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Aug 14, 2003 Vatican backing sparks GM row

QUOTE: Plans being laid at the Vatican to throw the Pope's vast moral influence behind the cultivation of genetically modified crops have sparked a row within the church.

Guardian Unlimited
Apr 28, 2003 Call for women priests is cheered

QUOTE: The campaign for including women in the clergy has taken on a renewed vigor this past year.

Boston Globe
Apr 03, 2003 Boston Archdiocese Is Sued by San Bernardino Diocese

QUOTE: ...the Diocese of San Bernardino, Calif...said Boston church officials gave assurances that the priest, the Rev. Paul R. Shanley, was in good standing, despite a record of sexual abuse when he transferred from Boston in 1990.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2003 Lifting Hope, One Job at a Time: Innovative Network of Catholic Schools for Low-Income Students Opens Doors -- and Eyes

QUOTE: The ancient, educationally oriented Catholic order says it is looking for more ways to help inner-city children. John Armstrong, secretary for secondary and pre-secondary education at the U.S. Jesuit Conference in Washington, said the focus is on students who without some help "would very likely not get into the Catholic school system and never get into the mainstream of business life and things like that."

Washington Post
Mar 04, 2003 Child's abortion after rape splits Nicaragua

QUOTE: Since returning to her homeland from next-door Costa Rica last month, the 9-year-old pregnant rape victim has touched off a whirlwind of controversy in this predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Miami Herald
Feb 11, 2003 L.I. Diocese Tricked Victims of Sexual Abuse, Panel Says

QUOTE: A Suffolk County grand jury accused...the Diocese of Rockville Centre... of least 58 abusive priests with aggressive tactics that purported to help victims and their families but that actually used intimidation, claims of confidentiality, hush payments and other means to avoid lawsuits and publicity.

New York Times
Feb 11, 2003 N.Y. Grand Jury Faults Diocese On Handling of Sexual Abuse

QUOTE: After an eight-month investigation, a grand jury has reported that Roman Catholic officials protected 58 sexually abusive priests in a Long Island diocese, called the diocese's policy toward victims a sham and urged New York legislators to tighten state laws on child molestation.

Washington Post
Feb 02, 2003 Sexual abuse victim wants names, not silence

QUOTE: What separates this man's story from similar ones is his claim that Bentley not only molested him but also used him as what the victim described as a "share toy" and permitted other priests to sexually abuse him.

Times Union (Albany, Ny)
Feb 02, 2003 Congregations Reach Out to Welcome Gays to the Fold

QUOTE: increasing number of churches are taking steps to show that they welcome gays and will treat them as equals in all aspects of congregational life.

Washington Post
Jan 31, 2003 The Guilt of the Church: Daniel Goldhagen, the author of A Moral Reckoning, calls upon the Catholic Church to face its legacy of anti-Semitism and its role in the Holocaust

QUOTE: "What must a religion of love and goodness do to confront its history of hatred and harm, and to perform restitution?"

Atlantic Online, The (Atlantic Monthly)
Dec 24, 2002 Boston Archdiocese Asks for Dismissal of All Suits

QUOTE: The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston asked a judge yesterday to dismiss all the sexual abuse lawsuits against it on religious freedom grounds. The First Amendment, the archdiocese said, does not permit courts to tell churches how to conduct their internal affairs...

New York Times
Dec 04, 2002 More clergy abuse, secrecy cases: Records detail quiet shifting of rogue priests

QUOTE: ...their contention that the church's mishandling of notoriously abusive priests, including the now-defrocked and imprisoned John J. Geoghan, was standard procedure. They charge that the archdiocese worked furiously to hide its problem without concern for whether the priests would, in later assignments, abuse others - as they often did.

Boston Globe
Nov 12, 2002 U.S. Bishops Grapple With the Morality of War With Iraq

QUOTE: ...the nation's Roman Catholic bishops meeting here turned today to devising a statement to express their moral reservations about going to war against Iraq.

New York Times
Oct 24, 2002 Catholic Panel Named To Revise Abuse Policy: Church Moves Quickly

QUOTE: The Vatican and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops yesterday named an eight-member commission to revise the American church's zero-tolerance policy toward sexual abuse by priests, which the Vatican refused last week to approve without changes.

Washington Post
Oct 11, 2002 Vatican Contemplates A Ban on Gay Priests

QUOTE: The Vatican is internally circulating draft proposals that would bar homosexuals from becoming priests, a policy...getting renewed attention in the wake of sex abuse scandals in the United States.

Washington Post
Aug 22, 2002 Retrograde on School Choice

QUOTE: is deeply troubling that in their determination to thwart school choice programs...champions of equality would resort to invoking state constitutional provisions whose lineage lies in the sullied era of 19th-century bigotry against Catholics.

Washington Post
Aug 18, 2002 Bishops Proceed Cautiously in Carrying Out Abuse Policy

QUOTE: Two months after America's Roman Catholic bishops adopted broad new policies to defuse a sexual abuse crisis, 31 bishops say they have moved swiftly to remove or suspend 114 priests...

New York Times
Aug 16, 2002 Cardinal Egan Defends Record in Abuse Cases

QUOTE: "I think that we did this properly, as it was understood at that time, and I'm happy with what we did."

New York Times
Aug 11, 2002 Priests' Meeting Marks First Public Dissent Over Sex Abuse Policy

QUOTE: The convention of nearly 170 priests marked the first time since the June meeting of the bishops in Dallas that dissent was voiced publicly against zero tolerance...

Washington Post
Aug 03, 2002 Prelate Defends Retreat On Settlement

QUOTE: Cardinal Bernard F. Law testified today in defense of the Boston archdiocese's decision to back out of a multimillion-dollar settlement with 86 alleged victims of convicted pedophile and ex-priest John J. Geoghan.

Washington Post
Jul 30, 2002 Victims Group Says Nine Dioceses Broke Promise

QUOTE: ...despite the adoption of what the bishops call tough guidelines on abuse and a new policy of openness, some bishops have been slow to dismiss abusive priests or are still keeping them in the ministry, and are fighting to keep secret the lawsuits by people who say they are victims...

New York Times
Jul 12, 2002 Role of Bishops Is Now a Focus of Grand Juries

QUOTE: ...stepping up their inquiries into whether Roman Catholic bishops endangered children by ignoring the crimes....Some prominent Catholics and some legal scholars, though, say that prosecutors are fishing for votes.

New York Times
Jul 04, 2002 Ruling on Diocese's Privacy May Open Flood of Material

QUOTE: ...the First Amendment could not be construed as a blanket shield protecting the church from requests for information in inquiries into priestly assaults on children.

New York Times
Jun 13, 2002 Roman Catholic Church Faces Questions About Finances

QUOTE: ...American Roman Catholic church now faces a new wave of scrutiny about how its finances are handled, particularly because of the large and confidential settlements that dioceses have reached with victims of that abuse.

New York Times
Jun 08, 2002 Bishops Won't Meet with Victims Group

QUOTE: Weeks of dialogue between the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the main group that represents victims of sexual abuse by clergymen collapsed yesterday...

New York Times
Jun 07, 2002 Abuse Victims Sue to Void Secrecy Provisions of Settlements with Church

QUOTE: A victims' group filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday to void the secrecy provisions in all settlements signed by people who say they were sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests.

New York Times
Jun 05, 2002 Panel Recommends Dismissing Priests in New Abuse Cases

QUOTE: ...a committee of Roman Catholic bishops today proposed a mandatory set of procedures that would obligate American bishops to remove from the priesthood anyone who abuses a minor in the future.

New York Times
May 17, 2002 Tough Policies On Priests Stir Some Dissension in the Pews

QUOTE: ...many dioceses around the nation have already carried out what amount to zero-tolerance rules....surprised by the reaction of parishioners who think the new approach amounts to a witch hunt.

New York Times
May 14, 2002 Roman Catholic Church Shifts Legal Strategy: Aggressive Litigation Replaces Quiet Settlements

QUOTE: Besieged by hundreds of lawsuits accusing clergy and employees of abusing the faithful... [the Catholic Church is] hiring high-powered law firms and private detectives to examine the personal lives of the church's accusers, fighting to keep documents secret and engaging in new tactics to minimize settlements.

Washington Post
Apr 25, 2002 Cardinals Agree on Ousting Priests for Sexual Abuse

QUOTE: At the end of two days of meetings with Pope John Paul II and other top Vatican officials on how to prevent clerical sexual abuse, American cardinals on Wednesday night issued a set of proposals intended to help remove priests who abuse minors.

New York Times
Apr 20, 2002 A Sanctuary Under Siege: Clergy in Bethlehem Expected Palestinians to Seek Refuge

QUOTE: "Everybody knew that if there was trouble, they would go to the church. They knew the Israelis would not storm the holy site."

Washington Post
Apr 17, 2002 Among the Vatican Goals, Guidelines for Priests

QUOTE: American cardinals have been summoned to the Vatican next week not only to talk about sexual abuse involving priests but also to agree on guidelines ``aimed at restoring a sense of safety and tranquillity to families and trust to clergy and the faithful,''...

New York Times
Apr 05, 2002 Abuses by Clergy Become New Focus for Prosecutors

QUOTE: Prosecutors in several regions said they were seeking new ways to interpret laws that could allow them to press criminal charges against abusive priests even when statutes of limitation would seem to block them.

New York Times
Mar 24, 2002 Egan Letter Defends Record on Sex Abuse

QUOTE: The cardinal said he relied on psychiatric evaluations and diocesan officials before deciding whether to let an accused [of sexual abuse of children] priest continue to serve.

New York Times
Mar 20, 2002 Father Knows Worst

QUOTE: A monsoon of sickening stories lately illustrates how twisted societies become when women are either never seen, dismissed as second-class citizens or occluded by testosterone...

New York Times
Mar 12, 2002 Secrecy Over Abusive Priests Comes Back to Haunt Church

QUOTE: ...dioceses have reached more than 1,000 settlements in cases involving sexual abuse by priests, many of them sealed. That approach...has now come back to haunt the church, as diocese after diocese has acknowledged the presence of priests accused of abuse within its ranks.

New York Times
Jan 12, 2002 Cardinal Apologizes to Abuse Victims: Boston Archdiocese Sets New Policy

QUOTE: "I was aware there had been prior instances" of alleged sexual abuse by Geoghan when he reassigned the priest to new parishes, but that he had relied on psychiatric evaluations in deciding that the assignments were safe.

Washington Post
Nov 04, 2001 The Uncomfortable Question of Anti-Semitism

QUOTE: in recent weeks I have been reminded, in ways too plentiful to ignore, about the role Jews play in the fantasy life of the world. Jews were not the cause of World War II, but they were at the metaphysical center of that conflict nonetheless, since the Holocaust was part of Hitler's agenda and a key motivation of his campaign. Jews are not the cause of World War III, if that's what we are facing, but they have been placed at the center of it in mysterious and disturbing ways.

New York Times
Oct 13, 2001 Scholar's Book On Addressing Evil Finds New Life

QUOTE: ...philosophy should seek an explanation of how God might "make good" on evil — that is, not only balancing each individual's suffering with some greater good for that person, as in heavenly reward, for example, but also integrating the experience of evil into each person's relation to God in some way that makes sense.

New York Times
Oct 07, 2001 Extremism's Theological Roots

QUOTE: what degree does any religion bear responsibility for those who speak in its name?

New York Times
Sep 22, 2001 Thinkers Face the Limits of a Just War

QUOTE: Few moral philosophers except committed pacifists dispute that the United States has just cause to use force in this case. But many emphatically reject the use of the word "war" in anything but a metaphorical sense....The Roman Catholic Church, which starting with St. Thomas Aquinas in the Middle Ages has elaborated its own doctrine of just war, long ago ruled out revenge as a legitimate motive for use of force.

New York Times
Aug 22, 2001 Dioceses Settle Case of Man Accusing Priest of Molestation

QUOTE: ...two Roman Catholic dioceses have announced the settlement of a case in which a Southern California man accused a priest of molesting him when he was a student in a parochial high school...

New York Times
Aug 10, 2001 I.R.A. Offers to Put Arms 'Beyond Use,' to No Avail

QUOTE: ...the Irish Republican Army offered publicly today to put its arsenal of explosives, rifles and mortars "completely and verifiably beyond use."

New York Times
Aug 08, 2001 Catholic Church Backs Bill On Child Molesting

QUOTE: ...the Roman Catholic Church here announced today that it would support a bill in the Massachusetts Legislature that would add...clergy to the list of people who must report suspected child sexual abuse to the authorities.

New York Times
Aug 04, 2001 Mormons May Be Key in Stem-cell Debate: Bush Could Use Their Support If He Opts to Fund Research

QUOTE: The Catholic Church has steadfastly condemned embryonic stem-cell research because embryos have to be destroyed....the Mormon Church, the fifth-largest denomination in the United States, is much more nuanced...

National Post
Jul 23, 2001 Pope Urges Bush to Reject Embryo Research

QUOTE: Pope John Paul II urged President Bush... to bar creation of human embryos for medical research, saying Monday that America has a moral responsibility to reject actions that ``devalue and violate human life.''

New York Times
Jul 14, 2001 Nuns Stand Up to Vatican On Obedience Issue

QUOTE: "For us as a community, it was not an issue about women's ordination...Benedictine tradition that allows the community and prioress to make decisions with the members without outside interference."

Washington Post
Jul 06, 2001 Court Case Seeks to Define a Catholic Priest's Family

QUOTE: While the Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco...was held by Islamic radicals for nearly 19 months in Lebanon in the 1980's, his relatives back home in Joliet, Ill., felt the anxieties shared by all the hostages' families.

New York Times
May 07, 2001 Pope, in Damascus, Reaches Out for Unity With Mosque Visit

QUOTE: John Paul II today became the first pope ever to set foot in a mosque....throughout his three-day visit to Syria, local leaders made even bolder efforts to press the Roman Catholic Church to make common cause against Judaism.

New York Times
Sep 22, 1999 The New Politics of Inequality

QUOTE: study has disputed, because no study can dispute, that the boom of the past decade has widened an already large gap between rich and poor.

New York Times

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