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Aug 25, 2009 Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online Federal Courts Wary of Document-Sharing Plugin

QUOTE: The federal court system doesn’t seem to like Harlan Yu, or his fellow merry pranksters, who made a tool to free court documents from an unwieldy computer system that has a nasty habit of charging 8 cents a page for public documents.

Jul 01, 2009 Scam Alert: Home, Stolen Home: Forged deeds can give crooks the keys to your castle

QUOTE: House stealing is a fast-growing and easy scam. Once a home is targeted... scammers find out who owns it by searching public records. To prove how easy this scam is, William Sherman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at the Daily News in New York, bought the Empire State Building with doctored documents.

Sep 29, 2005 What financial records to keep and how long to keep them

QUOTE: ...the following are suggestions about how long you should keep personal finance and investment records on file...If you made a nondeductible contribution to an IRA, keep the records indefinitely to prove that you already paid tax on this money when the time comes to withdraw.
Sep 26, 2003 Dot-Com Audit Leads to Arrest of Accountant

QUOTE: Federal prosecutors have charged a former Ernst & Young partner with obstructing an investigation into a failed dot-com, making him one of the first to be charged for that offense under 2002's Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
Aug 10, 2002 When There Are Contingencies in the Contract, Watch the Calendar

QUOTE: It's important to read your contract carefully before you sign it and to make a calendar of significant dates so that you will meet every deadline in your contract.

Washington Post
Jul 01, 2001 You Had to Be There, Man: The Cachet of Having Been a Witness to History

QUOTE: ...when he [historian Joseph J. Ellis] claimed to have spent the 1960's as a combat veteran in Vietnam, a civil rights worker in Mississippi and an antiwar protester at Yale has raised some obvious questions: Why did he do it?

New York Times
Jan 01, 1111 Online Law: Why the Legal System Will Never Be the Same Again

QUOTE: The movement to reform American's inaccessible, overpriced legal system has puttered along for years, scoring some small successes, but few significant ones. The Internet is fast changing all that.

Nolo Press (