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Jul 11, 2013 Internet trolls: What to do about the scourge of the Web?

QUOTE: "You can't easily taxonomize trolling behavior," she said. "A lot of trolling is about mischief and harmless, silly pranks. But really extreme behavior -- attacking friends and families of kids who have died, for example -- that seems to be a behavior with a different motivation."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 13, 2006 Freedom of speech suffers in tense Ethiopia: Reporters Without Borders put Ethiopia and Eritrea near the bottom of its 2006 Worldwide Press Freedom Index.

QUOTE: how ugly Ethiopian politics has become since the May 2005 elections, with a mixture of mob vengeance on one side and authoritarian rule on the other. In the past year, following contentious national elections and their violent aftermath, 111 journalists and opposition leaders have been thrown in jail for treason, inciting violence, and genocide; dozens of newspapers have been closed; and a new press law has put fresh restrictions on what can be printed. Government officials say the strong measures are necessary to prevent racial hatred from escalating into a Rwanda-style genocide.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 01, 2006 An Image Popular in Films Raises Some Eyebrows in Ads

QUOTE: despite the popularity of such characters among blacks, the use of the image of big black women as the target of so many jokes is troublesome to some marketers and media scholars.

New York Times
Mar 12, 2005 For Jay Leno, Michael Jackson Gags Are in Order

QUOTE: Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville gave the all-clear yesterday for NBC late-night host Jay Leno to resume delivering his own cracks about the Michael Jackson child molestation trial. The judge said even though Leno is a potential trial witness...

Washington Post
Feb 12, 2005 The Comedians Coalition Finally Gets a Little Respect

QUOTE: Here's a good one: Four hundred stand-up comics form a union and demand a raise. Local club owners say, "That's funny!" so the union threatens picket lines and protests, complete with a giant inflatable rat.

Washington Post