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Jul 03, 2016 Fair Play in a Fact-Challenged Political Landscape (Mediator)

QUOTE: Mr. Lewandowski’s hiring represents a signal moment in political journalism’s evolving embrace of political operatives: A major mainstream news organization is using a commentator who is legally prohibited from sharing the unvarnished truth on the subject — Mr. Trump — he was hired to talk about.

New York Times
Nov 09, 2012 Fantasyland: Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.

QUOTE: Romney has no political heirs in his own party or elsewhere, he does leave behind a cultural legacy of sorts. He raised Truthiness to a level of chutzpah beyond Stephen Colbert’s fertile imagination, and on the grandest scale. That a presidential hopeful so cavalierly mendacious could get so close to the White House, winning some 48 percent of the popular vote, is no small accomplishment. The American weakness that Romney both apotheosized and exploited in achieving this feat—our post-fact syndrome where anyone on the public stage can make up anything and usually get away with it—won’t disappear with him. A slicker liar could have won, and still might....This year’s instantly famous declaration by the Romney pollster Neil Newhouse that “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers” crystallized the mantra of the entire GOP. The Republican faithful at strata both low and high, from Rush’s dittoheads to the think-tank-affiliated intellectuals, have long since stopped acknowledging any empirical evidence that disputes their insular worldview, no matter how grounded that evidence might be in (God forbid) science or any other verifiable reality, like, say, Census reports or elementary mathematics

New York Magazine
Dec 11, 2011 How to Fix Fact-Checking

QUOTE: The Standard piece offers up some genuine examples of faulty fact-checking in service of its tendentious argument. The problem with fact-checking is not that it’s a liberal media plot. The problem is that fact-checking – like everything – is sometimes a lazy, half-assed business.

Nov 20, 2011 Protest Puts Coverage in Spotlight

QUOTE: Newspapers and television networks have been rebuked by media critics for treating the movement as if it were a political campaign or a sideshow — by many liberals for treating the protesters dismissively, and by conservatives, conversely, for taking the protesters too seriously. The protesters themselves have also criticized the media — first for ostensibly ignoring the movement and then for marginalizing it.

New York Times
Nov 11, 2011 James O'Keefe Is Capitalizing on the Cult of Journalistic Objectivity

QUOTE: much of the traditional media is on record conceding O'Keefe's premise -- that he has captured video that sheds legitimate doubt on the work of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, showing her to be in violation of a longstanding ethical code some in her profession regard as sacrosanct.

Atlantic Online, The (Atlantic Monthly)
Oct 22, 2011 Financing Questions Shadow Tunisian Vote, First of Arab Spring

QUOTE: [Tunisian] Liberals, facing an expected defeat by the moderate Islamist party Ennahda, charge that it has leapt ahead with financial support from Persian Gulf allies. Some Islamists and residents of the impoverished interior, meanwhile, fault the liberals, saying they relied on money from the former dictator’s business elite. And all sides gawk at the singular spectacle of an expatriate businessman who made a fortune in Libyan oil and returned home after the revolution to spend much of it building a major political party.

New York Times
Oct 05, 2011 Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it

QUOTE: the reason why some mainstream news journalists and many of the audiences they serve see the Occupy Wall Street protests as incoherent is because the press and the public are themselves...In fact, we are witnessing America's first true Internet-era movement, which -- unlike civil rights protests, labor marches, or even the Obama campaign -- does not take its cue from a charismatic leader, express itself in bumper-sticker-length goals and understand itself as having a particular endpoint.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 31, 2011 Web Hackings Rattle Media Companies

QUOTE: latest examples of what security experts call “reputational attacks” on media companies that publish material that the hackers disagree with. Such companies are particularly vulnerable to such attacks because many of them depend on online advertising and subscription revenue from Web sites that can be upended by the clicks of a hacker’s keyboard — and because unlike other targets, like government entities and defense contractors, they are less likely to have state-of-the-art security to thwart attacks.

New York Times
Apr 14, 2011 Red State Home Companion

QUOTE: In a multiple-prong attack on NPR, Republicans slashed funding for public broadcasting, then passed an additional “emergency” bill to prohibit independent stations from using federal grants to buy NPR programs... So why go after such a meager sum for public radio, when it means so much to the least-populated areas of America? Spite. Ideology.

New York Times
Mar 09, 2011 Resignation Comes at Sensitive Time for NPR

QUOTE: Vivian Schiller... offered her resignation to the public radio organization’s board late Tuesday, half a day after a conservative filmmaker released a video that showed one of NPR’s fund-raising executives disparaging Republicans and Tea Party supporters in a conversation with people posing as prospective donors.

New York Times
Jul 21, 2010 White House Offers Apology to Official Accused of Bias

QUOTE: The White House and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack apologized profusely and repeatedly on Wednesday to a black midlevel official [Shirley Sherrod--Ed.] for the way she had been humiliated and forced to resign her Agriculture Department job after a conservative blogger put out a misleading video clip that seemed to show her admitting antipathy toward a white farmer.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2010 Can We Talk?

QUOTE: On July 7, CNN fired its senior editor of Middle East affairs, Octavia Nasr, after she published a Twitter message saying, “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah,” one of the most prominent Lebanese Shiite spiritual leaders who was involved in the founding of the Hezbollah militia.

New York Times
May 14, 2010 Semantic Minefields

QUOTE: IF the Obama administration takes out a radical Muslim cleric hiding in Yemen, would it be a “targeted killing” or an “assassination?” Was the flooding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina a “natural disaster” or a “man-made” one? Should new construction authorized by Israel in East Jerusalem be called Jewish “housing” or “settlements”? Times journalists juggle such questions daily as they try to present the news in clear and evenhanded language.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2010 Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News

QUOTE: It is true that the often-left-leaning “Daily Show” deals with a wide array of topics, but Fox is one that Mr. Stewart is overtly passionate about; he said on the show this week that he criticizes the network a lot because it is “truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization.”

New York Times
Apr 08, 2010 Complicating Relationships in Media: Apple, NY Times Dealings Raise Questions

QUOTE: By appearing on stage at the Apple event and by launching an iPad app that the Times wants to monetize in every possible way — an app from which Apple will likely make money as well — the Times is becoming more of a business partner with a company it covers incessantly.

Sep 18, 2009 Fox Ad on Protest Coverage Draws Rivals’ Fire

QUOTE: Fox [News Channel] accused its competitors of missing the story of the so-called antitax protests in Washington last Saturday.

New York Times
Aug 27, 2009 What’s Next in National Security Pentagon Probes War-Reporter Screening (Danger Room)

QUOTE: The Pentagon is looking into reports that the military’s public affairs apparatus in Afghanistan has been rating reporters according to their degree of sympathy to U.S. war aims.

Jan 26, 2009 MPs call on BBC to air Gaza film: A Commons motion criticising the BBC and Sky for refusing to broadcast a plea for humanitarian aid funding for Gaza has been backed by 112 MPs.

QUOTE: The BBC's explanation that airing the film would threaten its impartiality was described by Labour MP Richard Burden's motion as "unconvincing"....John Ryley, head of Sky News, said that broadcasting the film would be "incompatible" with its objective role.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Dec 08, 2008 Google cranks up the Consensus Engine: Manufacturing isn't dead - it just went to Mountain View

QUOTE: That Google was impartial was one of the articles of faith. For if Google was ever to be found to be applying subjective human judgment directly on the process, it would be akin to the voting machines being rigged....This week Marissa Meyer explained that editorial judgments will play a key role in Google searches.

Oct 15, 2008 Online Watchdog Sniffs for Media Bias

QUOTE: the future of truth-squadding may lie. Any attempt to judge news articles could rely on experts, a broad audience of readers or a set of formulas. SpinSpotter combines all three, but for now the formulas are still being adjusted, the audience is not yet big enough, and it remains to be seen how unbiased or effective the experts are.

New York Times
Sep 02, 2008 The Caucus: Talk Radio Host Slams Media on Palin Coverage

QUOTE: “The American media has hit a new low in tabloid journalism,” he declared. “They’ve taken a 17-year-old girl and they are trying to use the crisis pregnancy she finds herself in as a battering ram, a club, to damage her mother, her family. It’s outrageous. It’s tabloid journalism and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

New York Times
Jun 13, 2008 Media Charged With Sexism in Clinton Coverage

QUOTE: Angered by what they consider sexist news coverage of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, many women and erstwhile Clinton supporters are proposing boycotts of the cable networks, putting up videos on a “Media Hall of Shame,” starting a national conversation about sexism and pushing Mrs. Clinton’s rival, Senator Barack Obama, to address the matter.

New York Times
May 20, 2008 White House Says NBC Distorted Bush Response

QUOTE: "This deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured storyline is utterly misleading and irresponsible," Gillespie wrote, adding that NBC should air Bush's responses "in full."

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2008 Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

QUOTE: To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as “military analysts” whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world. Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance...

New York Times
Mar 01, 2008 On the Press Bus, Some Questions Over Favoritism

QUOTE: As the two Democratic candidates shuttled between Ohio and Texas this week before Tuesday’s potentially decisive nominating contests, questions over whether reporters were giving each candidate an equally fair shake were thrust into the center of the campaign itself.

New York Times
Feb 29, 2008 Did 'SNL' Go Beyond the Pale With Fauxbama? Lorne Michaels Defends Casting Of Non-Black Man in Sketch

QUOTE: The Obama portrayal has given critics a chance to make a second claim about "SNL": that it under-employs African American performers. When it began looking for someone to play Obama, the show had few alternatives..."It's not about race," [producer Lorne] Michaels insisted via phone. "It's about getting a take on Obama, where it serves the comedy and the writing..."

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2007 Does U.S. tolerate anti-Muslim speech? The latest flap: Radio-show host says Muslims should be deported, sparking a backlash.

QUOTE: But the comments by host Michael Savage in October – and previous anti-Muslim speech – have not created the furor that knocked radio icon Don Imus off of MSNBC and CBS Radio after he denigrated a black women's basketball team. That leaves many Muslims-Americans – and non-Muslims like Mr. Gronseth – suspicious that Americans have a double standard when it comes to Islam.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 06, 2007 Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

QUOTE: Having a prime-time lineup that tilts ever more demonstrably to the left could be risky for General Electric, MSNBC’s parent company, which is subject to legislation and regulation far afield of the cable landscape. Officials at MSNBC emphasize that they never set out to create a liberal version of Fox News.

New York Times
Oct 15, 2007 What Do Herbert and Marion Sandler Want? Investigating the funders of ProPublica, the new investigative journalism outfit.

QUOTE: ProPublica's Web site claims that the business crisis in publishing has put a crimp in investigative units across the land, and philanthropy is needed to fill the gap....What do the Sandlers want for their millions? Perhaps to return us to the days of the partisan press.

Oct 10, 2007 In U.S. Poll, Most Fail a Quiz on Global Causes of Child Deaths

QUOTE: Federal spending has soared in recent years to combat AIDS on a global level, and it has risen substantially to combat malaria. But spending has stagnated for many other child killers that have become overshadowed, in part because the cures and treatments for them are old news.

New York Times
Sep 24, 2007 New York Times Says It Violated Policies Over MoveOn Ad

QUOTE: After two weeks of denials, the New York Times acknowledged that it should not have given a discount to for a full-page advertisement assailing Gen. David H. Petraeus.

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2007 Cubans risk raids to get satellite TV: Police in Havana to close these illegal windows on the world.

QUOTE: Pedro, a young underground entrepreneur, gets his nightly news from Channel 23 (Univision), "because Cuban TV doesn't give me unbiased coverage of world news...” But in recent months, the Cuban government has stepped up efforts to curb this booming underground industry.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 04, 2007 Hero's tale is 'too positive' for the BBC

QUOTE: The [BBC] has cancelled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain's youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq. The BBC's retreat from the project, which had the working title Victoria Cross, has sparked accusations of cowardice and will reignite the debate about the broadcaster's alleged lack of patriotism.

Daily Telegraph
Jun 24, 2007 The gender buzz: Studies that support traditional roles for women get swarmed on by the media, while more nuanced research just can't seem to generate any noise

QUOTE: It seems that a researcher can garner more press just by publishing a study with results that social conservatives wish to hear. And if the research doesn't suit conservatives' worldview, they can always find a way to twist it. ... The popularized message [is] that feminism makes you sick.

Dallas Morning News
Jun 19, 2007 How the News Media Handicap Those with Disabilities: Be careful with language, and avoid "feel good" stories about overcoming disabilities. Here's an example.

QUOTE: It's a good month when the usual reporting on disability is balanced by even a single good story .... Journalists need to stop "confining" their coverage of people with disabilities to the old formulas.

Poynter Online
May 07, 2007 Locked Out: The Lack of Gender and Ethnic Diversity on Cable News Continues

QUOTE: During the recent controversy over [Don Imus' remarks], some cable-news viewers may have noticed something unusual: the presence of significantly more African-Americans .... did these guests have any lasting effect on the networks' booking practices, or did they return to their old ways as soon as the Imus issue disappeared?

Media Matters
Apr 25, 2007 Dobbs: Big media hide truth about immigration

QUOTE: Instead of asking and answering important questions about why our immigration laws aren't being enforced and why we're permitting pervasive document fraud, the national media seem hell-bent on trying to obfuscate the issue, shamelessly playing with language...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 30, 2006 Is Iraq a civil war? Scholars say yes. Media debate it.

QUOTE: Sensitive to bias charges, news outlets have avoided the term 'civil war,' [for Iraq--Ed.] but now that's changing.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 30, 2006 Color Commentators: Why are sports broadcasters always making racial gaffes?

QUOTE: there are certain aspects of sports and sports broadcasting that make it a breeding ground for hate speech.

Sep 30, 2006 In Taking On Fox, Democrats See Reward in the Risk

QUOTE: Though Fox News maintains that its reporting is down the middle, Democrats have long complained that the news channel operates like a public relations outpost of the Bush White House. But never before has that anger built into a mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-any-more moment, and spilled over in such naked and sustained fashion onto Fox News itself.

New York Times
Sep 13, 2006 History by miniseries: Too fast, too loose? ABC's 'Path to 9/11' ignited a furor over political meddling – and how it will play in an election season.

QUOTE: The controversy over "Path" boiled over even before its première Sunday. Several officials in the Clinton administration publicly complained that the dramatization distorted their actions to track down Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 30, 2006 The Press, Race and Katrina: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, did African Americans get fair treatment from the media?

QUOTE: Where journalism failed [in its coverage of Katrina--Ed.] is not in any lack of emphasis on how disproportionately blacks were affected, but in how “too many people were making the surface observation that there were lots of blacks affected without spending the time parsing the facts that would make it meaningful or informative.”

Poynter Online
Aug 29, 2006 Discussions about race difficult but constructive

QUOTE: These kinds of stories push the dialogue about race beyond rhetoric. They push us to a place we aren't comfortable going because of the fear of being labeled a racist. That fear often produces silence, said Woods.

Poynter Online
Jul 27, 2006 Liberals and Israel

QUOTE: most of the lefty blogs are avoiding the Middle East war...conservatives are ramping up the argument that there's a game of camouflage going on, and the back-and-forth is revealing.

Washington Post
Jun 23, 2006 On TV, There's a Killer Corporate Image Problem

QUOTE: On the heels of last month's conviction of top Enron Corp. executives comes this nugget from the Media Research Center, a conservative television watchdog group that examines programming to determine how certain groups are portrayed. In this study, the group claims that Hollywood unfairly and overwhelmingly casts businessmen and women as "criminal CEOs and murdering MBAs."

Washington Post
Mar 24, 2006 Of Media Mistakes and Explanations

QUOTE: As Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify. This is particularly unfortunate since the Times admitted six days ago buying a bill of goods from a former Abu Ghraib prisoner...

Washington Post
Feb 22, 2006 Same-sex birth notice

QUOTE: ...[the local newspaper-Ed.] declined to publish the free announcement with both of the women's names, saying that the paper publishes only the names of the biological parents if the couple is not married.

Poynter Online
Feb 16, 2006 Internet Firms Address China Practices

QUOTE: ... companies such as Yahoo Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., all of which view China both as a giant business opportunity and a worrying regulatory challenge because of the government's censorship and human rights policies. Members of Congress and human rights advocates said the companies have made unacceptable compromises to advance their business interests.

Washington Post
Feb 04, 2006 On Capitol Hill, Playing WikiPolitics: Partisanship Tests Web Site's Policies

QUOTE: As [Wikipedia--Ed.] becomes one of the most heavily visited spots on the Internet, it's testing the limits of collective smarts and integrity. But when it comes to Washington, where intrigue and passions run high, keeping such a public record is a particular challenge. Not only is there the obvious temptation to tinker with an opponent's bio, there's the whole subjective nature of political truth itself.

Washington Post
Jan 24, 2006 Second Careers

QUOTE: half the former members of Congress--half!--are now earning many times their Hill salaries by trying to persuade their ex-colleagues to fund a Bridge to Nowhere or some equivalent measure. Every special interest, in other words, is a future employer...

Washington Post

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