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Apr 21, 2010 At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business

QUOTE: To many pioneers of the environmental movement, eco-consumerism, creeping for decades, is intensely frustrating and detracts from Earth Day’s original purpose.

New York Times
Mar 13, 2008 Advertising: When a Corporate Donation Raises Protests

QUOTE: The coalition, which includes the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, several pediatricians and Parents for Ethical Marketing, is asking the hospital to reconsider the decision made in June 2006 to accept the donation [from Abercrombie & Fitch}...“It is troubling that a children’s hospital would name its emergency room after a company that routinely relies on highly sexualized marketing to target teens and preteens,” the members of the coalition wrote...

New York Times
Mar 31, 2003 AIDS fight hits racial divide

QUOTE: Cornell's Moore says he was blindsided by the way the company embraced such preliminary findings [that the drug did not work on whites].

Mar 18, 2003 U.S. Seeks $289 Billion in Cigarette Makers' Profits

QUOTE: the Justice Department asserts...that the major cigarette companies are running what amounts to a criminal enterprise by manipulating nicotine levels, lying to their customers about the dangers of tobacco and directing their multibillion-dollar advertising campaigns at children.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2002 Amazon Writes a Drama in Canada

QUOTE: Canadian booksellers are annoyed with Bezos [founder of] but furious with their government, which they say is treating the billionaire entrepreneur like a native. They want a federal court to restore those once-sharp distinctions between what is local and foreign.

Los Angeles Times
Oct 26, 2002 When the Spam Hits the Blogs

QUOTE: Owners of the conversational websites known as weblogs have recently noticed that their referral logs have become the newest target for spam.

Jul 07, 2002 A Word From Our Sponsor? He's Here Now

QUOTE: In the latest example of how television programming and advertising are becoming increasingly indistinguishable, Levi Strauss & Company paid for an actor featured in a commercial for its Dockers pants brand to appear on the show on Fox Sports Net...

New York Times
Dec 16, 2001 Finding the Wrongs in Naming Rights

QUOTE: While brand names have proliferated across many school Web sites and scoreboards, Brooklawn appears to be the first public school to sell the naming rights to a building (although not the first to try).

Washington Post