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Nov 22, 2005 Woodward Talks of Admission, Apology: Author Says He Realized He Would Be 'Dragged Into This'

QUOTE: Asked how he could have discussed the Fitzgerald probe, on King's show among others, without revealing his involvement...

Washington Post
Nov 14, 2005 Attack of the Blogs

QUOTE: Blogs...are the ultimate vehicle for brand-bashing, personal attacks, political extremism and smear campaigns. It's not easy to fight back: Often a bashing victim can't even figure out who his attacker is....The combination of massive reach and legal invulnerability makes corporate character assassination easy to carry out. Dry treatises on patent law and trade policy don't drive traffic (or ad sales) for bloggers and hosts; blood sport does.

Nov 09, 2005 Sarkozy Googles as Paris Riots: Ads on Google that direct Web surfers to a petition supporting hard-line Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy have ignited a political storm

QUOTE: ...Internet users who entered the French equivalents for such words as "riots," "burned cars," and "violence" into the French home page for search giant Google (GOOG ) got the usual list of free links. They also got a small advertisement, tucked into the upper right-hand corner of the page, directing them to a special Web site for the ruling French political party, the Union pour un Movement Populaire, or UMP. There, surfers were presented with an electronic petition expressing support for Sarkozy and his tough stance toward the rioters.

Sep 02, 2005 Katrina revives debate about race in America

QUOTE: While no group is monolithic in opinion or emotion, many blacks are outraged that so many of their own were left behind in New Orleans with no evacuation plan and no urgent effort to rescue them....No one questions that whites have been moved by the suffering of blacks, and vice versa. But amid images of black looters, some sympathy threatens to give way to anger and disdain.

San Jose Mercury News
Jul 24, 2005 Leak Riddle: Who's Playing Whom?

QUOTE: ...the conflict of interest that reporters routinely have with high-level sources who leak sensitive information. It is the dirty little secret of the Washington press corps, a kind of unspoken conspiracy in which reporters conceal not only their sources' identities but more importantly the underlying motives for the leaks.

Washington Post
Jun 29, 2005 Many new drugs have strong dose of media hype

QUOTE: The FDA has the task of making sure that drug companies do not make misleading claims in their ads, whether in medical journals or in mass-market Parade. But the regulatory agency, with part of its budget dependent on drug-company funding, has little firepower.

Seattle Times
May 25, 2005 FCC Panelist Wants Probe Of Product 'Payola'

QUOTE: A member of the Federal Communications Commission called yesterday for an investigation of experts who tout products on television without disclosing payments from the manufacturers.

Washington Post
May 23, 2005 Painted With Horns That Won't Retract

QUOTE: The bashing of Newsweek over its horribly handled item on Koran desecration has mushroomed into a sweeping indictment of the media, which some conservatives now accuse of deliberately slandering the military.

Washington Post
May 11, 2005 What Matt Cooper Shares With Yaser Hamdi: A new petition before the Supreme Court explains all.

QUOTE: ...the 1996 precedent Jaffee v. Redmond, which established a new common law privilege for psychotherapists under Rule 501. If the government's interest in prosecuting crime can tolerate psychotherapists refusing to testify before the grand jury about their clients, then it should be able to tolerate the refusal of journalists to give up their sources.

May 07, 2005 Critics Fault Medicare Handbook: Draft Explanation of Drug Plan Sows Confusion, They Say

QUOTE: Though it was one of the most contentious elements of legislation creating the new benefit, the draft makes no attempt to inform retirees that in most cases coverage will stop once they have spent $3,600 of their own money and will not resume until those out-of-pocket costs reach $5,100.

Washington Post
May 04, 2005 Army Withheld Details About Tillman's Death: Investigator Quickly Learned 'Friendly Fire' Killed Athlete

QUOTE: The first Army investigator who looked into the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman in Afghanistan last year found within days that he was killed by his fellow Rangers in an act of "gross negligence," but Army officials decided not to inform Tillman's family or the public until weeks after a nationally televised memorial service.

Washington Post
Apr 29, 2005 The President's Preemptive Strike

QUOTE: One by one the broadcast networks caved yesterday and agreed to preempt the first night of the May ratings race to make way for President Bush's non-news conference...

Washington Post
Apr 24, 2005 The Hottest Button: How The Times Covers Israel and Palestine

QUOTE: It's this simple: An article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot appear in The Times without eliciting instant and intense response. A photograph of a grieving mother is considered a provocation, an interview with a radical on either side is deemed willful propaganda.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2005 A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time

QUOTE: Tonight is the much-awaited "Justice Sunday," the judge-bashing rally being disseminated nationwide by cable, satellite and Internet from a megachurch in Louisville...These traditions have less to do with the earnest practice of religion by an actual church, as we witnessed from Rome, than with the exploitation of religion by political operatives and other cynics with worldly ends.

New York Times
Apr 14, 2005 Broadcasters Must Reveal Video Clips' Sources, FCC Says

QUOTE: Television broadcasters must disclose to viewers the origin of video news releases produced by the government or corporations when the material runs on the public airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission said...

Washington Post
Apr 11, 2005 Open-Access Journals Flourish

QUOTE: Despite concerns about the ethics of pay-for-play publishing, the number of open-access academic and medical journals is growing at a fast clip.

Mar 04, 2005 Anonymice I Like: Well, anonymice worth tolerating.

QUOTE: Unchecked, anonymous sourcing allows officials to move government spin into the public domain without any personal accountability.

Jan 31, 2005 Law Cautions Against Outside PR Spending -- Sort Of: Rarely Applied Provision Has Been Interpreted in a Way That Condones Many Agency Public Relations Efforts

QUOTE: The outcry over the Education Department contract -- coming on the heels of the CMS flap and a similar violation involving prepackaged news reports at the Office of National Drug Control Policy -- has stoked interest in Congress for reviewing all federal agencies' PR efforts.

Washington Post
Jan 29, 2005 Democrats Decry Use of Agency in Social Security Battle

QUOTE: Several Democratic senators asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate what they called the illegal use of taxpayer funds to tout President Bush's plan to partially privatize Social Security.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2005 Administration Paid Commentator: Education Dept. Used Williams to Promote 'No Child' Law

QUOTE: The Education Department paid commentator Armstrong Williams $241,000 to help promote President Bush's No Child Left Behind law on the air, an arrangement that Williams acknowledged yesterday involved "bad judgment" on his part.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2005 TV Host Says U.S. Paid Him to Back Policy

QUOTE: Armstrong Williams...acknowledged yesterday that he was paid $240,000 by the Department of Education to promote its initiatives on his syndicated television program and to other African-Americans in the news media.

New York Times
Jan 02, 2005 The War Inside the Arab Newsroom

QUOTE: Beyond Al-Rashed's criticism of Islamic fundamentalists, the main target of his wrath is the Arab media....he thinks his competition is not just misguided but actively dangerous. "The region is being filled with inaccuracies and partial truths...I think people will always make good judgments if they have the right information and the whole information. What we lack right now is the truth and information."

New York Times
Oct 20, 2004 Ads Push the Factual Envelope: Misleading Claims Have Candidates Battling Caricatures

QUOTE: In their stump speeches and attack ads, the candidates have moved beyond assailing -- critics would say distorting -- their opponents' positions and are setting up straw men that they enthusiastically knock down.

Washington Post
Oct 08, 2004 Journalist Cited for Contempt in Leak Probe: Reporter Refused To Discuss Sources

QUOTE: A federal judge found New York Times reporter Judith Miller in contempt of court yesterday and ordered her jailed for as long as 18 months for refusing to answer questions before a grand jury investigating the leak of a covert CIA operative's identity to the news media.

Washington Post
Sep 22, 2004 CBS Launches Investigation of Guard Documents Story

QUOTE: CBS News turned to a former attorney general and a retired wire-service executive today to lead an independent probe of how it botched its story on President Bush's National Guard service...

Washington Post
Sep 06, 2004 Russia Admits It Lied On Crisis

QUOTE: The Russian government admitted Sunday that it lied to its people about the scale of the hostage crisis that ended with more than 300 children, parents and teachers dead...

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2004 Wen Ho Lee Reporters Held in Contempt

QUOTE: A federal judge yesterday held reporters from four major news organizations in contempt for refusing to name confidential sources in their reports on a nuclear scientist once accused of being a spy.

Washington Post
Aug 09, 2004 Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies

QUOTE: A Republican National Committee practice of having people sign a form endorsing President Bush or pledging to vote for him in November before being issued tickets for RNC-sponsored rallies is raising concern among voters.

Boston Globe
Jul 28, 2004 The Last Muckraker

QUOTE: Anderson's dramatic exposés of political scandal led to resignations and prison terms. He swiped secret documents, used bugging equipment to eavesdrop on conversations, and jubilantly savaged his enemies...

Washington Post
Jun 15, 2004 Medical Journals Weigh Plan for Full Drug-Trial Disclosure

QUOTE: Pharmaceutical companies are not generally required now to disclose results of a trial or even whether one was conducted. Some academic researchers have long argued that fuller registries of drug trials are needed because companies, as well as medical journals and scientists, tend to spotlight only trials that show positive results.

New York Times
May 14, 2004 Hiding the Paper: A First for a Journalist

QUOTE: These images, if they weren't journalism, would be pornography.

Poynter Online
May 03, 2004 New Internet Site Turns Critical Eyes and Ears to the Right

QUOTE: Mr. Brock said the central thrust of his group would be to closely monitor conservative commentators and journalists and, when they make erroneous or misleading claims, to point them out and set the record straight on the Media Matters Web site (

New York Times
Dec 03, 2003 The Bird Was Perfect But Not For Dinner: In Iraq Picture, Bush Is Holding the Centerpiece

QUOTE: President Bush's Baghdad turkey was for looking, not for credibility questions for a White House that has dealt with issues as small as who placed the "Mission Accomplished" banner aboard the aircraft carrier Bush used to proclaim the end of major combat operations in Iraq, and as major as assertions about Saddam Hussein's arsenal of unconventional weapons...

Washington Post
Oct 23, 2003 Historian Urges Revocation of 1932 Pulitzer

QUOTE: A Columbia University historian retained by the New York Times said Wednesday that he had recommended that the Pulitzer Prize awarded in 1932 to the newspaper's Moscow correspondent be revoked.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 03, 2003 On the outside looking in

QUOTE: Indonesia's foreign ministry...denies that there is a ban on foreign journalists, but it is hard not to conclude otherwise.

Guardian Unlimited
Apr 03, 2003 P2P site changes its story

QUOTE: A self-proclaimed file-sharing venture that had received attention in the press as a Napster-like threat to copyright holders has apparently made an abrupt change of course.
Mar 31, 2003 NBC News Fires Arnett Over Iraqi TV Interview

QUOTE: It was wrong for Mr. Arnett to grant an interview to state-controlled Iraqi TV, especially at a time of war," an NBC spokeswoman, Allison Gollust, said. "And it was wrong for him to discuss his personal observations and opinions in that interview.

New York Times
Mar 31, 2003 Hear No Victory, See No Victory, Report No Victory

QUOTE: If actual control of the paper were handed over to Nancy Pelosi, I doubt that she could have come up with a more anti-Bush, pro-war-critic set of headlines.

Weekly Standard
Mar 31, 2003 Peter Arnett, Geraldo Rivera casualties of real-time war coverage

QUOTE: "When you have a day like this where both Peter Arnett and Geraldo Rivera are in the news for errors in judgment in war coverage, the profession of journalism is tarnished, and that draws away from what I believe is some really fine work done by hundreds of reporters and photojournalists" in the war, said Bob Steele...

Philadelphia Inquirer
Mar 10, 2003 Bush has media walking a fine line

QUOTE: Bush made two unprecedented moves that could signal the way he and his administration plan to handle — some say intimidate — the media during wartime...designed to control the media and make Bush look strong...

Mar 07, 2003 The Media Can Legally Lie

QUOTE: ...a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

Project Censored
Dec 27, 2002 Collar-Blind Law or Smear? Opinion Split on Complaints: Prosecutors Call Tactics Appropriate

QUOTE: The increasing use of such criminal complaints, tactics usually reserved for drug dealers and killers who might skip the country, are appreciated by prosecutors and condemned by defense attorneys and some civil libertarians.

Washington Post
Oct 30, 2002 Rooting Around Site With Intent?

QUOTE: Intentia, a prominent, mid-sized enterprise software vendor, says it filed a complaint on Monday with Sweden's National Criminal Investigation Department. The company claims a reporter from Reuters news service "broke into Intentia's computer systems" to obtain Intentia's third quarter 2002 financial results.

Oct 22, 2002 In N.J., Act Two Opens In Rabbi Murder Trial :State Contends Rabbi Hired Wife's Killers

QUOTE: The judge in the case ordered the media to stay away from jurors both during and after the trial.

Washington Post
Jan 19, 2002 Liberal Bias is Real

QUOTE: ...despite what many in the big-time media think, bias is an issue that resonates -- mainly with conservatives, to be sure, but also with liberals.

Washington Post
Jan 04, 2002 Listening to Our Inner Ashcrofts

QUOTE: The right to go too far and the right to put it badly may not seem like terribly crucial rights, but they are. Opening your mouth is not an exact science, and it's harder to do well if you're looking over your shoulder at the same time.

Washington Post
Dec 01, 2001 Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

ABSTRACT: An expose of the news business from Bernard Goldberg, a veteran reporter at CBS for decades. His main charges--- pervasive liberal bias and lack of journalistic integrity sacrificed to commercialism (ratings).

Regnery Publishing
Nov 25, 2001 Reckonings: An Alternate Reality

QUOTE: it tells you something when Congress votes $15 billion in aid and loan guarantees for airline companies but not a penny for laid-off airline workers.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 War is Heck

QUOTE: Before Sept. 11 the administration said we could have it all — deep tax cuts, better schools, a surplus — without paying any price. Now the tax cuts can be accelerated, and we can battle international evil too....Much as Mr. Thompson defied scientific reality to portray the first skirmish with anthrax as an isolated incident, so the military seems inclined to sugar-coat the war against Al Qaeda...

New York Times
Nov 07, 2001 Politics and Curriculum: How History is Taught

QUOTE: The interplay of politics and curriculum is the subject of "Censoring History" (M. E. Sharpe, 2000), edited by Laura Hein and Mark Selden. The book recalls a slogan from Orwell's "1984": "Who controls the past controls the future." That is true not only of totalitarians; every nation tries to shape the future when it teaches history.

New York Times

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