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Nov 30, 2014 Justice Is Swift as Petty Crimes Clog Courts: Cases Adjudicated in Minutes or Less, Often Without Lawyers

QUOTE: Years of aggressive policing tactics and tough-on-crime legislation have flooded the American court system with misdemeanor cases—relatively small-time crimes such as public drunkenness, loitering or petty theft. The state courts that handle such charges often resemble assembly lines where time is in short supply, according to judges and lawyers who work in the courts. Many poor defendants, despite their right to court-appointed legal counsel, don’t get lawyers, and those who do often receive scant help in the rush to resolve cases.

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
Nov 29, 2010 In U.S. Sting Operations, Questions of Entrapment

QUOTE: The arrest on Friday of a Somali-born teenager who is accused of trying to detonate a car bomb at a crowded Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., has again thrown a spotlight on the government’s use of sting operations to capture terrorism suspects. Some defense lawyers and civil rights advocates said the government’s tactics, particularly since the Sept. 11 attacks, have raised questions about the possible entrapment of people who pose no real danger but are enticed into pretend plots at the government’s urging.

New York Times
Apr 17, 2007 US evangelicals aim to influence European law: In a German court battle, a home-schooled girl was taken from her parents and put in psychiatric ward.

QUOTE: The Busekros case is emblematic of the growing effort by US Christian legal organizations to take the "culture wars" overseas. Pushing back against a perceived assault on their values by an increasingly secular society, the groups are striving to influence European law on issues ranging from home schooling to stem-cell research to gay marriage.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 07, 2007 New no-smoking frontier: condos and apartments: Seniors are leading the way in the new battle to ban smoking from communal environments.

QUOTE: Smoke-free policies in private dwellings are also taking hold because state and federal laws do not protect smokers in the same way that they protect people from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and national origin, say experts. But banning a legal behavior in someone's own home is an intrusion of privacy that could set a dangerous precedent that, taken to extremes, could allow government to regulate too much in private life, opponents say.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 11, 2006 Teen battles state over cancer treatment

QUOTE: Starchild Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old suffering from Hodgkin's disease, has refused chemotherapy and radiation treatments ordered by his oncologist...government lawyers will accuse his parents, who support Abraham's herbal treatment, of medical neglect.
Apr 25, 2003 Illegal Aliens Can Be Held Indefinitely, Ashcroft Says

QUOTE: Attorney General John Ashcroft has ruled that illegal immigrants who have no known links to terrorist groups can be detained indefinitely to address national security concerns.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2003 Breast-feeding in a time of war

QUOTE: ...a Canadian citizen who was just breast-feeding her son and changing his diaper while en route between Houston and Vancouver, says her "subversive" actions led to her being threatened with detainment, RCMP involvement and legal charges for terrorist action...

Montreal Gazette
Apr 03, 2003 Afghan Women Fear Fallout of Iraq War

QUOTE: As the U.S-led attack on Iraq continues, a storm of protest is building up among women in Afghanistan who are worried about its fallout on their struggle for basic rights, which remains in the nascent stage.

Oneworld South Asia
Mar 19, 2003 Libertarians Join Liberals in Opposing Sodomy Law

QUOTE: ...the Supreme Court will take up a challenge to the Texas "homosexual conduct" law that has galvanized libertarians as well as advocates of gay rights and civil rights organizations...

New York Times
Feb 18, 2003 Same-sex couples redefining family law in USA

QUOTE: Courts, laws and government policies in conservative states in America's heartland and in the South generally are less tolerant of efforts to give gay and lesbian couples the same rights as heterosexuals...

Feb 12, 2003 Chinese Freer to Speak and Read, but Not Act

QUOTE: As China has edged toward more pluralism and openness in recent years...Human rights activists complain that dozens if not hundreds of dissidents are still in prison for espousing ideas that are now commonplace.

New York Times
Aug 11, 2002 France May Limit Prostitution

QUOTE: Interior Minister Wants to Deport Sex Workers From Outside EU

Washington Post
Jun 18, 2002 Warning for search on bus not required

QUOTE: "Police officers act in full accord with the law when they ask citizens for consent," said the decision written by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy,

Washington Times
Jun 10, 2002 Eye on Interrogations: How videotaping serves the cause of justice.

QUOTE: ...videotaped interrogations have strengthened the ability of police and prosecutors to secure convictions against the guilty. At the same time, they have helped protect the rights of suspects...

Washington Post
Sep 23, 2001 Investigators Identify 4 to 5 Groups Linked to Bin Laden Operating in U.S.: No Connection Found Between 'Cell' Members and 19 Hijackers, Officials Say

QUOTE: Four to five al Qaeda groups have operated in the United States for the last several years....The FBI has not made any arrests because the group members entered the country legally in recent years and have not been involved in illegal activities...

Washington Post
Sep 22, 2001 Some Passengers Singled Out for Exclusion By Flight Crew

QUOTE: ...two businessmen from Pakistan were ordered off a US Airways flight....the pilot would not take off until they left the aircraft.

New York Times