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Jul 01, 2011 The Unselfish Gene

QUOTE: Why is this deep-rooted belief about human selfishness beginning to change? To some extent, the answer is specific to evolutionary biology. But similar ideas challenging the notion that people are born selfish have surfaced in several other fields, such as psychology, sociology, political science, and experimental economics. Together, these ideas are tracing a new intellectual arc in the disciplines concerned with human action and motivation.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)
Feb 12, 2002 What We’re Fighting For: A Letter from America

QUOTE: Sixty scholars make the moral case for the war on terrorism.

David Blankenhorn
Oct 13, 2001 Scholar's Book On Addressing Evil Finds New Life

QUOTE: ...philosophy should seek an explanation of how God might "make good" on evil — that is, not only balancing each individual's suffering with some greater good for that person, as in heavenly reward, for example, but also integrating the experience of evil into each person's relation to God in some way that makes sense.

New York Times
May 18, 2001 The Emphatic Philosopher

QUOTE: For about 30 years now, [philosopher/author] Weiss has made news every so often when somebody decided he was too old to do what he is still doing.

Washington Post