-Navy Quarterback Calls Sex Consensual: Midshipman Says Accuser Became Unresponsive After He Was Invited to Her Room

QUOTE: The former U.S. Naval Academy quarterback accused of raping a female facing a court-martial on charges of rape, conduct unbecoming an officer and violating a protective order.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2006 Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist: Biologist Who Underwent Sex Change Describes Biases Against Women

QUOTE: After he underwent a sex change...another scientist...was heard to say, "Ben Barres gave a great seminar today, but then his work is much better than his sister's"...many men are unconscious of the privileges that come with being male, which leaves them unable to countenance talk of glass ceilings and discrimination.

Washington Post
Jul 08, 2006 After TV Debates, Pakistan May Ease Laws on Rape Reporting

QUOTE: The [Pakistani--Ed.] laws, introduced in 1979 and criticized internationally since, include a clause stating that to prove rape, a woman must have at least four male witnesses. If the woman fails to provide proof, she herself faces the charge of adultery.

New York Times
Jun 26, 2006 Study Casts Doubt On the 'Boy Crisis': Improving Test Scores Cut Into Girls' Lead

QUOTE: widespread reports of U.S. boys being in crisis are greatly overstated and that young males in school are in many ways doing better than ever...."Ed Sector is right to call foul on all the crisis rhetoric..."

Washington Post
Jun 18, 2006 Gender-Based Violence Galvanized Warlords' Foes: Somali Women Gave Crucial Support for Islamic Militias

QUOTE: An epidemic of sexual violence during 15 years of lawlessness in Somalia was among the factors that strengthened opposition to this city's notorious warlords...

Washington Post

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