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Dec 01, 2012 Utah Hunters Criticize Market Approach to Licenses and Conservation

QUOTE: It especially bothers him — and other hunters — that those with means can buy public licenses through private outlets, paying thousands of dollars to move to the head of the line. More than any state in the West, Utah has expanded hunting opportunities for the well-to-do and has begun to diminish them for those seeking permits directly from the state.

New York Times
Aug 31, 2012 The Evolution of Fairness

QUOTE: A multimedia investigation asks: Can examining how inequality began in a hunter-gatherer society teach us how to fairly share the costs and consequences of how we use diminishing natural resources?

Pacific Standard
May 11, 2011 Texas Passes Bill to Make Some Fish Tales a Crime

QUOTE: A bill that would make it a misdemeanor — and in some cases a felony — to misrepresent the size, weight or provenance of a fish in a fishing tournament...

New York Times
Aug 20, 2009 Debate still rages over new N.J. national park

QUOTE: The battle over the park [Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in New Jersey], authorized by legislation signed by President Obama this spring, reflects two competing views of how to run national parks...

Aug 17, 2009 Clash Over Rebirth of Mt. St. Helens

QUOTE: Some say the Forest Service should manage it [Mount St. Helens] differently. “There is a certain segment of the population who would say, ‘It’s been 30 years [since Mount St. Helen's major eruption], and it’s over,’ ” said Peter Frenzen, whose job title with the Forest Service is monument scientist.

New York Times
Dec 30, 2007 Surge in Off-Roading Stirs Dust and Debate in West

QUOTE: The federal government has been struggling to come up with plans to accommodate the growing numbers of off-highway vehicles — mostly with proposed maps directing them toward designated trails — but all-terrain-vehicle users have started formidable lobbying campaigns when favorite trails have been left off the maps.

New York Times
Nov 14, 2007 Birder Admits Killing Cat, but Was It Animal Cruelty?

QUOTE: The case has prompted emotional commentary on the Internet. Cat enthusiast blogs have called Mr. Stevenson a “murderous fascist” and a “diabolical monster.” Birding blogs have defended his right to dispense with a “terrible menace” and have set up funds to help pay for his defense.

New York Times
Nov 03, 2007 Texas Proceeding With Plan to Auction Nature Preserve

QUOTE: The dispute pits the donors of the land, the Conservation Fund and the Richard King Mellon Foundation, against a pistol-packing commissioner adamant about preserving hunting and firearms rights on the property, even at the cost of denying the land to the National Park Service, although Texas ranks 44th in park land.

New York Times
Sep 28, 2007 Zone 1 in place for California's no-fishing plan: It is trying to protect its world-famous bounty of fish with marine protected areas.

QUOTE: Waterfront boating operators say scenic tours and sport fishing could become too expensive or go extinct. And some local officials say the "quaint fishing village" look could fade into yesteryear, replaced by communities of modern condos. But leading environmental groups say the new plan is the only way to sustain California's marine resources and world-famous bounty of rockfish, squid, tuna, jack mackerel, and hake.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 23, 2007 In bayou, whose water is it? A legal battle brews over whether fishermen are trespassing when they fish in the flooded bottomlands.

QUOTE: ...Mississippi Delta landowners say they're warning off fishermen who traverse flooded, but privately owned, bottomlands that can stretch for miles on either side of a main channel on the Mississippi .... [But] The fishermen...say these landowners can't infringe upon what they see as their traditional and legal right to go anywhere the water can carry them.

Christian Science Monitor
May 20, 2007 'Old Maine' Defends Bear Trapping as Bill To End It Is Weighed: One Side Sees Cruelty, the Other Tradition

QUOTE: Maine is the last state in the union to permit the recreational trapping of bears -- a controversial sport that the state legislature will decide as soon as next week whether to outlaw.

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2007 Climate Change Adds Twist to Debate Over Dams

QUOTE: The power company that owns four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River says the dams provide a crucial source of so-called clean energy at a time when carbon emissions have become one of the world’s foremost environmental concerns. But the American Indians, fishermen and environmentalists who want the dams removed...say the dams are anything but clean.

New York Times
Oct 31, 2006 Gulf fishermen feud over net 'curtains': Gillnetting, still allowed in Alabama, is the target of sports fishing industry and conservationists.

QUOTE: Are these net-haulers guardians of a traditional way, or are they outlaws who are robbing the ocean of resources and undermining the larger economic good?

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 08, 2006 Parents, Singles Tussle Over Places to Play

QUOTE: In the dense inner suburbs -- where there is precious little parkland -- young professionals such as Reinisch are battling with parents over tiny scraps of land no bigger than regulation-size basketball courts. Kids might still need swing sets, the thinking goes, but young adults -- now a sizeable chunk of the population -- want their play space, too.

Washington Post
Sep 24, 2006 Wilderness Designation Trade-Offs Faulted: Environmentalists Say Bills to Protect a Million Acres Come With Too High a Price

QUOTE: Congress is on the verge of approving half a dozen bills that would protect as much as 1 million acres of wilderness areas across the West, but the move has infuriated environmentalists who charge that lawmakers are giving away too much pristine public land to real estate developers and local communities in the process.

Washington Post
Jul 28, 2006 Las Vegas Makes It Illegal to Feed Homeless in Parks

QUOTE: Las Vegas, whose homeless population has doubled in the past decade to about 12,000 people in and around the city, joins several other cities across the country that have adopted or considered ordinances limiting the distribution of charitable meals in parks.

New York Times
Nov 17, 2005 Loophole For Hunters Targeted: Senate Debates Curbing Tax Breaks on Trophies

QUOTE: Tightening the trophy-mount tax break, and making sure that museums do not accept donated items with the intention of quickly selling them off, have been identified as priorities by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Washington Post
Oct 24, 2005 Poachers Looting National Parks of Treasures

QUOTE: "The poaching of wildlife from national parks has been steadily increasing each year for the past several years,"... Some of these resources are scarce to begin with, and the toll that poaching takes on the national parks is rising.

Washington Post
Jun 10, 2005 Horseshoe Crabs' Decline Further Imperils Shorebirds: Mid-Atlantic States Searching for Ways to Reverse Trend

QUOTE: "'It's appalling that you would destroy one of the great wildlife spectacles in the world so a few guys could make money scooping up horseshoe crabs for bait,'...Watermen in 15 states along the Atlantic coast, on the other hand, resent the regulators who have limited their horseshoe crab take since 1998."

Washington Post
Feb 08, 2005 Agency Won't Back Ban On ATV Sales to Minors

QUOTE: In 2003, there were 125,500 injuries...A ban could also increase parents' costs because they would have to buy youth-sized ATVs, which have smaller engines, for children under 16.

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2004 Protesters Rally in Md. To Protect Black Bears Crowd Urges Ehrlich to Stop 1st Hunt in Decades

QUOTE: The protesters -- many of them members of the Humane Society and the Fund for Animals -- called on Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) yesterday to stop the state's first black bear hunt in more than half a century.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2004 Roadless Rules for Forests Set Aside

QUOTE: "The prospect of endless lawsuits represents neither progress nor certainty for communities," Veneman said... "Our announcements today illustrate our commitment to working closely with the nation's governors to meet the needs of local communities, and to maintaining the undeveloped character of the most pristine areas of the national forest system."

Washington Post
May 11, 2004 Lawn vs. Demonstrators

QUOTE: Allowing the exercise of free speech is just as much a key function of the city's parks as allowing softball or in-line skating.

New York Times
Oct 02, 2002 Mountain Bikers Up Against Calif. Conservationists: Battle Is Sign of Conflict Across the West Over Recreation Rules on Crowded Land

QUOTE: Environmentalists who say wilderness is under siege from a population boom across much of the West are demanding strict new protections for land, even at the expense of popular recreational pursuits.

Washington Post
Jan 18, 2001 Fox Hunting Ban is Voted By Legislators in Britain

QUOTE: In a decision hailed by backers as a victory for basic decency and assailed by opponents as a triumph of intolerance, Parliament voted overwhelmingly tonight to outlaw the traditional British sport of fox hunting.

New York Times