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Aug 10, 2009 Subway Safety Panel Foiled by Constraints: 12-Year-Old Oversight Committee Has Little Influence on Metro Operations

QUOTE: Before June's deadly subway crash, no federal agency stepped in to ensure that [the Washington, D.C.] Metro found and fixed the electrical circuits now suspected of contributing to the worst accident in the system's history. That's because none is authorized to.

Washington Post
Jul 22, 2009 Slow, Costly and Often Dangerous Road to Wind Power

QUOTE: As demand for clean energy grows, towns around the country are finding their traffic patterns roiled as convoys carrying disassembled towers that will reach more than 250 feet in height, as well as motors, blades and other parts roll through.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2007 Patchwork City: One Billion Dollars Later, a City Still at Risk

QUOTE: enormous floodgates... now protect prosperous neighborhoods like Lakeview, and though corps officials say there has been no favoritism, the effect has been to draw out old resentments and conspiracy theories in a city that never lacked for them.

New York Times
May 10, 2007 Is that painting real? Ask a mathematician.: Engineers use a mathematical process dubbed 'stylometry' to set apart real Van Gogh paintings from forgeries.

QUOTE: Computer scientist Richard Johnson of Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., is embarking on an international project to define Van Gogh's unique style in mathematical terms, with the intent of shining a focused beam of objectivity on the traditionally muddled question of attribution.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 03, 2003 As Uses Grow, Tiny Materials' Safety Is Hard to Pin Down

QUOTE: Nanoscale materials are already embedded in hundreds of products that we use daily but are they safe? Recent experiments raise troubling issues.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2003 NASA Pressed on When Officials Learned of E-Mail About Shuttle

QUOTE: NASA's top official faced sharp questioning yesterday over when mission managers learned of e-mail discussing dire possibilities facing the space shuttle Columbia.

New York Times
Feb 22, 2003 E-Mails Reveal Shuttle Concerns

QUOTE: NASA engineers at the Langley Research Center in Virginia expressed frustration during and shortly after the space shuttle Columbia's disastrous flight that the space agency failed to investigate thoroughly whether it had been seriously damaged by debris during launch, according to a series of internal e-mails disclosed yesterday.

Washington Post
Feb 17, 2003 At NASA, Concerns on Contractors: Shuttle Manager Called for Less Dependence in '01 Report

QUOTE: In a report to his bosses 17 months ago, space shuttle program manager Ronald D. Dittemore expressed concern that the unconventional public-private partnership entrusted with overseeing shuttle missions was nearing a breaking point

Washington Post
Feb 10, 2003 Shuttle Failures Raise a Big Question: With a 1-in-57 Disaster Rate, Is Space Exploration Worth the Risk?

QUOTE: ...lulled the public into believing that each launch was as predictable as a commercial airline flight, but NASA engineers knew that the risk of disaster on any shuttle flight was far, far higher.

Washington Post
Oct 30, 2002 Cheats wreak havoc on SETI@home: participants

QUOTE: [SETI@home's] administrators are, participants claim, ignoring allegations that cheating in the competition to contribute the most computing power to the project is rife.

Oct 11, 2002 Nigeria Vote: Peace Through Tech?

QUOTE: Nigerian officials are investing $30 million in technology that they hope will allow the country to have a peaceful presidential election next April.