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Apr 20, 2015 The FBI director’s larger message on the Holocaust

QUOTE: this effort to blame the Holocaust solely on the Germans — and soon, I bet, only on those Germans who were Nazis — is a historical whitewash. The Nazis originated and implemented the murder of Jews. Still, they had help, less in Poland than in some other nations — France, are you paying attention? — and they were often operating in areas where Jews had already been dehumanized.

Washington Post
Mar 05, 2015 In U.C.L.A. Debate Over Jewish Student, Echoes on Campus of Old Biases

QUOTE: at the prodding of a faculty adviser there who pointed out that belonging to Jewish organizations was not a conflict of interest, the students revisited the question and unanimously put her on the board.... spotlight what appears to be a surge of hostile sentiment directed against Jews at many campuses in the country, often a byproduct of animosity toward the policies of Israel.

New York Times
Jan 13, 2015 Charlie Hebdo explains its next cover: Muhammad with 'I am Charlie' sign

QUOTE: The cover of Charlie Hebdo’s next issue, due out Wednesday, will have a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad crying and holding an “I am Charlie” sign....The three Islamist gunmen — brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, who attacked Charlie Hebdo, and Amedy Coulibaly, who is believed to have killed the policewoman Thursday and the four hostages at the kosher grocery — were killed in nearly simultaneous police raids Friday.

Los Angeles Times
Dec 19, 2013 The Nazi Art Theft Crisis in Europe

QUOTE: For decades, the keepers of Nazi-looted art have been biding their time until various statutes of limitations lapsed. They have hidden behind archaic laws that complicate the return of looted works of art to their rightful owners—or have simply refused to investigate red flags....However, our hyper-viral media landscape has revealed the shenanigans of the art world to a larger and less tolerant audience

Time Magazine
Mar 01, 2013 The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

QUOTE: The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945. The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum...

New York Times
Aug 08, 2012 UC report on anti-Semitism draws ire

QUOTE: To students who regard Israel as an essential Jewish homeland, this event and others like it that are staged each year on University of California campuses seem hostile, like poorly concealed anti-Semitism - especially when the Israeli flag with its Star of David is paired with a Nazi swastika, says a new report by a UC fact-finding team seeking to understand Jewish students' experiences

San Francisco Chronicle
Dec 21, 2011 Foes of Hungary’s Government Fear ‘Demolition of Democracy’

QUOTE: Democracy here is dying not with a single giant blow but with many small cuts, critics say, through the legal processes of Parliament that add up to a slow-motion coup. And in its drift toward authoritarian government, aided by popular disaffection with political gridlock and a public focused mainly on economic hardship, Hungary stands as a potentially troubling bellwether for other, struggling Eastern European countries with weak traditions of democratic government.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2011 Cries of Anti-Semitism, but Not at Zuccotti Park

QUOTE: The Occupy Wall Street protests, now in their second month, have increasingly been criticized by a variety of groups, most of them politically conservative, for flashes of anti-Semitism....Jewish groups that have sensitive antennas for eruptions of bigotry have not criticized the protesters.

New York Times
Jul 31, 2011 Is terrorism against Israel really more justified than terrorism against Norway?

QUOTE: Norway is the most anti-Semitic and anti-Israel country in Europe today.

Aish HaTorah
Jun 22, 2011 Nazi hunting: How France first "civilized" the Internet

QUOTE: France has long attempted to "civilize" the Internet out of things like racism and Nazi ideology by curbing their dissemination. In fact, the first battle in this war concluded a decade ago. The winner was France; the loser was the then-reigning giant of the Web—Yahoo—along with the notion that the Internet is a "global" place that inherently transcends national boundaries.

Ars Technica
Jun 04, 2011 Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Traction in California

QUOTE: When a group of activists proposed banning circumcision in San Francisco last fall, many people simply brushed them aside. Even in that liberal seaside city, it seemed implausible that thousands of people would support an effort to outlaw an ancient ritual that Jews and Muslims believe fulfills a commandment issued by God... Activists say the measures would protect children from an unnecessary medical procedure, calling it “male genital mutilation.”

New York Times
Jun 07, 2010 Reporter Retires After Words About Israel

QUOTE: Ms. Thomas said on Monday that she was retiring, effective immediately, after an uproar over her recent remarks that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go home to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else.”

New York Times
Jun 03, 2010 The Holocaust in Lithuania: One man's crusade to bring justice

QUOTE: Within five months of Nazi Germany's invasion in the summer of 1941, most of Lithuania's 200,000 to 220,000 Jews were dead....The pace of the mass murder of Lithuania's Jews -- and the active participation of the local population -- are meticulously recorded in two of the most infamous documents of Holocaust history.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 29, 2010 The Jewish Question: British Anti-Semitism

QUOTE: [Anthony Julius] is a truth-teller, and authentic enough to stand against the English literary and academic establishment, which essentially opposes the right of the state of Israel to exist, while indulging in the humbuggery that its anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

New York Times
Apr 02, 2010 Vatican Priest Likens Criticism Over Abuse to Anti-Semitism

QUOTE: A senior Vatican priest, speaking before Pope Benedict XVI at a Good Friday service, compared the world’s outrage at sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church to the persecution of the Jews, prompting angry responses from victims’ advocates and consternation from Jewish groups.

New York Times
Aug 11, 2009 U.K.'s Jewish-School Ruling: Who Decides Who Is a Jew?

QUOTE: Faith schools across Britain are holding their breath and waiting to see if they will need to change their admissions procedures after Europe's largest Jewish school was last week given the right to appeal a court decision saying its entry policy was racist.

Time Magazine
Jul 26, 2009 Latin American Jews contend with spike in anti-Semitism: Derogatory political statements and attacks on synagogues have increased since Israel's January war in Gaza.

QUOTE: Across Latin America, Jewish leaders say they are contending with a new level of anti-Semitism that heated up after Israel's military operation in Gaza in December.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 23, 2009 2 N.J. Mayors Arrested in Broad Inquiry on Corruption

QUOTE: The mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus, two state assemblymen, five rabbis and dozens of others were rounded up early Thursday as the F.B.I. swept across New Jersey and Brooklyn as part of a two-year corruption and international money-laundering investigation...

New York Times
Jun 28, 2009 Jews Remain Stymied In Efforts to Reclaim Art Looted by Nazis

QUOTE: Holocaust survivors and their heirs are still battling museums and governments for the return of thousands of pieces of looted art, despite pledges made by dozens of countries in Washington a decade ago to resolve the claims.

Washington Post
May 17, 2009 After a Sensational Crime, a Trial Marked by Quiet

QUOTE: ...[the] French are essentially unable to follow the courtroom drama [of a high profile murder case] because of a law that bans the public and the media from trials that involve minors.

New York Times
Jan 22, 2009 Marching for Hamas

QUOTE: To stand up against an enemy bent on your destruction is everywhere counted an act of bravery. But not when it comes to Israel....In a bizarre reversal of all their commitment to human rights and the struggle of men and women for independence and self-determination, the European Left has chosen again and again to side with the bullies and to condemn a small nation struggling to survive in a hostile neighborhood.

Jerusalem Post
Dec 31, 2008 Commentary: Holocaust love story an insult to the survivors

QUOTE: We doubters could not, however, initially overcome the power of Oprah, on whose show Rosenblat and his wife appeared twice. Credulous reporters, who should have sought some form of verification, kept writing about this "miraculous" event. The producer who acquired movie rights tried to intimidate those of us who raised questions.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 24, 2008 In Madoff Scandal, Jews Feel an Acute Betrayal

QUOTE: Here is a Jew accused of cheating Jewish organizations trying to help other Jews, they say, and of betraying the trust of Jews and violating the basic tenets of Jewish law. A Jew, they say, who seemed to exemplify the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes of the thieving Jewish banker....In addition to theft, the Torah discusses another kind of stealing, geneivat da’at, the Hebrew term for deception or stealing someone’s mind. “In the rabbinic mind-set, he’s guilty of two sins: one is theft, and the other is deception,” said Burton L. Visotzky, a professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

New York Times
Jun 12, 2008 Out of Step With Allies, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend (American Exception)

QUOTE: In the United States, that debate has been settled. Under the First Amendment, newspapers and magazines can say what they like about minority groups and religions — even false, provocative or hateful things — without legal consequence....Canada, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and India all have laws or have signed international conventions banning hate speech. Israel and France forbid the sale of Nazi items like swastikas and flags. It is a crime to deny the Holocaust in Canada, Germany and France.

New York Times
Mar 31, 2008 Who Are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race

QUOTE: Being accepted. Proving loyalty. Navigating the tight space between racial divides. Americans of mixed race say these are issues they have long confronted, and when Senator Barack Obama recently delivered a speech about race in Philadelphia, it rang with a special significance in their ears.

New York Times
Feb 28, 2008 How Do You Prove You’re a Jew?

QUOTE: In recent years, [Israel's] Chief Rabbinate and its branches in each Israeli city have adopted an institutional attitude of skepticism toward the Jewish identity of those who enter its doors...the rabbinate, one arm of the state, increasingly treats American Jews as doubtful cases: not Jewish until proved so.

New York Times
Jan 18, 2008 A Scholar's Legal Peril in Poland: Princeton Historian Could Face Criminal Charges Over Book

QUOTE: ["Fear"] was first published in 2006 in the United States, where reviewers found it praiseworthy. [Author Jan T.] Gross's work, however, generated bitter feelings among many Poles who accused him of using inflammatory language and unfairly stereotyping the entire population as anti-Semitic.

Washington Post
Nov 27, 2007 Protests Greet Far-Right Speakers at Oxford

QUOTE: The protest followed weeks of controversy surrounding the student organizers’ decision to give a platform to David Irving, a historian specializing in Hitler’s Germany who was released late last year after serving 13 months of a three-year prison term imposed in Austria for speeches denying that the Nazis exterminated six millions Jews.

New York Times
Nov 25, 2007 Holocaust Survivors, Heirs Push Old Claims: Germany Long Ago Settled Most Cases, But Many Remain

QUOTE: More than 76,000 claims filed by Jewish families and other Nazi-era victims who had owned property in the former East Germany remain unresolved. About 60,000 Jews who applied for special pensions payable to people the Nazis forced to work for subsistence wages in ghettos were turned down. And owners of stolen artwork complain that efforts to find their collections have been stonewalled by German museums, despite a 1999 pledge to clear up the issue.

Washington Post
Oct 21, 2007 A Court Decision Elbows a Village in Favor of Religious Rights

QUOTE: Peyote or no peyote, land-use planning and zoning board decisions aren’t made for thrilling public debate — unless it’s your backyard that’s involved. But the path from the North American Church to the Orthodox day school does have an Alice in Wonderland quality. It has brought the federal government someplace it has almost never been — the realm of local land use, planning and zoning decisions.

New York Times
Oct 14, 2007 Racial Crisis? Or Just Rope in the Hands of Fools?

QUOTE: There are few historic moments as honored and ingrained in the American psyche as those from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, but how much they translate to the current moment is far less clear. So maybe the product relaunch of the noose as an odious signifier of hate speech bespeaks something fundamentally askew in the national psyche.

New York Times
Sep 09, 2007 Israel Arrests Suspects in Neo-Nazi Attacks

QUOTE: Russia has a problem with neo-Nazi groups, and the phenomenon arrived in Israel with relatives of Jews who came here from the former Soviet Union but who are not themselves Jewish. Some Russian immigrants have had difficulty adjusting to Israeli life.

New York Times
Jan 17, 2007 Ex-communist Europe's pursuit of Holocaust justice stirs anti-Semitism

QUOTE: Six decades after World War II, the once-dormant pursuit of Holocaust-related justice is forging ahead in newly democratic central-eastern Europe. Yet the hunt carries a price: It has stirred resentment among a financially struggling populace, which bristles at the multimillion-dollar property claims by their Jewish communities, and sees the harassment of nonagenarians as unnecessary or even cruel.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 08, 2007 Ex-President for Sale

QUOTE: Carter is saying that no objective journalist or politician could actually believe that America’s support for Israel is based on moral and strategic considerations and not on their own financial self-interest....It now turns out that the shoe is precisely on the other foot. Recent disclosures prove that it is Carter who has been bought and paid for by anti-Israel Arab and Islamic money.
Oct 09, 2006 In N.Y., Sparks Fly Over Israel Criticism: Polish Consulate Says Jewish Groups Called To Oppose Historian

QUOTE: only in America -- not in Israel -- is this a problem," he said. "These are Jewish organizations that believe they should keep people who disagree with them on the Middle East away from anyone who might listen."

Washington Post
Sep 21, 2006 Iranian Leader Defends Controversial Stands

QUOTE: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defiantly stuck to his hard-line positions on issues including Iran's nuclear program and a need for further study to confirm the Holocaust.

Washington Post
Sep 14, 2006 The Couple Who Fought Genocide: Amid Nazis, the Sharps Took 'Righteous' Action

QUOTE: "The moral dilemma they pose for each of us is not just 'Am I willing to risk my own skin to save someone else's life?' It is 'Am I willing to impose risk and sacrifice on my children to save other people's lives?' "

Washington Post
Aug 23, 2006 Leak Investigation Ordered: How Media Learned About Probe of Pro-Israel Lobbyists Sought

QUOTE: A federal judge has ordered an investigation into how reporters learned that two pro-Israel lobbyists were under federal investigation before they were formally charged, creating even more scrutiny of the media in a case with broad First Amendment implications.

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2006 Different Focus in Atlanta on Young’s Remark

QUOTE: people who have known Mr. Young for decades seem rather satisfied that his comment that Jewish, Arab and Korean store owners had “ripped off” black neighborhoods, “selling us stale bread and bad meat and wilted vegetables” had severed his link with his most high-profile client, Wal-Mart Stores, in whose defense he made the remark.

New York Times
May 30, 2006 Academic Anti-Semitism: Boycotting Israeli scholars in Britain’s universities.

QUOTE: This weekend, as expected, and despite an international petition drive launched by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Britain’s National Association of Teachers in Higher and Further Education (NATHFE) voted to boycott Israeli academics.

National Review
May 08, 2006 U.S. Immigration Debate Is a Road Well Traveled: Early-20th-Century Concerns Resurface

QUOTE: Most of the concerns voiced today -- that too many immigrants seek economic advantage and fail to understand democracy, that they refuse to learn English, overcrowd homes and overwhelm public services -- were heard a century ago. And there was a nub of truth to some complaints, not least that the vast influx of immigrants drove down working-class wages.

Washington Post
Feb 25, 2006 Killing in France Seen as 'Wake-Up Call': Anti-Semitism Blamed in Kidnapping, Torture of 23-Year-Old Salesman

QUOTE: Many have cited the torture and reports that the gang's suspected leader was later arrested in a Muslim neighborhood in Ivory Coast, in West Africa. In a country that experienced a surge in anti-Semitic attacks, most of them blamed on Muslims, in the first years of the current Palestinian uprising against Israel, top politicians have rallied to publicly condemn the crime.

Washington Post
Aug 30, 2005 Army, Rabbi at Odds Over Departure

QUOTE: The U.S. Army has listed Rabbi Jeffrey Goldman as a deserter, making him subject to arrest if he returns to the United States. But he maintains that he was driven out of the military chaplaincy by anti-Semitic harassment from Christian colleagues.

Washington Post
Aug 30, 2005 Military Wrestles With Disharmony Among Chaplains

QUOTE: After accusations this summer that evangelical chaplains, faculty and coaches were pressuring cadets at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force yesterday issued new guidelines on respect for religious minorities. In the Navy, evangelical Protestant chaplains are fighting what they say is a legacy of discrimination....

Washington Post
Aug 01, 2005 The Vatican's Terrorism Omission

QUOTE: Unless a country is absolutely flawless in its response to terrorism, the Vatican will not condemn terrorism against its civilian citizens. This seems to justify the killing of civilians as a protest against violation of international law.
Mar 29, 2005 Group Seeks Resignation of Columbia University President

QUOTE: ... a small group of [Columbia] graduate students began circulating a petition yesterday calling for the resignation of Columbia's president, Lee C. Bollinger, because he "failed to defend "... academic freedom and professors' right to express views publicly ...

New York Times
Jan 23, 2005 See No Bias: Many Americans believe they are not prejudiced. Now a new test provides powerful evidence that a majority of us really are.

QUOTE: Banaji and others soon developed tests for bias against gays, women and foreigners. The bias tests, which have now been taken by more than 2 million people, 90 percent of them American, and used in hundreds of research studies, have arguably revolutionized the study of prejudice.

Washington Post
Jul 28, 2004 Harvard Will Refund Sheik's $2.5 Million Gift

QUOTE: Harvard Divinity School has agreed to return a $2.5 million gift from the president of the United Arab Emirates after 18 months of controversy over the donor's alleged connection to anti-Semitic and anti-American propaganda…

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2004 Cartoon on Holocaust Draws Fire at Rutgers

QUOTE: The president of Rutgers University condemned a weekly campus publication on Friday for printing a front-page cartoon that ridiculed victims of the Holocaust. But, citing legal precedents protecting student publications, he said he could not take away its university funds as some critics had urged.

New York Times
Apr 07, 2004 Google caught in anti-Semitism flap

QUOTE: Google spokesman David Krane said the company's search results are determined by a complex set of algorithms that measure factors such as how many sites link to a given page. The company can't and won't change the ranking...

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