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May 28, 2013 WHO calls Middle Eastern virus, MERS, ‘threat to the entire world’ as death toll rises: The SARS-like virus has so far killed 24 people, more than half of those diagnosed.

QUOTE: ...the WHO says that more than half of the people who have been diagnosed with MERS have died. The organization said that 24 of 44 confirmed MERS cases have ended in death. In a move that might complicate finding a vaccine, Dutch scientists have taken the unusual step of patenting the killer virus.

New York Daily News
Jan 04, 2013 On Google, F.T.C. Set Rules of War Over Patents

QUOTE: The [FTC's Google-Ed.] action by no means spells the end of the smartphone patent wars, a global conflict in which major corporations including Apple, Samsung and Google have spent billions amassing patent portfolios and then suing and countersuing one another in courts around the world. But legal experts say Google’s settlement with the F.T.C. signals progress in clarifying the rules of engagement in high-tech patent battles, and thus could ease them.

New York Times
Nov 08, 2012 Popular Wrench Fights a Chinese Rival

QUOTE: “Our situation is an example of why we’re not getting jobs out of innovation,” he said. “When people get the innovation, they go right offshore. What happened to me is what happened to so many people so many times, and we just don’t talk about it.”

New York Times
Sep 17, 2012 Patent Trolls Causing Serious Problems For Startups

QUOTE: although large companies tend to dominate patent headlines, most unique defendants to troll suits are small....To the extent patent demands tax innovation, then, they appear to do so regressively, with small companies targeted more as unique defendants , and paying more in time, money and operational impact, relative to their size, than large firms.

May 02, 2012 Furious judge decries "blizzard" of copyright troll lawsuits

QUOTE: Courts around the country are being flooded with mass copyright lawsuits. In a typical case, the owner of a pornographic film sues dozens of anonymous defendants in a single lawsuit, obtains their contact information, and then tries to extort a four-figure settlement from each defendant before the case reaches the courtroom.

Ars Technica
Feb 09, 2012 Texas Jury Strikes Down Patent Troll’s Claim to Own the Interactive Web

QUOTE: The chief issue in the case was whether the first computer program that allowed access to an “interactive web” was created by the little-known Chicago biologist Doyle, who runs Eolas out of Chicago. Or was it one of the web pioneers put on the stand by the defendant companies — such as Pei-Yuan Wei and his Viola browser, or Dave Raggett and his embed tag?

Feb 08, 2012 Business Owners Adjusting to Overhaul of Patent System

QUOTE: The most sweeping patent system changes in more than 50 years became law in September with enactment of the America Invents Act, which the White House has said will help turn inventions into businesses faster. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who rely on the patent system to protect their intellectual property are just starting to understand the changes, which phase in over an 18-month period that ends in March 2013.

New York Times
Sep 08, 2011 Fighting Backlog in Patents, Senate Approves Overhaul

QUOTE: The Senate approved a sweeping reform of the nation’s patent laws on Thursday, sending to President Obama a bill that changes the system for determining priority for inventions at the patent office and provides more financing for an agency beset by application backlogs and outdated computer systems. After rejecting proposed amendments to a bill approved by the House last June, the Senate voted 89 to 9 to pass the bill, completing an effort of at least six years to overhaul the patent office’s operations and the procedures by which patents can be challenged.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2011 App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach 'tipping point'

QUOTE: App developers are withdrawing their products for sale from the US versions of Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market for fear of being sued by companies which own software patents - just as a Mumbai-based company has made a wide-ranging claim against Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo and a number of other companies over Twitter-style feeds, for which it claims it has applied for a patent.

Guardian Unlimited
Jul 07, 2011 Microsoft’s Android Shakedown

QUOTE: Convincing engineers to pay more attention to patent applications necessarily means that they spend less time doing useful work, and that can be fatal to a young startup....The result is a transfer of wealth from young, growing, innovative companies like Google to mature, bureaucratic companies like Microsoft and IBM—precisely the opposite of the effect the patent system is supposed to have.

Jul 02, 2011 Stolen Code Is Linked to Program for Chess

QUOTE: Players who use computers to cheat are a growing concern in the chess world. Now the developer of Rybka, the winner of the last four World Computer Chess Championships, has been accused of plagiarizing code to create the program.

New York Times
Jun 14, 2011 Banks Turn to Schumer on Patents

QUOTE: After years of fighting Mr. Ballard at the federal Patent Office, in court and across a negotiating table, the banks went to see one of their best friends in Congress, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, who inserted into a patent overhaul bill a provision that appears largely aimed at helping banks rid themselves of the Ballard problem.

New York Times
Jun 11, 2011 You Bring an Idea, and They’ll Do the Rest

QUOTE: risk-averse people have eureka moments, too, he says. And that’s Edison Nation’s sweet splits all revenue with its inventors. “There’s no hold-back. If a dollar comes in, 50 cents goes to the inventor, 50 cents to us. It’s a transparent process.”

New York Times
Jun 06, 2011 Supreme Court Rules for Drug Firm in a Patent Dispute

QUOTE: The “general rule,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority in a 7-to-2 decision, is that “rights in an invention belong to the inventor,” even if created on an employer’s watch.

New York Times
May 09, 2010 Lebanon claims latest title in 'Hummus War'

QUOTE: Yet, in spite of their shared appreciation, the origin of [hummus] is a source of heated debate with the Lebanese claiming ownership and Israelis denying that they have exclusive rights to the name.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 30, 2010 Chinese Rules Said to Threaten Proprietary Information

QUOTE: China is expected to issue regulations on Saturday requiring technology companies to disclose proprietary information like data-encryption keys and underlying software code to sell a range of security-related digital technology products to government agencies...

New York Times
Apr 15, 2010 Has IBM turned its back on open source?

QUOTE: Consider the case of IBM versus TurboHercules, a tiny open source company trying to make a living selling mainframe emulator software. TurboHercules and its supporters claim that IBM is using its considerable patent muscle to stifle competition and browbeat the little company and, by extension, the open source community. IBM sees TuboHercules as a knockoff artist seeking to cash in on billions of dollars of Big Blue R&D and characterizes it as a Microsoft proxy.

Mar 02, 2010 Apple-HTC Suit Cites Multitouch, Gesture Patent

QUOTE: ...Apple announced that it had filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Delaware against HTC, alleging twenty instances of patent infringement....HTC has developed numerous touchscreen and other phones to rival the Apple iPhone. Of late, most have used the Android operating system...

PC Magazine
Feb 17, 2010 Turning Patents Into ‘Invention Capital’

QUOTE: Admirers of Mr. Myhrvold, the scientist who led Microsoft’s technology development in the 1990s, see an innovator seeking to elevate the economic role and financial rewards for inventors whose patented ideas are often used without compensation by big technology companies. His detractors see a cynical operator deploying his bulging patent trove as a powerful bargaining chip, along with the implied threat of costly litigation, to prod high-tech companies to pay him lucrative fees.

New York Times
Nov 21, 2009 Growth of counterfeit drugs sparks international response: Authorities in the U.S. and across the globe conduct raids this week to intercept fake medications.

QUOTE: Counterfeit drugs are the latest -- and potentially most dangerous -- front in the long-running battle against intellectual-property crimes

Los Angeles Times
Nov 16, 2009 Inventing a Better Patent System

QUOTE: The quality of American patents has been deteriorating for years; they are increasingly issued for products and processes that are not truly innovative...

New York Times
Nov 08, 2009 Supreme Court to decide: What kind of innovations get a patent?: The Supreme Court on Monday takes up this fundamental question in patent law. The answer holds billion-dollar implications for the US economy.

QUOTE: The US Supreme Court on Monday takes up the most fundamental question in patent law: Which innovations deserve the protection of a patent?

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 20, 2009 Microsoft tried to patent studying evolution

QUOTE: it was recently discovered that, two years ago, Microsoft filed a patent for clustering phylogenetics methods, which have existed for years, and are currently in use by just about anyone who does evolutionary biology.

Ars Technica
Aug 19, 2009 Obama endangering developing countries' access to affordable drugs, activists charge

QUOTE: [activists] say the problem may lie in the administration's reluctance to confront the giant pharmaceutical companies at a time when the companies are crucial allies in President Obama's struggle to revamp the U.S. healthcare system.

Aug 18, 2009 A Scheme For Protecting Content

QUOTE: Intertrust holds a treasure trove of patents that help content owners manage digital rights; it has spent five years and tens of millions of dollars developing a standard called Marlin, which aims to keep content secure in a way that legitimate consumers won't find offensive.

Jul 29, 2009 Podcasting patented! VoloMedia claims major tech patent

QUOTE: a company called VoloMedia was yesterday granted a patent on a "method for providing episodic media content." Or, as the company puts it in today's announcement, VoloMedia now owns the "US patent for podcasting."

Ars Technica
May 12, 2009 Cancer Patients Challenge the Patenting of a Gene

QUOTE: A decision by the government more than 10 years ago allowed a single company, Myriad Genetics, to own the patent on two genes that are closely associated with increased risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and on the testing that measures that risk.

New York Times
May 06, 2008 In One Flaw, Questions on Validity of 46 Judges (Sidebar)

QUOTE: The problem Professor Duffy identified at least arguably invalidates every decision of the patent court decided by a three-judge panel that included at least one judge appointed after March 2000.

New York Times
Apr 22, 2008 Saying She Patented Bra, L.I. Woman Goes to Court

QUOTE: Hear the phrase “intellectual property,” and the mind might wander to the epic struggle between the recording industry and Napster, or the more recent battle between J. K. Rowling and a fan who wanted to publish The Harry Potter Lexicon as a literary love note. One place it would probably not go is to lingerie... But then there was the lawsuit filed on Monday in United States District Court in Manhattan: a patent matter relating to Victoria Secret’s “Very Sexy 100-Way Strapless Convertible Bra.”

New York Times
Feb 25, 2008 Is Microsoft turning over a new leaf? This time, the company's talk of increased openness has some substance behind it, with APIs for the latest versions of popular apps for the first time

QUOTE: When Microsoft announced on Thursday that it was changing its business practices to be more open — specifically to release documentation on its APIs and protocols — many people reacted with disbelief....Yet in this case Microsoft’s commitment may be genuine.

Jan 13, 2008 Two Views of Innovation, Colliding in Washington

QUOTE: changing the nation’s patent laws, Congress runs the risk of throttling the little guy — the Stephen Wozniaks and the Steven Jobses — who strike out from their garages with novel ideas that change the world. On the other hand, consumers have clearly benefited from the ability of large technology companies like Intel and Microsoft to use their prodigious market power to drive down prices.

New York Times
Aug 11, 2007 Slipstream: Who Owns the Concept if No One Signs the Papers?

QUOTE: WHO owns a bright idea? If the technology associated with an idea is new and the opportunities it offers are valuable, it will have many authors — most of whom may argue over ownership.

New York Times
Jul 17, 2007 A Question of Credentials

QUOTE: How much background experience does a political appointee need to hold a senior job in a federal agency? That question has been raised in a lawsuit [that alleges] Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez ... violate[d] 1999 amendments to the Patent Act [in a recent hire].

Washington Post
May 14, 2007 Microsoft takes on the free world: Microsoft claims that free software like Linux, which runs a big chunk of corporate America, violates 235 of its patents. It wants royalties...

QUOTE: But now there's a shadow hanging over Linux and other free software, and it's being cast by Microsoft. The Redmond behemoth asserts that one reason free software is of such high quality is that it violates more than 200 of Microsoft's patents. And as a mature company facing unfavorable market trends and fearsome competitors like Google (Charts, Fortune 500), Microsoft is pulling no punches: It wants royalties. If the company gets its way, free software won't be free anymore.

May 07, 2007 Patent Pirates: Hedge funds and institutional investors are financing the latest wave of IP lawsuits.

QUOTE: the Supreme Court limited the ability of small outfits in patent cases to get injunctions against large companies. Meantime, there's a proposal by Democrats in Congress for patent reform legislation, backed by the likes of Intel and Microsoft, that would put an end to triple-infringement damages. But the new funds are still tempted by huge verdicts such as Alcatel-Lucent's $1.5 billion patent victory over Microsoft in February and NTP's $612 million settlement with Research in Motion.

May 01, 2007 High Court Puts Limits on Patents

QUOTE: Because most inventions combine previously known elements, the court’s approach to deciding what sort of combination is so “obvious” as to be ineligible for patent protection will have widespread application. The result will be to make patents harder to obtain and defend.

New York Times
Mar 26, 2007 Mr. Gates, tear down this wall: Fruitless persecution of open source achieves nothing but harm

QUOTE: A few giant vendors produce key software for the majority of computers in use today. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, independent developers and hobbyists have made significant contributions in their own right. In between are countless other ISVs of varying sizes. And all that code is constantly intermingling, moving hand to hand, each piece of software complementing the others.

Mar 07, 2007 To Settle Suit, Maker Agrees to Withdraw Growth Drug

QUOTE: A jury found that Insmed...infringed patents held by Genentech and licensed to Tercica...To protect its sales, Insmed had argued that its drug, Iplex, was superior to Tercica’s drug, Increlex, because it required only one injection a day instead of two. Some doctors had also urged the court to keep Iplex available, arguing that it was not only more convenient but possibly safer as well.

New York Times
Feb 22, 2007 Microsoft Loses Big In MP3 Patent Suit: $1.52 Billion Penalty Could Be Harbinger

QUOTE: The company [Alcatel-Lucent] successfully argued that Microsoft infringed on the patents by including the digital music technology in its Windows operating system starting in 1998. The same technology later was used in Microsoft's Windows Media Player and is included in the Windows Vista operating system, which was released to the public last month.

Washington Post
Feb 22, 2007 Court Takes on Software Patents: Microsoft Case May Have Global Reach

QUOTE: Microsoft admitted it infringed the AT&T patent on computers sold domestically but contends that it is not liable for its programs installed by computer manufacturers overseas. In 1984, Congress amended the patent law to forbid companies from shipping components of patented inventions overseas and having the parts assembled elsewhere in an attempt to skirt patent laws.

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2006 Inventor of a DNA Sequencing Technique Is Disputed

QUOTE: "A small biotechnology company has emerged to claim that it invented a seminal technique crucial to biotechnology research. And the government says it will consider, nearly a quarter-century after the invention was made, whether it awarded the patent to the wrong party."

New York Times
Sep 24, 2006 So Small a Town, So Many Patent Suits

QUOTE: On the surface, there is little to recommend Marshall as a locus for global corporations looking to duke it out over who owns the rights to important technology patents. Some 150 miles east of Dallas, and just minutes from the Louisiana border, Marshall and its 25,000 residents are fairly typical of most small cities in Texas....What’s behind the rush to file patent lawsuits here? A combination of quick trials and plaintiff-friendly juries, many lawyers say....Others point to a different reason why plaintiffs may win more often than defendants: plaintiffs, they say, typically hire local Marshall lawyers.

New York Times
Jul 21, 2006 SCO Claims IBM Tampered With Crucial Trial Evidence

QUOTE: IBM directed programmers to delete from their computers source code that could be used as evidence against the company in its ongoing legal battle with the SCO Group, SCO claims in a new court filing.

Jun 08, 2006 Patent Claims Over Apple's IPod Escalate

QUOTE: the company asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to bar Apple from importing portable digital media players that Creative claims infringe on its intellectual property.

Washington Post
May 12, 2006 AIDS Groups in India Sue to Halt Patent for U.S. Drug

QUOTE: Two patients-rights groups asked Indian authorities to stop Gilead Sciences, a California biopharmaceutical company, from patenting the antiretroviral drug Viread...cheaper versions will become illegal, and the drug will become too costlyfor patients here and in other developing countries...

New York Times
Apr 19, 2006 Obstacles to Generic Drugs Criticized: Drugmakers' Control of Branded Product Affects Possible Savings

QUOTE: With an unprecedented number of top-selling drugs scheduled to go off patent within five years...branded drug companies are constructing roadblocks to potential savings of $23 billion...

Washington Post
Apr 16, 2006 In Silicon Valley, a Man Without a Patent

QUOTE: For legal and technology experts, the tale of Mr. Goodfellow's pioneering work is evidence of the shortcomings of the nation's patent system, which was created to reward individual creativity but has increasingly become a club for giant corporations and aggressive law firms.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2006 Innovation Bites the Dust

QUOTE: Patent dozens of seemingly obscure patents and then spend time looking at which large public companies may have in some way infringed upon them....are often short sellers who swoop in when the large company's stock drops on word of the infringement suit and then sell when it rebounds.

PC Magazine
Jul 31, 2005 Why Bill Gates Wants 3,000 New Patents

QUOTE: ...patent protection for software? No. Not for Microsoft, nor for anyone else... Mr. Ravicher, a patent lawyer himself, says he believes that the current system actually impedes the advance of software technology, at the same time that it works quite nicely to enrich patent holders.

New York Times
Jul 18, 2005 Brief: Amazon sues Cendant for patent infringement: The lawsuit came two days after Cendant sued Amazon for the same thing

QUOTE: has filed a lawsuit against New York-based Cendant Corp. for patent infringement. Amazon filed its lawsuit in federal court in Seattle on June 22, just two days after Cendant sued Amazon for infringing on its patents in a federal court in Delaware.


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